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Purchasing supplies and getting them delivered to the job site can be a complicated process. Find out how to make it easier by using Lowe’s to order and deliver materials and supplies to your job site. In this interview, Tony Javier will walk you through how to set up an account with Lowe’s as well as working with contractors to get the supplies you need. This interview will teach you the different options for getting supplies to the job site and how to save money doing so. For more information go to  
Having great insurance is a key part of your business. Accidents happen, knowing your covered for anything that may come your way is the best way to protect your business. In this interview, Tony Javier shares how to make sure you’re covered. Finding an insurance agent who knows your business and knows what type of coverage you need is an essential part of building your team. Make sure if you’re flipping a property you have a vacancy policy, and if you’re renting a property you have a landlord policy. Vacancy policies are high risk and come with high premiums but you’re going to need it. If you have a good insurance agent they’ll be able to adjust your policy for your needs. For more information please go to  
Hard money loans are another way of getting funding for your deals. These loans are typically easy to get but cost you a little more than would other loans. This video will walk you through what a typically hard money loan looks like and how it stands up to private and bank loans. Go to for more information.
The Keys to Seller Financing Expert Interview with Larry Goins   With over 30 years in the business, Larry Goins is one of the most knowledgeable real estate investors in the business. Previously, Larry served as president of the Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association in Charlotte NC, of the National Real Estate Investors Association. As the host of a local radio show, BRAG (Be Rich and Generous), Larry enjoys mentoring people on how to be successful in real estate. This expert interview is full of useful information so be ready to take notes!   What you will learn in this interview: Why Larry prefers working in small towns. How Larry works with Passive Investors. Why land contracts can be an advantage to an investor. Get some tips on how to deal with foreclosures and evicting tenants. Why Larry offers 2-year lease options for some borrowers. Find out his favorite system for automation. Why HUD houses are great for investors. Stay tuned through the end of the podcast to get a free e-book! Listen and Enjoy! To get your Free E-Book from Larry Goins go to Ready to become the next Real Estate Prodigy? Go to
Expert Interview with Justin Williams Systems for Success Justin Williams, an 8-year Real Estate veteran, has systemized his way into flipping 100 houses a year. Not only that, but he does this without even looking at a single property. After flipping over 500 houses in his career, Williams is a leading expert in the field and knows how to take advantage of the systems he has in place to be able to take a step back from the day-to-day of his business. Although Justin has become wildly successful, it hasn’t always been this way. Find out how Justin when from barely being able to pay the bills to flipping over 100 houses a year in this expert interview.   What you will learn: Learn about Justin’s struggle as a newcomer in real estate and how implementing systems helped him to achieve success. Find out how he built his team from the ground up. Justin discusses the importance of Project Management. Find out why its best to keep emotions out of business. Get advice on marketing and networking. The importance of hiring “problem solvers”. Why Justin only hires General Contractors. Tips for keeping your business and team on-track. How to partner up with your Realtor to make your job easier. Find out his #1 tip for beginners.   BONUS: Get a free copy of his “House Flipping Business Analyzer” go to  Listen and Enjoy!   Ready to become the next Real Estate Prodigy? Go to  
Taking Control of your Financial Future Expert Interview with Jason Hartman   Since he got his real estate license at the age of nineteen, Jason Hartman has been investing in real estate all over the country. With several thousand investment deals in 11 states and 17 cities, Hartmanknows how to take advantage of the financial opportunities found in real estate. This expert interview podcast is a great insight as to how Jason Hartman took control of his financial freedom and how you can too!   What you will learn in this podcast: ·      Why Hartman prefers residential to commercial real estate.               And why single family homes are his favorite investment. ·      He breaks down his “rent-to-value” ratio. ·      Find out some of the best real estate markets in the country. ·      Get tips for how to diversify without taking on too much. ·      Hartman will share with you how he helps teach his clients to invest in real estate ·      Find out why investing in Real Estate is “I.D.E.A.L” ·      Hartman will share with you his #1 tip for analyzing deals. Listen and Enjoy!   To find out more about Jason and his program go to:    Ready to become the next Real Estate Prodigy? Go to
Dr. David Phelps started his career as a Dentist. After his daughter's nearly fatal liver failure, Phelps decided to spend less time on business and more time with his family. In his search for time and financial freedom, Phelps found Real Estate. This discovery led him to start the Freedom Founders Mastermind group that helps business owners create their own financial and time freedom through Real Estate.   What you will learn in this Expert Interview Podcast: How David transitioned from a lucrative dental career into a life of financial and time freedom The # 1 book you need to read that has fueled his business Why David does what he does and how he gives back Why surrounding yourself with the best can lead to the best results How David helps business owners How to create victories from challenges that you have in your life and business   To find out more about Dr. David Phelps and his program visit Ready to become the next Real Estate Prodigy? Go to
Let’s face it, hiring the right people for the job can be a tough decision to make. Luckily for you, Tony has broken down the 7 keys to hiring a great employee. This video will discuss how to find that perfect employee from placing the ad and conducting interviews, to finding the small details that every great employee should posses. Because there is nothing more valuable than hiring great people. Go to for more information.
