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Episode #250 – The Attention Trick I Learned In Amsterdam
The post Episode #250 – The Attention Trick I Learned In Amsterdam appeared first on Blog - Weird Marketing Experiments That Increase Traffic, Conversions and Sales.... Follow these 9 steps to get more attention and cash! On today’s episode Russell talks about his trip to Kenya and the nightmare of getting back home and being stuck in airports for 56 hours. He also talks about a street show he witnessed in Amsterdam that was filled with golden marketing lessons. Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode: Find out how the trip to Kenya went, the purpose behind it, and how as a Clickfunnels member you are contributing to helping kids there. Hear about why it was important to get home from Kenya on time and how everything went wrong. And finally hear about a street performer that impressed Russell with his marketing skills and find out how that can help you. So listen below to find out the valuable marketing lessons Russell learned from a street performer. ——————————————————————————— Show Transcript (3,342 More Words) Good morning everybody and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals and all my friends out there. It’s been a little while since we hung out and I apologize, but I’ve been traveling like crazy and I’m finally getting to a spot where I can report back and hang out. But if you watch my Snapchats then you’ve been seeing all the craziness that’s been happening. So last week, it’s kind of a last minute, spur of the moment, we decided to go to Kenya with World Teachers Aid and it’s usually a ten day trip but I have an event starting tomorrow, therefore I could not go for ten days. So we thought well, the trips broken down in two parts. The first part you go and see the kids in the villages and you help build the school and stuff and the second half is a safari. So we decided we won’t go to the safari and we’ll just focus on the first half. So that’s what we did, which was really cool. So that was where we’ve been. We weren’t supposed to go. Dylan, one of the Clickfunnels co-founders was supposed to go, but he was working on the new editor and just ran out of time and didn’t get his shots and stuff, so we headed in the last minute and kind of went there. So we’ve been doing that. On the way there we decided, hey we have a couple days at the beginning that we have some free time, so we flew to Amsterdam for two days and hung out there, which was cool. I’ve never been to Amsterdam before it was awesome. It’s like super quiet. I was walking around the downtowns and there’s no cars anywhere and mostly everyone is on bikes. I was telling Collette, “Listen. Do you know how quiet it is here?” It’s just crazy quiet and it was really neat. We loved it and had a great time. I did a boat tour through all the canals and saw the Anne Frank house and a bunch of other cool things, that was awesome. We went to Kenya and had a chance to hang out with these little kids and it was just like last time 4 years ago we went. It was a very emotional, powerful experience to see these kids and the transformations. One of the cool things is that the village that we spent all of our time at 4 years ago, we had a chance to go back there and see the progress and how things have evolved. There’s this little girl that we’ve been helping, her name is Jane. When we saw her 4 years ago, she’s a little, I think she was 13 or 14 years old. We’ve been sponsoring her and helping her get through high school and stuff, it’s just amazing to see her progress. My wife and her really connected before, so my wife is bawling her eyes out seeing her. It was really a neat experience. Then after that we went to a new village, it was the most beautiful place. Cliffs that…or this big huge…it was up on a mountain looking over this huge valley and it was beautiful, but the kids didn’t have a school yet, so they just were almost finished with the school and it was amazing. Such a cool experience. One thing that you may or may not know as a Clickfunnels member, every time you build a funnel that goes live a dollar goes toward World Teacher Aid and we’re always working on that, trying to help support those guys and build more schools and support more children. It’s just amazing to see the transformation from 4 years ago, til this week. Which was really cool. And then we jumped in a plane to head home, so we could hurry and get home. We were supposed to get home Monday because Aiden’s birthday, my little 5 and now 6 year old, his birthday was on Monday. So we had everything booked and traveled so we could get home in time for his birthday. We were supposed to get in Boise at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. So we were going to take him out to dinner and the next day take him to the water park. That was the plan, but unfortunately plans don’t always go how they were supposed to. So we get into Kenya and they’re like, “Oh, the dude who is supposed to be flying this plane is late.” So we were 4 hours late leaving from Kenya, which was horrible because our layover in Amsterdam was 2 hours. So we finally leave Kenya, we fly to Amsterdam. Get to Amsterdam and our plane is already gone, so they rebook us on one that’s 7 hours later. So we’re waiting forever and finally we get on that one and fly from Amsterdam to…..where were we going to? Oh, Minneapolis. So we get to Minneapolis, and we basically missed Monday, which was kind of sad because we were gonna miss his birthday, but we’re like, “We’ll still be there, but like at 2 in the morning. We’ll take him to the water park on Tuesday, it’ll be awesome.” So we’re sitting there and then the flight course in Minneapolis