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Using TikTok to Grow Your Business with Kyle Kaplanis

Released Thursday, 18th February 2021
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Kyle Kaplanis is the Head of Talent for PRJT Z Talent. They manage and represent some of the largest creators on TikTok. Kyle is also the owner, and marketing expert for BizTok, an agency focused on helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and brands to grow their business using TikTok. www.biztok.co
0:00 - 00:56 Overview of Kyle Kaplanis, Project Z and Today’s Podcast Topics
00:56 - 02:09 peppershock.com/offers for $5 credit or more after first purchase with iBotta App
02:09 - 02:56 Marketing Essentials Moment Tip
02:56 - 03:30 Welcome to the Marketing Expedition Podcast
03:30 - 04:19 Welcome Kyle Kaplanis
04:19 - 5:42 What is TikTok?
05:42 - 07:11 Kyle’s Podcast: BizTok
07:11 - 11:40 Tips on Expanding your Marketing onto TikTok
11:40 - 15:38 How Kyle’s Daughter Became an Overnight TikTok Star
15:38 - 18:06 Ways TikTok is Revolutionizing Advertising
18:06 - 20:52 TikTok’s Algorithm and Why it’s Great for Marketing
20:52 - 24:48 Mental Health Side of Social Media
24:48 - 28:37 Kyle Gives Listeners a Rundown on the new Clubhouse App and Why it’s a Marketing Must
28:37 - 35:09 Kyle’s History and Background
35:09 - 37:39 So What’s Next for Kyle?
37:39 - 40:02 How to Connect with Kyle
40:02 - 41:38 Not on TikTok: Here’s How Else you can Market your Brand
41:38 - 42:22 Huge Thanks to Kyle and all of his TikTok Wisdom!
42:22 - 42:38 Thanks for Listening, Find more Podcasts Online peppershock.com
42:38 - 43:09 Check out themarketingexpedition.com to Build Relationships with Others and Find the Latest Marketing Trends
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