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#143 - Sooner or later, most of us will be DFL in a race. So, what is DFL? In running, the term means Dead F**king Last. It used to be the worst thing in the world to be last, but connotations have changed over the years and it's not so bad any
#142 - One of my favorite past times is watching trail running YouTube videos. I found Jeff Pelletier while looking for decent trail running videos. Jeff not only makes great videos but he runs them while filming, and he runs pretty fast. This
#141 - Getting through an injury of three months or more without losing your mind takes some skill and we each need help learning those skills. I give you some help if you need it should that day arise. Never fear, we will run again! Also, in T
#140 - Esmail Rahimian has a lot of frequent flier miles! We're talking thousands! He's run a race on every continent and he's here this week to talk about it. He shares stories from many of his races in his book: Life Lessons on the Run: Makin
#139 - Love it or hate it, social media is a part of our lives as runners. This week, I talk about it all. How it helps us stay in touch and share our running journeys, and how it deters from making real friends. Also, don't miss this week's Ta
#138 - Gerald Tabios is drawn to Death Valley and he's not even sure why. But this is his favorite race. Badwater 135 brings shudders to most runners, but for him, it is like a frienamy; he loves and dislikes this race. It's forever challenging
#137 - "I probably shouldn't be alive" Alyson told me. She's made peace with her turbulent and near deadly past, but it took a lot of time, self reflection and honesty to get there. She talks about her love of 100 mile ultra races, peaking the
#136 - Tony Nguyen has a story to tell in this week's episode. Tony tells us what happened during his race in this May's Western States race. Sometimes things don't go as planned and I know you'll want to hear every word! Tony's spirit and Neve
#135 - There would be no running races without volunteers. And now that races are coming back, it's time for us to switch into high gear and help out. Small racing companies were some of the hardest hit in 2020 and giving a helping hand is one
#134 - Colin Turner spent a lot of his life wondering why his running wasn't fulfilling. It wasn't enjoyable. Being an educator, he went back to the basics and figured out what he was doing wrong. Once he did that, he now shares what he knows w
#133 - Pamela Maunsell, or the Hip Fairy, as she's known on Twitter, has worked to put together a valuable resource. The link for this is on my website: If you have ever had any questions or want information regarding hip
#132 - Stefan started his love of running with his dad. His love of trails and running shines in this week's episode as he talks all about Cocodona 250, Bigfoot and other really tough races. You'll be impressed by what's he's already accomplish
#131 - This week, we're in the midst of the Badwater 135 race! It's fun to see it back in action, after having 2020 off, like everything else. Hear about the history and some of the fun facts, rules and regulations the runners and support crew
#130 - The website Podium Runner is a great running website. I consider it one of a runner's best resources. This is in part due to Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Beverly's hard work and diligence. He and his staff continue to release great articles
#129 - Training coach and author Matt Schifferle has spent a lot of time creating efficient and effective workout routines. He doesn't believe in wasting time on exercises that don't matter and neither do I. That's why it was so educating and r
#128 - Michele Hartwig is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She's also one of the most organized and best planners. She has to be, being a race director and host of The Dirt Trailrunner Podcast. In this week's episode, I talk to her ab
#127 - We all have hurdles in our lives. Sometimes those hurdles seem overwhelming. Writer and ultrarunner Miriam Gilbert has plenty of her own, but clears them like an Olympian, never looking back. She tells us her philosophy, which includes f
#126 - The best decision I ever made was to embrace sobriety. For too long I drank, a lot. It affected everything I did and if I had continued down that dark tunnel I might not be here today. In this week's episode, I talk about my drinking and
#125 - R2R2R or R3 is running the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim, usually starting at the South Rim to the North Rim and back to the South. Although it can be started at the North as well. I discovered Pete Peterson through a video he posted of
#124 - Most runners will get an injury eventually. How we deal with it will determine how soon we'll be back running. Brian Scott is an expert in injuries, keeping us healthy so we don't have to get that inevitable injury in the first place. Wo
#123 - Tucked away in the quiet residential neighborhood of Mill Valley is a trail of familiarity to trail runners. The Dipsea Trail is known as home to America's oldest trail race. The history and lore of this race is told far and wide and con
#122 - When looking for new podcasts one day, I came across the Adventure Sports Podcast. This well-established show, hosted by Mason Gravley showcases epic adventurers who push the limits in their sports. One week, he'll have an athlete who ca
#121 - Ultrarunner and author Cory Reese joins MRTW to talk about running, eating, his toughest races and his new book Stronger Than the Dark. With his usual wit and humor, Cory gets to the heart of running and why family and friends and runnin
#120 - Way way back when I started the podcast, I released a very popular episode Beginning Running. It's been about two years, so I thought it was time to update it and add a few things that I didn't include in the first one. Even if you've be
#119 - Ben Shirley is a busy man. He's a composer, musician, clean and sober, runner and grateful for every day. He's one of the co-stars of the documentary film Skid Row Marathon and talks about that and more in this week's episode. He's an in
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