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Laura Rose and Conner talk about what mysticism is and how, as a worldview, it informs our lives. For more info about the hosts go to and
The first episode of Season 2 of Making the Medicine, where we will be discussing the remedy for all ailments - our relationship with Spirit. Making The Medicine Podcast is about spirituality, healing, quantum biology and Chinese Medicine.  T
In Chinese Medicine, the term shen is used to refer to what is most often translated as spirit. In Chinese culture, this term, shen, can refer to deities or spiritual beings but also to the light of the stars. In it’s universalized form, it may
Click here to view the transcript of this episode. What models do we think with when we approach the subject of intention? What’s the grammar and the syntax of this kind of work? Does it even matter? In this episode, you’re going to presented
Let’s jump right to 40,000 feet. As discussed in the blog (particularly here), the phenomenon of life can be thought of as some sort of macro-scale, structured-water, quantum-information-organizing symphony of light, sound, and electromagnetis
It often occurs to me while studying English translations of Daoist alchemical texts that I am a Westerner who can not read or speak the language in which these texts were written. That said, these texts seem to carry a message that transcends
Intentional healing is a practice available to everyone. Many systems of intentional healing, or energwork - as it's often called, treat the hands as being points of "emission", "projection", or "emanation" of some kind of energy. Rather, in i
There is no accepted definition for energy, other than those that refer to electromagnetism or energy's relationship to matter (like, for instance, E=mc^2). Since the dawn of quantum mechanics in the early 20th century, interpretations of reali
In my last couple episodes, I've begun "laying the foundations" (that's a Daoist alchemy joke) for some concepts regarding our actual, physical interaction with the Dao. What has always been understood in all cultures under mystical pretense is
“Qi is to electromagnetism as steam is to water.” – Eileen McKusick, Founder of Biofield Tuning Eileen McKusick states that what we call “subtle energy” in the West, is “really a form of diffuse magnetism” or “a diffuse magnetic fluid”. (I wou
If you’ve ever wondered what the fine-structure fabric of space-time looks like, take a walk on the beach. (Next time you can.) At some critical point in the evolution of scientific understanding – metaphor ceases to be metaphor. Dr. Mae Wan
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