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27: How a Morning Ritual Could Change Your Life with Hal Elrod

Released Monday, 3rd April 2017
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"Hal Elrod is living proof that all of us are capable of creating miracles in our own lives.  His inspirational message, loaded with examples of Hal's never-say-die attitude and winning strategies, will empower anyone to make the most of his or her life."
--Bud Gardner, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul
Hal got his start inspiring and entertaining people at age 15 as a radio show host where he was given the hip moniker, "Yo Pal" Hal.
At age 20, Hal's life was almost ended when, traveling at over 70 miles per hour, Hal was struck head on by a drunken driver and found dead on the scene.  Hal’s heart stopped beating for 6 minutes, he fractured 13 bones, suffered severe brain damage, and spent 6 long days in a coma, awakening to the devastating news that he might never walk again.
Never one to accept limitations set by others, Hal astounded the medical community when he miraculously took his first step only three weeks later and was released from the hospital less than two months after the night of the crash.
Hal got back to work that same year to sell over $100,000 of kitchen products door-to-door and became one of the youngest members ever inducted into the company's Hall of Fame.
Now at 27, Hal is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and CEO of Global Empowerment Coaching. Hal is truly taking life head on with his autobiography by the same name, Taking Life Head On! (The Hal Elrod Story), which published last year and is inspiring thousands of people throughout the world, already reaching #7 on Amazon’s bestseller list.
Hal's story is amazing, his youthful energy, humor, and unique principles for experiencing more joy and fulfillment in your life offer a fresh perspective for your viewing audience.
  • [03:22] – Can you share the story of what happened and what you did to overcome it?
  • [04:00] - I was involved in an accident.  Broke 11 bones.  Immediately in a coma from that impact.
  • [04:24] - When I woke up – why am I in pain and everything hurts?
  • [04:33] - Unimaginable reality.  I may never walk again.
  • [05:04] - How am I going to respond to this?  Either negatively or positively.
  • [05:29] - The source of all our emotional pain and suffering is resistance.  Fortunately, I learned this from my mentor a year and a half before the car accident.
  • [06:27] - I can either be down about it or be the most grateful in my entire life.
  • [06:39] - I am waking up every day, what more do I need to be happy?
  • [07:56] - Three weeks later, the doctor came in with the x-ray report and said “we can’t explain this but your body is healing so fast”.
  • [08:21] - Dedicated my life, my second chance to fulfilling my potential the way that I could for the purpose of helping others.
  • [09:10] - How did you make the transition from a corporate job to being an entrepreneur?
  • [09:50] - I was in sales (not exactly a 9 to 5 job), there was freedom.  I was paid on commission.
  • [10:32] - I saved up $20,000 and started dedicating my evenings and weekends to my entrepreneur journey. 
  • [11:52] - I decided I wanted to become a coach.
  • [13:00] - Started by giving away discounts.  Launched my coaching business and focused full time.
  • [13:48] - My first client was a forty year old finance adviser and I joined him in his Business Networking International (BNI) group. 
  • [14:21] - The President the BNI group was impressed by what I have accomplished at 25 and hired me to be his coach!
  • [17:04] - How it evolved into this concept of Miracle Morning and what it really is (you wrote a book on it and you have a series on it)?
  • [17:40] - It was not an idea for a book.  The economy crashed and I lost half of my clients because they can’t afford to pay me.
  • [19:10] - I went for a morning run to get me into a peak state every morning.
  • [19:14] - I listened to Jim Rohn’s audio – “your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development”.  Those words at those moments hit me.
  • [20:17] - I searched online for the best personal development practice known.  The breakthrough was when I did all the 6 most powerful, timeless and proven development practices. 
  • [21:00] - That morning my entire life changed. In less than 2 months, I more than doubled my income beyond where it was at the height before the (economy) crash.
  • [22:39] - By 2009, Miracle Morning was universal and can work for anyone and 7 years later, hundreds of thousands of people around the world were doing Miracle Morning every day, with the book translated to 24 different languages.
  • [25:07] - It’s changing so many lives and I will keep promoting it.

  1. Choose to be happy.
  2. You don’t need to have everything figured out like a 5-year plan – just start!
  3. Embrace your failures (whether big or small), you learn, you adjust and you correct.

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The Miracle Morning book is available on Amazon and Kindle.