gets delayed 3 hours, then 5 hours and we’re sitting there waiting and waiting and finally we’re about to board and they say, “Oh, by the way all the pilots have been flying too long, therefore they cannot fly, therefore this flights been canceled. Oh by the way, there’s no flights out tomorrow, so you gotta wait til Wednesday to leave.” I was like, “Are you freaking kidding me? I needed to get home to my kids birthday!” And we were just missing our kids like crazy. It was kind of like Home Alone, I felt like. The mom had to race to get home to Kevin and every little thing possible, hiccup that could happen was happening. So anyway, I’m sitting there; it’s like 10:30, 11:00 at night and I message Melanie, my assistant, I’m like, “All the flights tomorrow are apparently booked, we need to figure out how to get home and we need a hotel.” The other thing they said was, “All flights are canceled plus there’s no flights tomorrow and there’s no hotels available.” We’re like, “Are you kidding me?” So Melanie went on and was able to find a flight that didn’t leave until the next day at 5, which got us home at 9:40 at night on Tuesday. So we missed our water park day, and then she booked us a hotel. So we jumped in an Uber, headed to the hotel, slept, hung out all day and I got a bunch of work done towards the event, which is starting tomorrow. Then we get in our plane finally. We leave Minneapolis, fly to Denver, and we’re like, “Last leg, we’ll be home by 9:30.” Get in our plane to head to Denver and guess what happened? Yes, you are right. Lightning storm. Therefore our flight was delayed again. Anyway, we ended up getting home at 10:30 at night, finally. And I think it was 56 total hours that we were in airports. So that was horrible. And we missed the little man’s birthday. But today, this morning we went and celebrated his birthday and got some cool stuff. Now I’m headed to the office because we have an event tomorrow and I got a lot of work to do before that. So that’s kind of what’s happening over. So anyway, there’s the catch-up of where we’ve been and now we can start moving forward again and keep hanging out. So the event tomorrow, I’m excited. It’s all of our Inner Circle members and our old Ignite Program. This is the last Ignite event ever, so we’ve got a bunch of those guys coming as well. I think we’ve got about 100 people coming, or so. And it went from kind of a concept to after spending 56 hours in the airport and geeking out and going through as much marketing stuff as I could consume during that time, it’s gonna be an amazing event. I’m crazy excited. I hand sketched out, I think another 40 new sketches, similar to the Dotcom Secrets book, all with new concepts and I’m hoping and praying that Vlad, my designer can get them all looking good today so we can get handouts printed for tomorrow. Oh it’s all running together. I don’t know if we’ll make it all. Anyway, worst case scenario I’ll just re-sketch them live on a whiteboard for everybody. The event is going to be awesome and it’s actually focusing on the new book, Expert Secrets. I’m excited for Expert Secrets, we spent about 6 months writing it and when I was in Bear Lake last month, I basically deleted the whole book and started over from scratch and the new direction that this is going, I’m really, really proud of. It’s what this whole event is based on. I’m kind of teaching it out loud so I can make sure all the pieces make logical sense in my mind before we turn it into a book, which is similar to what I did with the Dotcom Secrets book. We re-wrote it 3 times and then I did a live event for 3 days and then that helped me organize the thoughts in a better way. And I’m teaching onstage and I’m like, “That was good, but that one didn’t make sense and I need to tweak this.” Anyway, it was really cool. So I kind of did the same process with this one. So if you want to write a book, that’s the secret, throw an event. It forces you to get everything done in time and then it lets you teach it out loud. I don’t know about you but when I teach out loud, I just get different ideas and thoughts and I figure out what makes sense, what’s slow and boring, what’s exciting and what pieces people get and what pieces they don’t. Anyway, that’s what’s happening. Hopefully this book will be done before the end of the year, because I’m really excited for it, it’s going to be amazing. With that said, I gotta draw some value for you guys before I get to the office. So when we were in Amsterdam, the second day my wife were walking around downtown and all the sudden we get to this, I think it was a parliament or something, some big huge building. And we’re like, “Wow, that building is amazing.” And all the sudden we hear, “Ahem, ahem, ahem.” Like this coughing and we look over and there’s this guy with a nice shirt on and a microphone and he’s coughing. He keeps coughing louder and louder and keeps doing it and all these people start coming close and I’m like, “What’s happening?” and he had a unicycle on the ground, a bunch of boxes, a bunch of things. He had this flame that was there, so we kind of get closer to him. And he keeps coughing, probably for 5 minutes and we’re like, “This is weird.” And we’re about to leave and all the sudden he stops and says, “Everyone, I’m okay. I’m just trying to get all of your attention.” And then he said something that I thought was really cool. He said….how did he say it? He said something like, what did he say? “A show without attention is just an accident.” I might have screwed that up, but it was basically that. I thought, that’s kind of powerful. How many times do we do something, but no one’s paying attention, therefore it’s just an accident? Didn’t even happen, right? So in