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#116 Shane Hazel - Libertarian Candidate for US Senate for the State of Georgia talking Music, Marketing, and Liberty

Released Thursday, 8th October 2020
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When it comes to the 2020 Election, many are saying this is the most important election of our lives. I agree with that statement, but for completely different reasons. Most make it all about Donald Trump and getting him out of the white house, when really, what makes this election so important is our Liberty is at stake. Something nobody in mainstream media is talking about. Our daily lives, health, businesses, savings, investments, creative liberty, art, security, and future is at stake. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been leaning towards the Liberty movement more and more each year. The Liberty movement doesn’t necessarily mean Libertarian, even though most Libertarians will align with that. It means there are people from all walks of life, fighting for our social and economic freedom. 
Shane Hazel is one of those individuals out there fighting for our Liberty. He’s the Libertarian candidate running for the US Senate for the State of Georgia. In this conversation, we talk about music, marketing, and Liberty. We discuss his current campaign, and why he chose to run for Senate, different issues happening in our country and the Liberty solution to these issues, music, marketing, and much more. He has a podcast called Radical full of many amazing guests from all different walks of lives and political views to discuss Liberty, life, current events, and much more. 
To learn more about Shane Hazel visit  http://shanehazel.com/ and http://radicalpod.com/
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