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A weekly Religion, Spirituality and Christianity podcast featuring Mark Driscoll
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Episodes of Mark Driscoll Audio

When it comes to suffering, it can be extremely tough to trust God's plan through the pain. In this sermon from Pastor Mark, he preaches from James 5:7-12 on God's harvest and judgment and the fact that we must do what we can do as we wait for
In this sermon from James 5:1-6, Pastor Mark preaches on wealth, money, and finance in the context of selfishness, stealing, and stewardship, ultimately conveying that God desires our hearts to be generous with the money He gives us.
In this incredibly practical sermon from James 4:13-17, Pastor Mark preaches on the fact that life has uncertainty and brevity and, since God has sovereignty, we should have humility and urgency.
In this sermon from James 4:1-12, Pastor Mark preaches that relational conflict is inevitable and not inherently the problem. The problem becomes whether the conflict is Kingdom down or Hell up.
In this sermon from James 3:13-18, Pastor Mark goes through a list of characteristics and attitudes that will bring Kingdom (Heaven) down into your life, family, and ministry and another list that will bring Hell up into your life, family, and
In this sermon from James 3:1-12, Pastor Mark talks about the power of the tongue and that, in the flesh, it wants to destroy us and we can use it for evil. But, the Holy Spirit can transform our tongue so we can use it for good.
In this sermon from James 2:14-26, Pastor Mark preaches about lazy Christians that prefer lip service over their lifestyle and that, ultimately, good trees bear good fruit and bad trees bear bad fruit.
In this sermon from James 2:1-13, Pastor Mark preaches on looking up to Jesus rather than down on others, that we should look at both the inward and outward of people, and that while the world runs on judgment, the church runs on mercy.
Pastor Mark, in this sermon, tackles the ideas of anger, trial triggers, our behavior, and the result of our behavior when we react in anger to trials, based in James 1:19-27.
In this sermon from James 1:9-18, Pastor Mark preaches on how joy comes from God more than it comes from circumstances of our lives, our stuff, or our sin.
In this first sermon from the book of James, Pastor Mark preaches on faith in the midst of trials including finding joy, wisdom, and ultimately God in the middle of your trials.
In this finale to the spiritual gifts series, Pastor Mark teaches on most likely the most controversial set of gifts - sign gifts - including gifts such as prophecy, speaking in tongues, healing, and miracles.
In this sermon, Pastor Mark expands upon speaking gifts like apostles, teaching, evangelism, shepherding/care, encouragement, leadership, wisdom, and knowledge.
In this sermon from Pastor Mark, he expands upon gifts of service like mercy, hospitality, discernment, helps/service, administration, giving, and faith.
In this sermon, Pastor Mark kicks off a short sermon series to help people determine their spiritual gifts and how God has uniquely designed them to serve His Kingdom. In this sermon, he talks about the Holy Spirit-filled ministry of Jesus as w
In this final sermon in Romans from 16:17-27, Pastor Mark preaches against division and on the difference between wise, foolish, and evil people. Ultimately, the book ends with the admonition to start with God, stay with God, and finish with Go
In Romans 16:1-16, Pastor Mark teaches a passage with a long list of names written by Paul, showing that all people are fascinating and every testimony is important.
In this sermon from Romans 15:22-33, Pastor Mark talks about plans, provision, partnership, and prayer when it comes to ministry.
In Romans 15:14-21, Pastor Mark gives qualities and characteristics of a Spirit-filled church with lots of encouragement for all God has done over the past year and few years.
In Romans 15:1-13, Pastor Mark talks about the difference between "national" and "state" borders when it comes to Christianity vs. other religions as well as how ultimately, life in the Spirit, living as diverse believers who all love Jesus, is
This sermon from Pastor Mark covers Romans 14:13-23 and encourages Christians to be a help, a burden lifter, and a servant, not a hindrance, burden giver, and selfish.
In Romans 14, Pastor Mark preaches on the fact that most of the time, as a church family, relationships are more important than disagreements and that we as believers should look up to Him, not down on them.
This topical sermon for Father's Day is based in Mark and John's Gospels as Pastor Mark preaches on the special relationship between God the Father and God the Son.
This special message from Dr. R.T. Kendall is based on his life message and best-selling book "Total Forgiveness".
In this sermon from Romans 13:8-14, Pastor Mark preaches on the war between love and selfishness, the war between the Spirit and the flesh, and the best version of a person, who is in Jesus.
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