our business are we getting attention first? You get attention first; you get people to pay attention. So that’s the first thing. As I’m watching him as he does that, get’s attention and then he’s like, “I’m going to start the show.” And he goes and draws this big, huge chalk square around him, a pretty big square. So all these people are out further from the square so he’s like, “Okay everyone, come up to the square, this is the edge. Come in.” and he gets everyone to come closer. So he’s getting everyone to move towards him. So first he gets attention, second he gets everyone to move their physical bodies towards him so they are closer. And everyone gets kind of close. Then we started watching and I was watching what he was doing and the show ended up being 45 minutes long. And when all was said and done, if you look at it, all the show was, was he juggled fire for 30 seconds. That was it, but it was 45 minutes of buildup and excitement and building rapport. So he did all sorts of things to build rapport. First he got everyone to pull in close, and he started……and at first you could tell the crowd was cold, “What’s this guy doing? What’s happening?” and he could of just got on his unicycle and started juggling fire and it could have been over in like a minute, but if he did that he would have missed….the whole presentation is what made this thing work. He gets everyone together and starts talking and telling jokes and starts making fun of people in the audience to get them to laugh. He starts getting everybody talking about fire and to breathe together. Breathing is one of the fastest ways to build rapport. So if you can match breathing patterns. So he’s getting everyone to breathe and pretending like they’re blowing fire. Get everyone to breathe the same thing which instantly builds rapport for everybody. So he’s getting everybody to build rapport to just all sorts of the really smart things to build rapport with this audience. From making fun of people to making fun of himself and getting people laughing and all these things to get rapport within this group. So then he starts, he’s telling jokes and everything and then he’s trying to train the audience on what he needs them to do. So he gets on the unicycle and he’s got basically juggling things. He gets people throwing things to him. He’s training the audience on what he wants them to do and how he wants them to react. He’s like, “Okay, when you throw this…” He had Collette, actually take one of these juggling batons and had her throw it to him. “Okay now, when she throws it to me, everyone cheer like crazy.” So he’s training the audience on how he wants them to respond. Probably for another good 10 or 15 minutes. He’s doing this whole thing, training his audience how he wants and needs them to respond. He does this whole thing and sets up this fire thing, builds up the anticipation. Now we’re probably 30-35 minutes into it. And he says, “This is what’s going to happen, you guys.” And then he explains, “In a minute I’m going to get on my unicycle and we’re going to light fire and we’re going to juggle this fire.” So it’s like, okay this is what we’ve been building up towards and we’re so excited. And then before he does he says, “Look, now what’s going to happen..” and this is where he asks for money, and first thing he does is price justification, “Look, I’m a street performer and this is how I make my living. If you were to go to the bar right now and you were to buy a beer or whatever, it’s going to be about 5 pounds and that’s going to take maybe a minute to drink, or a minute and a half if you take your time. I’ve been performing for almost 45 minutes so far, and I would assume this is worth at least the same as just a quick beer in actual entertainment value. So the minimum donation accepted is 5 pounds. The maximum is 100.” So he starts going through and he does his price justification and he keeps explaining to the audience how to buy, which was so good. I wish I could have recorded this whole thing. So he teaches them how to buy, how to buy, how to buy. “When this is done,” he’s coaching them through, “When this is done, I’m going to juggle my things, fires going to go. I’m juggling fire, everyone’s going to go crazy. I’m going to put my hat out and everyone’s going to come rush to me and give me a minimum of 5 pounds up to 35” or whatever it is. So he explains and coaches and shows them how to pay him. He’s coaching them this whole time and what he wants and now he’s coaching them on how to pay him at the end, which is just brilliant. Then he finally does the thing. Gets on the unicycle, juggles fire. The whole show’s maybe a minute long. Boom, gets down, everyone cheers and then people start flooding him in droves to bring him money. And everyone’s throwing 5 dollars in it and again he coaches. Then some people that start walking away. He’s like, “What are you going to be a freebie seeker?” starts calling out people who just basically came and witnessed it and ran away. So he calls these people out, so they feel kind of dumb. Everyone else goes, “I don’t want to be called out. I can’t leave this because this guy just performed for me the last 45 minutes.” And they felt this obligation to pay. And initially I probably would have given him maybe 1 pound or whatever that is. I think its pounds there. Anyway, because I felt obligated at 5, I was like, “okay I gotta give 5.” So we came to give 5, we give 5. And I looked at this process, when all is said and done he probably made, a couple thousand pounds. It was impressive. And then everyone displaced and he started packing up his stuff and took off. And it was just cool. There were so many cool marketing lessons. One was getting attention. Number two