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Me Again: A Self-Help Podcast

A weekly Self-Help, Personal Journals and Mental Health podcast featuring Scottye Moore
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Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye sends people down the Highway to Hell Monday: Scottye is non-binary Tuesday: Scottye finds his family Wednesday: Scottye violently vomits feedback Thursday: Scottye uses his power for good Friday: Scottye learns
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye gets locked out of his bedroom Monday: Scottye wants to know if you hate him Tuesday: Scottye writes like he's running out of time Wednesday: Scottye turns an owl into a pig Thursday: Scottye does a lot of work o
Oh hey, you're reading the description? Super proud of you. Go to these websites and do what you can. Emails for BLM: https://emailforblm.com/ (https://emailforblm.com/) Atlanta Bail Funds: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/atlanta-solidarity-
Sometimes in life, we just have to make a really dumb decision and give ourselves a goal to cling to! I decided to that this week when I decided that I would set a Guinness World Record... Here's hoping I can pull it off, because otherwise it c
Man, we try to control life so much on this show. We try our best every day to get up and make it the best day ever... but it's important to remember that the only thing we can control is ourself. Sometimes, absolutely garbage things can happen
Sometimes in life, you just have to upgrade. Whether that means finding a better home, better job or just a new tool that'll help your life tremendously! This week was definitely a week of upgrades for me. Also, anyone want anything cool made o
Man, life is pretty good right now. I know it won't be forever, so I'm relishing it for today. The fun part about this show is finding all the memories from the past that I can look back on and see how great they were. I know this week will be
Never let a bad day ruin your perception of your life. I had one bad day nearly ruin my entire week until I realized that one day isn't the indicator of your whole week. Trust the process. Every day won't be the best, but as long as things are
So if there's one takeaway I want you guys to have this week, it's this. Don't be an asshole. If someone's behavior isn't dangerous and makes them full of joy and laughter, don't you dare tell them to stop... because a lot of people told me tha
Man, Quarantine has messed me up mentally. Between a terrible sleep schedule, complete lack of motivation and a violent outburst of depression, it's not been kind to ol' Scottyemo... But that's perfectly fine, because when we get knocked down,
So I'm slowly realizing that I've becoming unstuck in time as evident by the fact that I talk about BoJangles two separate occasions this week, thinking that it's a brand new idea that you guys would love to hear about. It was an insane week wi
We always think we're at some of our darkness moments in our lives... but thanks to this show, I was able to take a look back a few months and realize things aren't so bad! After enjoying a week of wrestling and VR, I've come to realize that no
So turns out that I'm what science calls a "Highly Sensitive Person" and that's... a lot to get dropped on at once. It really does help to find out how you're classified though. It allows me to get a deeper understanding of myself and why I do
I'm constantly reminded of how easy self-help is. Reading books, working out, eating healthy, constantly working on your mind, body and spirit. Actually... that doesn't sound as easy as I thought. Although, it's called WORKING on yourself for a
It's amazing how hard it is to break old habits. As much as we try, they keep coming back and rearing their ugly heads. It's our job to not let them have control though. They might take over for a day, but that doesn't mean they've taken us ove
You never know what's coming tomorrow... So it's always a good idea to be your best today. After a week of not being my best, I got reminded of this because I wasn't prepared for becoming really sick. It's been a terrible week, but that's okay
It's so bizarre getting reminded of who we are at our worst. Luckily, I get reminded just about any time I go on vacation. Vacation Scottye is a demon capable of rending any sense of self-help from me and forcing me into bad habits. He's a scam
It was a week of constant adjustments and changes, but it kept us going! That's the thing about life. Sometimes we gotta juke, sometimes we gotta manuever, sometimes our plans get messed up... And we can quit or we can sit back and decide to mo
It's time! It's finally time! I finally get to spend these next six months dedicating my life to podcasting and to making this something that's worthwhile for both of us! It's going to be an absolutely buckwild couple of months and I love that
So as it turns out, eating healthy and working out and staying active... really makes your life better! Oh man, what am I supposed to do now? This is a self-help podcast and I figured out how to help myself! What will I do now?! Remember to mes
It's amazing how much of life is how you react to things. I could've easily been devastated when I was told I was being let go... But in all honesty, it might just be the best news I've gotten all year. It was a week for the record books and yo
Things are finally back to normal. After all the holidays and birthdays, things have started to turn around and that means one thing... It's time to kick DDP's ass. I swear that'll make sense after you start listening to the episode. Remember t
Exhaustion proves to be my downfall this week as I get into entirely too many arguments and sleep entirely too little. Humans are essentially giant babies and despite how intelligent we think we are, we'll still get upset if we need a nap or ou
They always say the holidays are a tough time for everyone. I never realized how tough until analyzing this week. Despite starting out amazing, things got grim very fast and reminded me just how much I need to change gears and right the course.
Wow, I had an absolutely insane week. There was pizza and whiskey and I watched a lot of Netflix. It's amazing looking back at my week on this show and realizing that things just aren't as bad as my depression makes it seem. Remember to message
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