Cory Boatright is a pioneer in the Real Estate Investing industry. Cory is not only a successful Real Estate Investor, but he also has a top rated Podcast and a phenomenal coaching program. Cory is a true Entrepreneur and has started 40 businesses. Cory shares his experience with us and how he went from a troubled teenager that didn't even graduate high school to one of the leaders in the industry. How did he do it? What you will learn in this Expert Interview Podcast: His direct mail campaign secrets including mailing lists he uses  Who Cory has on his team to do deals for him How to overcome Fear and why most people don't How Cory uses google and Facebook for marketing Cory's leading tools and apps that run his business The #1 thing that Cory recommends for anyone wanting to get into Real Estate Listen and Enjoy!
Jason Lucchesi is an expert in finding off market deals. Since 2001, Lucchesi’s in-depth knowledge of the mortgage and real estate industry has made him a leader in wholesaling and rehabbing properties. In this interview with Tony Javier, Lucchesi shares his number one way for finding off market deals. He also shares how you can get your voicemail into hundreds of voicemail boxes, his strategies for selling properties quickly, and the #1 suggestion he has for getting into the real estate business. Jason can be reached on his blog at Go to for more information.
Paying cash is the number one way to fund your deals. Whether you’re using your own money or the cash from private or hard money lenders, paying cash is one of your biggest leverages when purchasing a deal. In this video Tony Javier will walk you through the pros and cons of using cash to fund your deals. Go to for more information.
This podcast gives you an inside look as to how Tony’s company, Professional Home Buyers, works with banks to set up their rent-to-own system. When working with banks or mortgage brokers, finding someone who is honest is the number one trait you’re looking for. When renting out a home, it’s important to get interested buyers pre-approved. In order to do this, you need a bank that’s willing to work with bad credit, but is also honest with you if people won’t qualify. These brokers are going to have to be able to handle multiple leads a week, so they need to be experienced. If they take more than three days to get a job done, they might be too busy for your needs. The best way to find an honest hard-working broker is by diligently checking their references and referrals. To find out more go to  
When funding a deal with a bank loan there are many factors that may go into getting the loan. This video, led by Tony Javier, will walk you through a typical bank loan. Depending on whether you are doing a quick fix and flip or a rent-to-own property the type of loan you can get will be different. This video will show you the pros and cons of working with banks in order to fund your deals. Go to for more information.
When negotiating with private investors the biggest thing is to take care of them and their money. In this video, Tony Javier shares how he works with private investors. It’s really important to take care of your investors, build that rapport with them and get them to trust you. Be sure to ask them why they want to invest with you and what they want to get out of it? Give them security and a long enough term to flip the property. If you take good care of your investors they will be likely to work with you again.