was building a rapport. Number three was training your audience on what you want and need them to do. Number five was price justification. Number 6 was the actual show. Number 7 was the call to action. Get people to come back and pay. Number 8 would probably be calling out those who didn’t take action. And then number 9 was wrapping up the show. Anyway, so many cool marketing lessons in one. I’m totally geeking out watching this guy. My wife’s like, “This guy is annoying.” I’m like, “He’s kept everyone’s attention here for 45 minutes to do a 30 second to 1 minute long show and at the end he made a ton of money.” Like I said, he could have just got up there and juggled fire and would have made 50 bucks. But instead he went through the whole thing and made 5 or 6 hundred dollars. Pretty impressive. Anyway, I hope that gives you guys some value, some things you can think about with what you’re doing. One of the biggest questions people have is, “I can’t get people to show up to my webinar.” It’s like, “What are you doing? This guy spent 45 minutes for a minute long trick. What are you doing to get people excited and fired up? What kind of video, what kind of….the more you’ve got to be exciting. You’ve got to create attention. You’ve got to create desire to get people to do what you want them to do. That’s how you get people to show up on webinars is doing all those kind of things.” With that said, I’m at the office. Get some work done real quick. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. He could have just made 50 bucks, but instead he went and made 5 or 6 hundred dollars.Click To Tweet Thank you for reading Episode #250 – The Attention Trick I Learned In Amsterdam, originally published at Blog.
Episode #249 – The Law Of Deterioration In Business
The post Episode #249 – The Law Of Deterioration In Business appeared first on Blog - Weird Marketing Experiments That Increase Traffic, Conversions and Sales.... How to know when to stop. On today’s episode Russell explains why you need to be able to consistently and profitably generate customers, or you are in the wrong business. Here are a few interesting things you’ll hear in this episode: How to recognize if your business is a sinking ship you need to bail on. What else you need to know besides being able to consistently and profitably generate customers in order for your business to be successful. And why every business needs consistent work in order to avoid deterioration. So listen below to find out how you can tell if your business will grow or deteriorate. ——————————————————————————— Show Transcript (2,526 More Words) Hey, hey this is Russell Brunson, it is Saturday? I don’t even know. I’ve been camping and now we’re flying to Kenya and we’re all over the place. And I’m driving my car and was just Voxing some people in the Inner Circle, catching up on stuff before I headed out. And I had a conversation with somebody that was probably not what they were hoping for, but it was I think what they need. I just wanted to share it here because I’m positive that they’re not the only person in need of this advice. Because it’s hard advice, so I just wanted to share it with you guys. A lot of you won’t be applicable, but some of you, it will be very, very applicable. So here we go.  By the way, this is Marketing In Your Car. So like I said, in the preview or the intro or whatever we call this thing nowadays. I’ve got some probably backwards advice that’s backwards from what you’re hoping. I’m walking in the office right now and the alarm is about to go off, unless someone forgot to set the alarm. Check it out, somebody’s about to be fired, the alarm was not set. We’re good to go, there’s no beeping. So the person’s advice, they’ve been going through my stuff and they have been almost a year in the program and just not having the success that they wanted or desired. In fact, having almost no success and there’s a couple of reasons. I’ll kind of leave it, I won’t give you an opinion on all the reasons but I do want to talk about what my feedback was. The first thing was that if the business you are in cannot consistently and profitably, and those are the key words, consistently and profitably generate customers, it’s not a good business to be in. And I don’t care how many times they say, “I’ve made money in the past. I’ve got a bunch of clients who love me.” Or whatever. If you can’t consistently and profitably generate new clients, the business is not a good business and if you’re not careful you’re going to get caught where this person got caught. Where they have a business now that doesn’t, that they can’t profit from. They’ve got customers and clients paying them some stuff, but it’s just kind of stagnant. There’s always this, I don’t even know what it’s called, there’s the law. It’s one of Einstein’s law of deterioration, where everything deteriorates. Like Clickfunnels, we’re pushing and pushing and it’s growing and growing, but if I stopped it would start deteriorating. It’s just the law of how the universe works. You get an apple and you set it out in the sun, what happens? It doesn’t bloom up and become bigger, it deteriorates and starts going down into this mush thing. Businesses are the same way, everything deteriorates. So if you have a business that’s there and you’ve got some customers, it’s going to start deteriorating and getting smaller no matter what you do unless you can consistently and profitably bring customers in. So my first question for you is are you in a business  where you can consistently and profitably generate customers? If not, you’re in a bad business. That’s number one. Number two is you’ve got to learn how to sell people stuff.  