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Me Again: A Self-Help Podcast

A weekly Self-Help, Personal Journals and Mental Health podcast featuring Scottye Moore
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Episodes of Me Again

Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye babysits himself Monday: Scottye hurts himself because of wrestling Tuesday: Scottye joins the League Wednesday: Scottye has mold in his vents Thursday: Scottye is a cryptid Friday: Scottye goes down the art rabb
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye has a lovely morning Monday: Scottye makes a Scottye Funko Tuesday: Scottye loves Birds of Prey Wednesday: Scottye builds a gramophone Thursday: Scottye stays up all night Friday: Scottye sleeps all day Saturday:
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye goes buckwild on Discord Monday: Scottye is paranoid about COVID Tuesday: Scottye becomes John Mulaney Wednesday: Scottye gets mad at paint Thursday: Scottye gets mad at a video game Friday: Scottye gets mad at
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye fixes his 3D printer Monday: Scottye doesn't drink an energy drink Tuesday: Scottye watches Hocus Pocus Wednesday: Scottye watches Great British Bakeoff Thursday: Scottye is okay not doing yoga Friday: Scottye le
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye loves watching wrestling Monday: Scottye gets fast and furious Tuesday: Scottye DOES YOGAAAA Wednesday: Scottye jams to Mouth Dreams Thursday: Scottye has grown so much Friday: Scottye sends a scary email Saturda
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye is glad the weekends over Monday: Scottye gets a commission Tuesday: Scottye loves TheCrafsMan Wednesday: Scottye's baby is hilarious Thursday: Scottye worked until he was exhausted Friday: Scottye is forced to q
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye starts a new Discord Monday: Scottye cries watching Hamilton Tuesday: Scottye writes fan fiction Wednesday: Scottye starts organizing his room Thursday: Scottye interviews a friend Friday: Scottye gets a drawing
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye folds clothes while sad Monday: Scottye gets high and watches Money Plane Tuesday: Scottye cuddles with his baby Wednesday: Scottye builds a theme park Thursday: Scottye learns how to style himself Friday: Scotty
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye sends people down the Highway to Hell Monday: Scottye is non-binary Tuesday: Scottye finds his family Wednesday: Scottye violently vomits feedback Thursday: Scottye uses his power for good Friday: Scottye learns
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye goes to the Thunderdome Monday: Scottye has a blooper Tuesday: Scottye joins the Light Hearts crew Wednesday: Scottye's car gets stolen by Bigfoot Thursday: Scottye designs some album art Friday: Scottye doesn't
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye cries at Captain Marvel Monday: Scottye makes a new BS logo Tuesday: Scottye gets sick as hell Wednesday: Scottye lives life on easy mode Thursday: Scottye gets into multiple arguments Friday: Scottye stays up la
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye celebrates his anniversary Monday: Scottye gets a fry throne Tuesday: Scottye has keto flu Wednesday: Scottye finally cleans the office Thursday: Scottye gets some espresso Friday: Scottye breaks his diet Saturda
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye loses all of Sammy Magic Monday: Scottye stays up all night editing Tuesday: Scottye learns that its cool to hang with family Wednesday: Scottye watches Birds of Prey Thursday: Scottye wastes an energy drink Frid
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye gets locked out of his bedroom Monday: Scottye wants to know if you hate him Tuesday: Scottye writes like he's running out of time Wednesday: Scottye turns an owl into a pig Thursday: Scottye does a lot of work o
Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye gets the Millenium Puzzle Monday: Scottye records for three hours and goes crazy Tuesday: Scottye starts making dice towers Wednesday: Scottye's hair is really cool, I guess? Thursday: Scottye sets stuff on fire
Remember to message us @Scottyemo on Twitter with any advice, ideas or questions for upcoming episodes! Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye gets sick Monday: Scottye decides to plagarize the most famous book Tuesday: Scottye plays an improv game of
Remember to message us @Scottyemo on Twitter with any advice, ideas or questions for upcoming episodes! Weekly Summary: Sunday: Scottye fasts to destruction Monday: Scottye writes a year of wrestling Tuesday: Scottye teaches his kid to be inclu
I have to change. I have to grow. I have to be the best damn person I can be. These are lessons that should always be important, but found new importance this week when I remembered... I'm not growing for one anymore. I'm not changing for one.
It was a rough week, I'm not gonna lie. Between treating my body like crap, numerous realizations about former heroes and family sickness, I got very overwhelmed and I got very scared. It reminded me to start taking care of myself because if I
Sometimes your body lets you know when its time for a change... And my body's been giving me signals for months now and it's time to give it a listen. This is the beginning of a massive change in my life, it's only a matter of time... Remember
Things feel different this week. I can feel an evolution coming and I just can't wait for it, y'all. People are inviting me on their podcasts, the shows are growing and my name is getting out there. It's a little scary, but it's everything I've
Oh hey, you're reading the description? Super proud of you. Go to these websites and do what you can. Emails for BLM: https://emailforblm.com/ (https://emailforblm.com/) Atlanta Bail Funds: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/atlanta-solidarity-
Sometimes in life, we just have to make a really dumb decision and give ourselves a goal to cling to! I decided to that this week when I decided that I would set a Guinness World Record... Here's hoping I can pull it off, because otherwise it c
Man, we try to control life so much on this show. We try our best every day to get up and make it the best day ever... but it's important to remember that the only thing we can control is ourself. Sometimes, absolutely garbage things can happen
Sometimes in life, you just have to upgrade. Whether that means finding a better home, better job or just a new tool that'll help your life tremendously! This week was definitely a week of upgrades for me. Also, anyone want anything cool made o
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