This Podcast will provide you with all the ins and outs of funding your deals through private money loans. You'll learn how to find private investors and what a typical deal looks like. Learn all the pros and cons to working with private investors and what other funding options are available for you. To learn more go to 
Find out how Real Estate Prodigy Founder, Tony Javier, began his own real estate investing company. This podcast will discuss the basics of real estate investing and go over what a typical deal looks like. For more information on how to start or expand your own business go to
Real Estate Prodigy founder and CEO, Tony Javier, goes over the basics of how to fund a rehab property. To find out more, go to
Real Estate Prodigy founder and CEO, Tony Javier, shares with you his tips on how to find properties to flip. Tony also shares some quick marketing tips that can increase the amount of leads you get in a week. To find out more please go to  
  This interview with Tony Javier, goes over the three ways to receive funding for a project. This includes private lenders, hard-money lenders, and a bank loan. Tony also breaks down how his company, Professional Home Buyers, works with the three different types of private investors. Real Estate Prodigy members also get exclusive access to the documents Professional Home Buyers send to their private lenders. Make sure to take care of your investors and keep your deadlines in order to ensure the will want to work with you again in the future. Types of Lenders: Private       Usually individuals.       Higher interest rates than banks, between 8-12%.       Quickest option.       Usually don’t want to see properties. Hard-Money       Charge money up front.       Usually quicker than banks.       Charge and annual percentage rate, around 15%.       Often needs to appraise properties. Banks       Usually takes about 3 weeks.       Requires appraisals.       Have lower interest rates. For more information please go to  
If you want to get the best possible deal on a property, you have to build a good relationship with the seller. This lecture, led by Real Estate Prodigy founder, Tony Javier, goes over the three keys to building relationships with sellers. Utilizing these three keys to create a relationship with the seller, puts you in a better position to negotiate with the seller. By following these three keys, you’ll be sure to find success when working with sellers. 3 Keys to Working with Sellers:     Build Rapport     Show You Care     Solve Their Problem
If you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get things done, scheduling is your answer. In this lesson, Tony Javier discusses the importance of scheduling. Scheduling makes you focus better, it makes you feel accomplished, and it helps keep you on track. If it’s not in your schedule it doesn’t exist. By scheduling time for things with high returns on investment such as the Real Estate Prodigy Program, you can learn things that may help you save time later in your day. By setting aside time to schedule your day or week, you end up saving time in the long run.   Tips for scheduling:             Schedule personal or fun things first. This gives you something to look forward to.             Time block tasks for 90 minutes, take a break, then move on to the next task.             Schedule a time for things you don’t like to do, such as finances. This keeps you dialed in to all aspects of your business.             Schedule time for your family.             Schedule a time for checking your email.             Don’t forget to schedule time for this course! For more information please go to
When it comes to getting someone prequalified, you typically think of a buyer. However, in this lesson, Tony Javier, shares with you how and why it’s important to prequalify a seller. Prequalifying sellers can save you so much time in the long-run. By asking a few simple questions you can find how how motivated a seller is, about how much repair work the property is going to need, and how much money they need to be satisfied with the deal. These tips for prequalifying a seller are essential to anyone flipping multiple houses a month. Questions to Prequalify a Seller:     What is your asking price?     Why are you selling?     What condition is your home in? (scale of 1 - 10)     How much do you owe?     Name 1 thing you need solved by selling this house.
Negotiating with sellers is a little different then negotiating with buyers. This video, by Tony Javier, teaches you how to negotiate with sellers using RPOW, especially focusing on creating good rapport and operating with integrity. To get someone to feel comfortable with you buying their house, especially when you’re going to flip it, is essential for making the deal. By operating with integrity and getting to know why the seller is selling their house is really what will differentiate your business from others in your market. By creating good rapport with the seller they will feel comfortable selling their property to you, and will recommend you to their friends. Sometimes putting in the extra work to hear the needs of your seller will benefit you in the long-run.
One of the first members of your team should be your realtor. This is how you’re going to find most of your business, so it is important to find the right one. This interview with Tony Javier will provide you with tips for hiring the right realtor for you. This includes the characteristics of a good realtor, where to look for realtors, and how often you should work with them.  This interview also includes how to utilize our Deal Analyzer to benefit both you and your realtor.  To find out more information please go to  
Building a team isn’t always easy, it takes trial and error, but once you get the right people working for you it will make your job so much easier. A good team will help your business run smoothly, it’ll free up your responsibilities and allow your business to take on a lot more work. This video will give you a general overview on what you should be looking for when trying to build a great team.   A great team member is someone who:         Has experience.         Fits in well with your brand and culture.         Is full of positive energy and willing to work.
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