That is the most important thing, I don’t care what business you are in. The only thing that really matters is selling stuff. That’s it. And it’s interesting how people will try everything else to avoid selling. They’ll try focusing on Facebook ads, and this and that and all sorts of stuff you don’t have to actually sell, selling is the only thing that matters. If you’ve read the book, Ready Fire Aim, and if you haven’t, seriously I recommend this probably 100 times in this podcast, it’s amazing. The book by Michael Masterson is all about to take a business and go from 0 to a million, a million to 10, 10 to 50 and 50 and above. And the skills challenge is opportunities that happens at each level. But the first part, if you only read the first section of the book going from 1 to a million dollars, that’s the most valuable part of the whole book for most of the people listening onto this. And the whole thing talks about the entire goal going from 0 to a million dollars in sales, the only thing you are trying to do is figure out how to profitably sell the thing you’re selling. That’s it. That’s the most important thing you can be focusing on your business. It’s not how to scale, the customer support, or all these things we get involved with. Or getting my office and my business cards and I need a sweet website, and all this crap that us as entrepreneurs think is important, because it’s not. The only thing that matters is how can I profitably sell my product? What do my customers actually want? That’s the whole section of that book is about is how to do that. Because as soon as you figure that out, that’s the role of the entrepreneur, that’s not something you can ask for or hire away, or set up a team around. All that crap. That is your role as the entrepreneur, you have to figure out, you have to cut your teeth and go out and sell something. Because until you sell something nothing happens. That’s your job, to go out there and sell and figure out how in the world, first off, how do I pitch this thing that I created to get people to get excited enough to give me money for. That’s what you gotta figure out, that’s the most important thing that you’re doing here in that business, when you’re going from 0 to a million dollars. And after you mastered that and figured out, okay, boom. Like for Clickfunnels, we figured out the way to sell Clickfunnels is through webinars with this pitch. Boom. So we figured it out, we went from 0 to a million and then beyond almost overnight. And now as soon as you get from a million to ten, all these headaches start coming in. This happened to Clickfunnels, when we went from 0 to a million. As soon as the webinar pitched worked, like two weeks we were at a million bucks. It blew up fast. And then all of the sudden all the new nightmares came. That’s when you go, management and people and support and all this other crap that happens, but that’s phase two. After you figure out the selling system that will profitably sell your thing for forever. So we figured that out and boom all the sudden new strengths, problems and opportunities came out from your ten million. Now you passed that you’re going from 10 to 50, now you’re looking at the next phase of that thing. And that’s kind of where we’re…..we’re kind of treading water right now in our company. But for most of you guys, that’s the key. So for this person who is struggling, that’s what they’re stuck at. They’re stuck at that 0 to a million and they haven’t’ figure out how to sell the product yet. So the next two things. First off, we talked about first. You’ve got to be in a business where you can consistently and profitably generate customers. Number two you’ve got to figure out how in the world to sell your thing. That means, maybe try a webinar. Maybe that doesn’t work. Maybe try a membership site, maybe that doesn’t work. You’ve got to try 5, 6, 10, 15 things. Whatever it takes. Because one of them will work you just have to figure out which one it is. As soon as you figure out, boom this is the method of how I will sell to the people of this world is through a webinar, or is through phone sells, or is through Facebook ads, whatever that is. As soon as you figure out how to profitably sell that thing, boom now you’ve got the key and now you start scaling your business. So those are the two things guys. Step one, profitably and consistently generate customers. Step two you’ve got to figure out the selling system to sell your product to those people, also profitably, by the way. And that’s it. Now, for this person the advice I gave, I promise was not the advice they wanted to hear, and I’m probably going to hear back from them later today or tomorrow telling me that I’m wrong or they’re upset or whatever and I understand that because what I told them. I said, “If you can’t figure out how to profitably and consistently generate customers, you are not a business. So one thing you can do is keep trying and trying and spend another two or three years in this thing, or you got to shut down shop. You need to stop. You need to, what does Mr. Wonderful say in Shark tank? You hate money….I can’t remember what he says, this is where money goes to die. You’ve got to stop. There’s got to be….we’re taught our hold life, don’t become quitters, but there’s a point in your life and things in your life, you have to quit.” All the signs are telling you this is not working and so you need to stop and say, look this doesn’t work.” And shut down shop. That might mean shutting down your business, it might mean declaring bankruptcy, it might mean, I don’t know what that means for you and its’ going to be scary and fear associated with it, and a whole bunch of bad things you don’t want to do, but it’ll be worth it. Okay, I’ve had what, three or four times in my