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If you are a faithful listener, then you can probably guess what this episode is about: Erica (Go)'s go-go juice when recording. If you're new, then enjoy listening to the tale from Scandinavian folklore about the most awesome sea creature ever
Erica and Billy did a Patreon episode last week that a listener had requested, talking about the current state of the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Of course the information was "current" as of last week.) They discussed both local and g
A drunken young man. Two rifles and a shotgun. 45 minutes. Over 20 people dead or wounded. Belinda blinks. scary! Fin. **The show artwork was created by Chris Axmann. Thank you, Chris! **A HUGE thank you to MinimusNoah for the
When you think of a mass shooting at a school, what do you imagine? A disgruntled male teenager that shoots up his high school is generally what we see. But what if Erica and Billy told you that there was a completely different kind of mass sch
Erica and Billy just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary this week. And Billy suggested the topic of deathbed confessions. A little worried or guilty conscience? Inquiring minds want to know... **The show artwork was created by Chris Axm
The 1920's in Detroit were weird, especially when a family of five was hacked to death with an ax. And especially when the father claimed to be mystical healer that received visions from deities in the middle of the night. And especially since
The American Civil War is over. The President has been assassinated. And there is a boat that's, like, gonna blow up or something. And over 1,500 people are going to die. But there's obviously nothing historical about that. Right, Lincoln? **T
Happy Podversary, Snugglebunnies! Erica and Billy decided to celebrate the anniversary of Martinis and the Macabre (and New Year's) by hitting your ear holes with the most horrific case of torture and murder. (Well, Billy had no part in the dec
Have you ever wondered how to split a knee or rip off a breast, or maybe how to properly roast a person while making their screams sound like a bull? Well, you're in luck! Erica and Billy have found some of the most grisly methods and devices o
This week's episode is the conclusion to the story of Larry Eyler, the gay sadist serial killer of the Midwest who almost didn't get caught. Erica and Billy discuss the life of Eyler, his capture and punishment, and who Billy's man-crush is--yo
How do you track a vicious serial killer that moves from state to state before the advent of online communication between jurisdictions and states? Well, some red string couldn't have hurt! It just wanted to help and no one listened! For shame!
Nothing witty to say about this episode, except for the title. "Pardon" the mess? Like, prisoners get 'pardoned'? And riots make a mess? See what they did there? You know it's clever! Don't you roll your eyes, mister! **The show artwork was cr
Happy Halloween, Snugglebunnies! It's time to get spooky again and there's nothing spookier than a good, old-fashioned haunting. But Erica and Billy aren't going to take you to a haunted location or discuss a person who is haunted. They're goin
This week Erica and Billy bring you the conclusion to the crazy story of Donald Harvey, Angel of Death. If you thought the first episode had a lot of murder, then hold on to your murder cap because it's going to get even more murdery! (There's,
This week, Erica and Billy discuss one of the most prolific and unique serial killers in America. His crimes spanned 17 years, during which he officially killed 37 people, though some estimates are much higher. He killed men, women, white, blac
On the Martinis and the Macabre, Erica and Billy talk a lot about murder. Like, seriously, a LOT. So, every once in awhile it's refreshing to take a stroll in the weird. And what's weirder than some of the world's most curious objects and unexp
Remember when Erica and Billy discussed "Squatters, Incest, and...Octopus?" last season in Episode 50 about the Hinterkaifeck murders? Well, if you haven't listened to it, go do that now and then come back. This case is very similar, except thi
Life was a bit strange in England in the 1930's, as is this murder mystery surrounding the murder of a woman bludgeoned to death during an extremely small window of time while her husband was seemingly lured away from the home. But did the husb
In this week's episode, Erica and Billy discuss a woman with one of the longest standing arrest warrants in U.S. history-a widow, a mother, a triple murderer, and a Mexican prison escapee! They'll also delve into NOT stealing from liquor stores
In this episode, Erica and Billy clown around discussing one of the worst fire disasters in U.S. history. And it happened in a place you would least expect it, which makes it super funny (at least to Erica Go-she's really dark). So step right u
Celebrate your 4th of July (if you're in the U.S.) by listening to the conclusion of the f*cked up, crazy life of Carroll Edward Cole. And if you're not in the U.S. celebrate something else by listening to the conclusion of the f*cked up, crazy
This week Erica and Billy have another story so crazy that they had to split it into two parts!  (Sorry, guys.) They'll talk about the abuse and taunting of a young boy named Carroll, which, as you may assume, leads him down a path of dark fant
You read it right-a butthole so glorious that you have to take a second glance! A pristine butthole is of the highest importance when you're a cannibal in early 1900's Prussia, especially when you're "The Forgotten Cannibal". Join Erica and Bil
"We have clearance, Clarence." "Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor? -Credit to the great documentary, Airplane **The show artwork was created by Chris Axmann. Thank you, Chris! **A HUGE thank you to MinimusNoah for the music at the end
***Warning: this episode contains audio clips that include racial slurs and audio of a dying man which may upset some listeners. Discretion is strongly advised!*** On September 16th, 1996, blood was seen seeping through the outside wall of an a
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