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This Episode contains two books of the author Malti Johari. Kavya Veethiyan are poems relating to nature, mind, God, politics, karma, and dharma.Antardhwaniyan also has some poems that reflect the inner voice of the author. Some poems relate to
In this Episode the book of the author, Malti Johari, that contains thought provoking one liners.
This Episode contains some thoughts of the Author, Malti Johari, in prose.These are thoughts relating to nature, behaviour of people, thoughts on characters in mythology and Indian epics like the Mahabharata and some small and big events in lif
In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Soko, Soriyu, Takuchi, Sunaw, Sukoku, Tanko, Tambo, Wakiyu, and Yaohiko have been narrated.The Zen saints say that once our work in this life is completed we move on to another life. The Master says that each p
In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Rayshi, Retsu Zan, Ryokan, Saikaku, Senryu, Setsudo, Sharyu, Shei, Shokai, Shizan, Shogetsu, And Shogo have been narrated. The Zen saints at the time of death have expressed their deep understanding  of life an
In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Toko, Ta Hui, Kasho, Koho Kenichi, Ikieu Sojun, Hoshin, Dokyo Etan, Ani Benon, Basui Tokuso, Derin Soto, Kenju, Kibai, Koha, Kyokusai, Kozan, Kyoshu, Masahyde, and Mokuku have been narrated.They state that ther
In this Episode the Zen Haikus of Hanari, Hakun, Hakurin, Fusen, Fuwa, Gimaye, Daibi, Ensai, Enshee, Chaien, Choree, Barseiki, Basho, Baika, Shunoku Soan, Bainen, and Tosui Ankai have been narrated. The Zen saints at the time of death through t
In this Episode Haikus written by Zen saints at the time of death has been narrated. It is a tradition in Zen philosophy to write a Haiku at the time of death. The Haikus of Hakuro, Hakusai, Hakuto, Hamai, Hemon, Hankai, Hokusai, Mumon Gensen,
In this Episode the Haikus of Soseki, Gido, Isho, and Ryushu have been narrated. One needs to be an Observer to reach in a Zen state of being. True wisdom comes from being a mere observer or witness, without the chatter of the mind.To walk on s
In this Episode the Haikus of Tetsuan, Ryushu, Isho, Su Tung Po, and Sekiso, have been narrated.The Haikus explain that each person is unique and the way of living is also unique. The Zen Masters guide their students in their own unique ways as
In this Episode Zen Haikus by Ryokan, Shiki, Hokushi, Issa, Choshu, Ryota, and Hoitsu have been narrated. Some words used in Zen Haikus have become a depiction of a certain meaning. For example, "ice" is a depiction of transparency and cleanlin
In this Episode Haikus by Basho have been narrated. Basho was from Japan. Though he never became a Zen Master, his lifestyle was that of the Zen Masters. His poems, that is Haikus, are a reflection of his deep understanding of Zen philosophy.It
In this Episode Haikus by different Zen Masters has been narrated. The Zen Masters whose Haikus have been narrated are: Nangaku, Chi Hsien, Kanzan, Takuan, Ikkyu, Soseki, Ryokan, and Daio. They all have said that the Zen Master is there just to
Zen philosophy is a part Buddhism. Buddha's follower, Mahakshyap's disciple, Bodhidharma, went to China to spread Buddhism. However, the Tao philosophy was already prevalent in China. So, the Zen philosophy is a mix of Taoism and Buddhism. Zen
This is the concluding Episode of the Kathopnishad, the dialogue between Nachiket and Yamraj.Yamraj explains to Nachiket that we need use our senses and mind to look within to know our soul. Once we understand the soul, we know that God and the
In this second part of the Kathopnishad, the story of Nachiket and Yamraj continues.Yama tells Nachiket that even the deities (devtas) cannot understand what happens after death. He begs Nachiket to ask for something else. However, Nachiket doe
The Kathopnishad has been been narrated over three Episodes. It is the most beautiful story of the dialogue  between a young boy, Nachiket and the God of Death, Yamraj (Yama).In this Episode Nachiket goes to meet Yamraj. However, Yama was away
In this Episode the Mandookya Upanishad has been narrated. In this Upanishad the importance of the syllable "om" has been explained.  It is the cosmic sound and an affirmation of the divine force. In all the Upanishads meditation by reciting "o
In this Episode the Taittiriya Upanishad has been narrated. In this the student  asks the Master to give him all types of knowledge and education. The Master teaches him all kinds of skills to earn money and to be able to live comfortably in th
In this Episode, the Kain Upanishad has been narrated. The student asks the Master from where do the senses get their power or energy (like sight (from fire), touch (from wind), mind (from Indra)? The Master narrates a beautiful story in which
In this Episode Mundak Upanishad has been narrated. In this Upanishad the student asks who is that One who we need to know so that we know everything? The Master says that we need to do work because we have a mind and body. But, in all that we
In this Episode the Shwetashwatar Upanishad has been narrated. In this Upanishad a few saints get together to discuss who has made this world and how to know the Creator? They came to a consensus that it is only through meditation that we can k
In this Episode 2 Upanishads have been narrated:1. Sarvsaar Upanishad: the student questions the master what is bondage, freedom (mukti), what is the knowldege required for knowing God, and to distinguish between illusion (maya) and reality? Th
Upanishads are the ancient scriptures of India. They are mainly a dialogue between the student and the teacher on life, spirituality, and answers to the questions that the student has on who is the maker of this world, why is there suffering an
Tagore speaks about death. He says that the day death comes on my doorstep, I will give my whole self to death. He speaks to death, and asks death come and talk to him, cause he is going to meet his lover, that is , God. Tagore thanks people fo
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