business life where I have had to shut things down and start over. And every single time I’ve had to go through so much pain, and it’s so intense, I even think about it, I can feel it inside of my chest and my hands are sweating just thinking about the pain I had to go through during those times when my business didn’t keep working. It was deteriorating and I was freaking out. I couldn’t figure out how to profitably generate new customers and I had to stop. Sometimes I stopped early, which I was grateful for, because it causes a lot less pain, it causes a little of sharp pain, but it went away fast. Other times I freaking hung on to the ship while it was sinking, to the point where I almost got drug under two or three times. You’d think I’d learn by now. So my job is to come in and kind of help warn you guys. Say, “Look, bad things could be happening if these things aren’t happening in your business. If you have not figured out a way to profitably sell your product yet, you better try a whole bunch of ways quick because you have to figure out what is and you’re not able to consistently and profitably generate customers, another big warning flag.” So those things are all figure out-able, is that the right word? You can figure those things out, but you’ve got to try. And if you’re in a business and you’re like, “I can’t generate a customer for under $30, $40. Then it’s the wrong business to be in. It’s time to start over. It’s time to figure out…the nice thing about entrepreneurs is we can create and do whatever we want. If your business isn’t profitable right now, guess what? It doesn’t hurt to start and start something new that could be profitable in like a week from now. The hardest thing is our willingness to do that. I had a friend, I feel bad for this guy. I’d gotten in the business and this is again, over a decade ago. And I met him in a time, he’d been in the business for 2 years, he’d written this e-book and he was super proud of it. And when I first met him I was like, “Man, this book is good. Does it work? Are you selling it?” And he was like, “No.” and I was like, “Why not?” and he was like, “I can’t figure it out. I’m trying all sorts of things.” And he kept trying and trying. And then year one went to year two and three and four. I was about 5 years into my business and I remember having this conversation with him again and he was still trying to sell this book. I’m like, “Man, in the time that you’ve been trying to sell this book, I’ve sold probably 30 or 40 different products. Some of them worked, some of them bombed. Some of them were somewhere in between, but I’m moving forward on things. Dude, you’ve got to stop. No one wants this book. I know that you love it and you put in so much time. Everyone that’s read it told you it was good, but people don’t want it man. You’ve got to stop and change or you’re never going to progress.” And I still remember what he told me. He said, “Russell, I can’t. I’ve spent so much time and energy on this product, I can’t walk away from it now.” That was the last conversation I had with him. It’s probably been 7 or 8 years now and I don’t know…..I know he’s not in the business, or I would know. So anyway, that’s what I wanted to kind of give you feedback. I know it’s not pretty and it’s not nice, but some of you guys need to hear. And if you have figured that out, you do have a business that is profitably generating customers consistently, you’ve figured out your selling system, now it’s time to start scaling it. As soon as you figure those pieces out, you should be able to grow fast. Like Clickfunnels, as soon as we figured it out, boom this is the webinar, this is the pitch, we went to a million dollars quick and then to ten quick. As soon as you figure those pieces out it should be scaleable. It should be really quick and fast and easy. Well, easy from the sales standpoint. Then all the sudden it transitions to the new headaches that show up when you pass a million dollars in sales, but that’s what that book’s for. So go read Ready Fire, Aim, and read chapter two when you’re there. But don’t read ahead. You don’t need that. Just figure out, just focus on going from 0 to a million, that should be where most of our minds are at right now. When you cross that barrier, reopen the book, read chapter two and figure out the next step. So that’s what I got for you guys today. I’m at the office, I gotta do some work. I will talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody. You’ve got to learn how to sell people stuff. That is the most important thing...Click To Tweet Thank you for reading Episode #249 – The Law Of Deterioration In Business, originally published at Blog.
Episode #248 – How To Squeeze More Juice Out Of The Day
The post Episode #248 – How To Squeeze More Juice Out Of The Day appeared first on Blog - Weird Marketing Experiments That Increase Traffic, Conversions and Sales.... The real reason why I’m documenting all of this cool stuff. On today’s episode Russell talks about why Snapchat is valuable because you can see behind the scenes of how much stuff he is able to get done in a day and why that should be a motivator for you. He also talks briefly about Funnel Graffiti, which is coming soon. Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode: The difference between Russell’s Snapchats and the Marketing In Your Car podcast and why each is valuable. Why being efficient with your time is necessary if you want to be able to get lots of things done. And why watching Russell’s Snapchats will help motivate you to cram more things into your day and be able to get it all done. So listen below to find out how you can use your time more efficiently. ——————————————————————————— Show Transcript (2,155 More Words) Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright everybody, I hope you are having a sweet day. I just got up and I’m heading to go film with Mike Dillard. How cool is that? So Mike is launching a new membership site in the marketing world and he wanted somebody to come teach on funnels. So guess who he asked? Anyway, I’m excited. Mike’s a good friend and it’s going to be kind of cool, to have him out here and film. So I’m racing over there now, I’m a little late, not going to lie. I’m right on the line, I could be there on time, or I could be there….definitely not early, but I could be on time. So that is the plan. Anyway, it’s been a little while since I talked to you guys. It’s been crazy over here and I’m having so much fun. I just wanted to reconnect with all of you guys and say hi, first off. More importantly what I wanted to do was….it’s been interesting, for a lot of you guys, hopefully you know. You’ve been watching the new Snapchat stuff I’ve been doing. It’s been fun, I’ve been documenting everything we’re doing on Snapchat, which is interesting. I always look at Marketing In Your car as me documenting things, but it was like every 2 or 3 days I’d get on and share stuff, but it’s more like, “Hey in the last little bit, here’s some things I’m noticing.” So it’s like taking multiple days and like, “Okay, here’s the number one lesson from that chunk of time.” Whereas Snapchat is more like I’m documenting every cool thing that’s happening. I’m talking about it either before or after so that day by day people can see what’s happening. It’s been fun. Two days ago, we were filming this crazy shoot. So we’re up at 3 something in the morning. We went to downtown Boise and we rented this, there’s this place called Free Galley, it’s this big graffiti wall. It’s this graffiti place in downtown Boise. So we rented this big section of the wall and we came in 3 in the morning and painted over it, and then Rob came and painted this amazing mural. Clickfunnels and funnels and all sorts of stuff. So we did that all morning long and then at night we came back at 11 or 12 in the night and filmed this whole thing for……anyway, so we’re making this new offer. The offer is called Funnel Graffiti and it’s free plus shipping offer. And I could be like, “Oh, here’s Funnel Graffiti, it’s free plus shipping.” But I’m trying to again, this whole business it doesn’t matter what market you’re in, it’s all about pattern interrupts, right? So for my job and your job honestly, is less about how we sell things, but more about how we’re interrupting people’s patterns. In fact, Vince Palko, if you guys know Vince, he owns He’s the dude that invented the hand sketched out video. And he told me one time that he told this guy, “We’re not in the hand sketched doodle business, we’re in the pattern interrupt business. We’re always pushing the envelope to figure out new ways to interrupt people’s patterns to get their attention.” And I think that’s so true in all of our businesses. That’s it. So that’s why I’m always bugging people, “I need a template to get more, to sell my product.” And I’m like, ”Okay, I can gi9ve you a structure, but it still comes down to you being creative and figuring out ways to grab people’s attention.” Attention is the scarcest resource nowadays. We’ve got to crazy to grab people’s attention. I’m doing a free plus shipping offer and we spent two days to create the thing, probably spent too much money to create this amazing thing so that we could get people to buy something that’s free from us. Why would you do that Russell? Because it’s all about attention and then building a brand and building a cult following and getting people excited and engaged in what you’re doing, right? So you’ll see it when it comes out. It’s a big production we did to give away a free thing. But I’m trying to break people’s patterns and create something new and exciting and cool and make it fun for people to buy. A lot of people, I can’t tell you how many times people message me, “Hey I’m only getting 10% show up rate on my webinar, what do I need to do?” and I’m like, “Dude, you just need to be more interesting. If only 10% of people are showing up, it means they don’t care what you’re talking about. How can you infuse excitement and energy and passion and all these things to get people to want to actually schedule your webinar and make sure they show up?” I can give you little tactics and techniques and tricks to increase show up rate, but when all is said and done it comes down to you and you being exciting enough that they’re going to be inspired enough to not just register and hope the replay comes through and hopefully they’ll catch it, but to, I can’t freaking miss this, this is a big, big deal. And it comes down to you being passionate and sharing. I can’t stress that enough. So it’s been fun on this Snapchat journey. It’s funny, every day at the end of the day, I take, usually it’s about 3 to 5 minutes worth of Snapchats and we render them out as a video and post them on Youtube, so if you missed any of them you can go to our Youtube channel and see them. I think it’s just and then click on the playlist button and you can see all the behind the scenes Snapchat stuff. But it’s behind the scenes of all the stuff we’re doing. But the biggest thing I keep getting from all the people watching these is just like, “Holy crap, Russell. You do a lot of things throughout the day.” And I’m always like, “I guess I do. But I’m working the same amount of hours as you guys. We all are given from God the same amount of hours in every day. There’s 24 of them. And I tried to use them really efficiently, but I’m still sleeping for 8 of them, I’m hanging out with my wife and kids for 8 of