Episode from the podcastMastering Money

Mastering Money 5/6/21

Released Thursday, 6th May 2021
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We all enjoy making good money on our investments.... AND, We all would prefer relatively calm markets with no abrupt surprises, no disappointments, and no shocking draw-downs. But that is living in a dream world. Like it or not, we happen to be living at one of the most volatile times in history, with unprecedented economic forces at work    As an investor, you have a choice to make. Either you are going to take an old fashioned-one-size-fits-all approach to risking and growing money in the markets, or you are going to take a more pro-active stance--protecting your nest egg against loss,  and paying yourself LASTING retirement income.  What is needed in today's uncertain times--especially for those of retirement age, is a purpose-driven approach your money.  If you find that your money is causing you stress, and you lack a deep sense of security, something is wrong. Today, we'll talk about how to make it right--with a SMART well built financial plan...don't miss today's show, MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!