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The Maltese Falcon That's all I wanted on the first line. If you don't know, now you know. Definitely watch this one before listening. Housekeeping stuff: Yes, I didn't mention Arthur Edeson at all. I mentioned the cinematography but the cinem
Yeah, the way this movie was advertised is a bit different from how I took it. That happens. This is a detective x magic crossover event that might get you your fill of both (or not!) and it's called "Cast A Deadly Spell". My DVD copy is "Hechi
1993 was a transitional period. We were slowly, ass a country, shedding the action movie template of the 70's and 80's while experimenting with some headier notions on how we relate to media. Last Action Hero was, is, seeming, a product of this
1989 saw Stallone and Russell team up as Tango & Cash. Let's talk about this movie as there is a lot of hidden depth here. Sounds intriguing, yes? That's how I get you. Description bait. If you want the link for the Kevin Smith video I mention
Sometimes you're looking for the heat but you get the breaking ball. This was one of those times. Marnie was not what I expected and this episode travels down some roads that may be upsetting to some people. Sometimes The Greats aren't all that
Speak "friend" and build an atomic bomb with a precocious genius in this 1986 movie that, from the poster, looks like a paranoia thriller--and it almost is! Or it is, partly. But yeah this is another Saturday TV matinee movie from my youth and
Hey, sometimes we say the wrong words. This time I said a few wrong words. No, I did not go back in and pick those up. Let me know if I need corrections. House and House 2 are, apparently, comedy horror "cult" movies from the mid-80's that liv
Hey, everybody. Mark D. IT Guy. Generally bad spy here. Just talking for a few minutes about what's to come on the podcast. We will be jumping into the prolific James Bond franchise but not all at once and not right away.
Let's take it back to the good ol' days and grab some UFO parts to turn in as our science project. Yep. That's the movie. I'm pretty sure I had things to say about this here but I can't think of what they are presently--I reserve the right to
Lucas Black is not from Arkansas. The roar of the crowd. The thrill of the cliché and the agony of defeat. These are just a few things I've typed into this episode's show notes. This isn't the first sports movie I've done but it is the first (
2008's Apatow-produced Segel-written Segel-acted adult comedy hit me like a guided missile. In this third calendar year of this podcast I've really come to just pick movies that I like and, by golly, do I enjoy this movie. I genuinely think I c
Just checking in with everyone for 2021. Full normal episode coming... at some point! Catch me on Twitter @coolmarkd.
Hey everyone! Mark D here and we're watching some Anime! Cowboy Bebop is a universally beloved series and we're going to go ahead and check out the movie which takes place near the end of the series--so we get all of our favorite characters. Th
Join Mark D as he clambers down the cliff's edge and commences The Descent. If that's not a whole mood I don't know what is and maybe you're sexists but this is definitely an undercover girl-power chick-flick that absolutely slaps. Check it out
We're right in the thick of spooky Halloween day (because I was literally just too busy yesterday to finish editing this even though it had already been recorded days ago and I had planned for a Halloween release--I'm a complete fuckup) with th
Rip and tear with the Doom-inspired remake of the Doom-inspiring original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That stuff about Doom? I made it up. Seems legit, though, right? There's definitely some corrections and things I want to make so I'll make t
It's a spoOoOOooooOKy Zach Braff-written-and-directed post-coming-of-age pre-having-a-real-life intestitial-liminal-human-space examination. Not going to lie--I didn't prepare at all for this. It was extemporaneous. Spontaneous. Uranus. Check o
Hey, everyone! In this episode I rank things! That's what people like, right? Rankings? Well, I do that here. This is also the Season 2 finale. I didn't really think about that until now but that's what it is. So there you have it. Season 3 com
Humor is ALIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE in 1974's Young Frankenstein written by Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks; and directed by Mel Brooks. A bold and controversial choice that maybe cemented both artists in the Hollywood hall of fame (metaphorical--I d
This is a lesser-discussed Mel Brooks movie that centers around the McGuffin of a set of dining room chairs in the early Soviet Union. It's definitely... different. @coolmarkd on Twitter. @markd20 on Letterboxd
Let's just send up Star Wars and science fiction adventures in general in Mel Brooks' 1987 film Spaceballs! That's really it. That's the whole show notes. @coolmarkd on Twitter. @markd20 on Letterboxd.
Want to send up anthology movies but unsure how? Maybe History of the World Part 1 can help. Mel Brook's 1981 historical... something is a laugh riot but audiences and critics seem to be split on it. I messed up a little bit on this one too in
Let's forget about robbing from the rich and stealing from the poor and instead go on a bit of a romp in Sherwood Forrest with Mel Brooks in his 1993 Robin Hood: Men In Tights. I don't remember if I needed to add any links in here... I reserve
"Reach for the skyyyyyyyy" that's not from this movie. This 1974 Mel Brooks movie is Blazing Saddles and there's a bunch of other things from this movie but that's not one of them. There's a lot going on in the production and the legacy of thi
Let's check out Mel Brook's take on a spoof of a riff on a Hitchcock paranoia thriller. It was definitely A Choice. @coolmarkd on Twitter. @markd20 on Letterboxd.
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