them. So I got 8 hours to try to go and take over the world. The same hours we all have. We’re all competing with the same time resources.” And people are like, “I don’t have time.” Seriously? It’s been fun showing behind the scenes because people are like, “Holy crap. In one day you guys…” we had one day the other day when during that day I think we launched two funnels in two different businesses. We got a sample product in for our supplement. We did a coaching call. We did, I did 30 minutes of Voxer with our 25K group. All these things jammed into the same 8 hour day, but I’m just spending all 8 hours working. I’m not….I don’t know what people do all day long. I’m not goofing off. I’m getting stuff done every minute of those days and that’s the only big difference. So I like the Snapchat stuff because it’s showing people boom, boom, here’s how I’m jamming everything in and what we’re doing and how I’m shifting focus and where we’re focusing energy. So anyway, I hope that if you’re not following me on Snapchat that you do just so you can start seeing behind the scenes and you’ll get a lot of the Marketing In Your Car…… Marketing In Your Car is nice because I can go deeper on a topic. I’ve got 10 seconds on Snapchat. But on Snapchat you are able to see behind the scenes on what worked and pressing into a day. And I think, if nothing else, I think that’s a value for everyone to see. Just because I honestly think, and I don’t want to be harsh or mean or whatever, but when I’m working close with people and they’re not having success, the biggest thing is they’re not getting much out of their days. We’ve had some people who have been working on the Perfect Webinar for 8, 9, 10 months and haven’t launched yet. Are you kidding me? What are you doing all day? I gave you the script, I gave you the PowerPoint. You have it all, all you have to do is fill in your stories, it’s really……it really should not be that…..I think that you’re dinking around all day. I don’t know what it is. We just need to get more out of the day. You need to wake up and grab today by the head and just….For us, I think we’re freaking throwing it around because we own it. It’s not the other way around. I don’t know, I think it’s when we start shifting our mindset and our thoughts from “Oh I should do this today.” No, I freaking must do this today. I don’t get to go home and sleep or watch TV or go to lunch unless this crap is done. It’s shifting our mindset to that and then just getting it done. And I understand that there’s things that come up, but I promise you guys, there’s not many people in the world that have more distractions than me. I’ve got a beautiful wife, I’ve got 5 kids, I’ve got a company with 40 or 50 employees, all of whom are not just boring employees. Everyone on our team is highly passionate and with passion and excitement comes like needs. And I am very needy. All of us are. I feel like the higher level you get the more you need reinforcement of your skills. I’ve got people on our teams that take time. I’ve got multiple business, we’ve got funnels creating, there’s a lot happening. It’s just……So I understand people who are like, “I don’t have time. There’s too many things pulling….” I understand that more than most people understand. The difference is just…..I don’t know. I don’t know. So my biggest message for today is first off, go either follow me on Snapchat, or if Snapchat’s too teenaged, high school embarrassing for you, which I understand, then go to Youtube and watch the replay of some of them. Just watch the day what we’re compressing into a day and I think most people will see, we honestly, there’s more stuff happening in a day in my world, than most people get done in a week or a year, or excuse me, a week or a month sometimes. So it’s learning, how do I compress time? How do I speed things up? How do I become more efficient so I can get more done during the day? Because I’m not a rocket scientist you guys. I am not a smart person. I sucked at school. I barely graduated, it was hard. Going through college and school, those things are way harder than “Hey, let’s set a structure for our day. Hey let’s set some really big goals. Let’s not just goof off on Facebook all day. Let’s freaking do things and think through them.” If you’re not like, why do we need to do this? And if it makes sense then run with it. If it doesn’t then delete it, ignore it. Pull it out of your strategy. And only do things that are serving and growing your core strategy, your core focus. I think if you shift your focus to that, man, you’ll be amazed what you can get done during an average day. So anyway, I don’t mean to say that to try to put myself on pedestal at all. I am hoping to use this as a tool to motivate you guys and show you what is actually possible. Because again, you’ve got the same 8 hours I do, I’m not working…..well some days I am, like one day we worked crazy hours. But for the most part, I’m working 9 to 5. I’m working the same hours that everybody else is working. I’m just squeezing a little more juice out of the day. And I hope watching the day by day Snapchat will show you how to squeeze more juice out of it as well. And that’s it you guys. I am almost to our filming location to go hang out with Dillard. Hopefully we’ll create some magic. If you want to see what we’re doing behind the scenes go check out Snapchat. That’s where I’m at and we are making some magic. All right guys, appreciate you all and I’ll talk to you soon. We all are given from God the same amount of hours in every day. There’s 24 of them.Click To Tweet Thank you for reading Episode #248 – How To Squeeze More Juice Out Of The Day, originally published at Blog.
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