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Episodes of Meandering

Alien Movie franchise opening/ Miguel drinks a Bang Energy Drink / Zen Opening & the Absolute Truth (01:00). Building truth filters and using conversations as data (14:30). the importance of child rearing in a broken society (28:00). A look bac
We went back to the movies / Italian cities need people / Review of Episode with My Mom / Wal Mart vs Target (01:00). Racial Ambiguity / Dating a Karen / Hotel Jobs vs Restaurant Jobs / (9:00). Speed Reading (30:00). Covid 19 and its variant up
Podcasting with my Mom & Morgan / Dating Apps/ Science Shortcuts / Cicada Killers (03:00). The Fountain of Youth / Aging / Knowledge vs Wisdom  (18:00). The extremes in the United States right now & a discussion on Chaos (26:00). The observer e
Introductions / Social Media Updates / Tik Tok Houses /(1:00). YouTube Algorithm Discovery / Wetwork / Government Official Convos (8:10). Disclosure / Aliens- Diverging Theories - Good ETs vs Evil ETs / (19:00). Big time Vaccination vs Unvaccin
Another new Meandering Episode and another guest joins us.  This time it's our buddy Andy, who Morgan has never met.  The conversation dynamics kick into high gear from there starting with Introductions/ Hot TV Shows / Cult Followings of Media
Cliche Introduction / onto the 70s / Interview Questions (00:30). Women gaining aggression / Men coming to terms with sensitivity / Balance (08:00). Baselines of Independence (15:00). Jobs, the good , the bad and the ugly (29:00). How am I hand
Introductions (0:02). Where are we and what are we doing? (13:00). Board Gaming Talk of the week (18:00). Canada, Marriage, Kids , Cats (28:00). Shortcuts and big families (45:00). Ghosts (60:00). You dont have a driver's license? (73:00). High
False narrative formation online and its threat to the real world (3:30). Religious propaganda, sex cults and the tolerance of ugly shit from the older crowds (14:20). A conversation about American pageantry and sexual exploitation of young wom
Shame (12:00). Telepathy (19:00). The Evolution\Devolution of Privacy (27:30). Improving communication via emotion (37:00). Depression vs the Law of Polarity + Kool Aid (42:15). Stripper Ages Change in Texas (55:00). Embarrassing old videos (80
Sacha's Infinity Breath Technique (4:30). Positive change out of a negative situation [Sacha Monologue] (10:25). Board gaming & choice making (25:00). Navigating separations when children are involved (35:00). Worst case scenarios & exposing th
Vigilante Justice Intro (1:03). Miguel is going on an airplane (10:00). Back to the Conspiracies; Operation Popeye, Alex Jones (15:00). Sexual Depravity in America and the need to improve (36:00). 21st century cult identification & Love Has Won
Sparking conversation (8:00). Advertising through conversations & Movie Trading Company (12:30). Female power vocalists & a Katy Perry Lyric breakdown (20:00). Live chat questions from our listeners (27:00). New tattoos & Morgan's relationship
Happy 63rd Anniversary Meandering Listeners; new and old. Let's get to it as this week takes a more personal and philosophical tone.Morgan educates us on the Summer of 1816 (3:00). Telling it like it is & confronting emotional issues (17:00). T
Vulgarity Intro and Bro Time with Miguel (1:45). Vaccines, horse racing and buffets (11:00). Shifts in social media/cancel culture ideologies (22:00). Generational clarifications; red pill guy (29:20). I Want To Know What Love Is + X Mas shoppi
Unprecedented times (5:45). Kim Kardashian / Kanye West Divorce (9:00). Raising kids in the 21st Century (33:00). Celine Dion & The Power of Love; Sacha & Morgan get vulnerable (44:00). Our show, our target audience and our goals (74:00). Covid
What's going on in people's lives (2:00). Soulmates & the Seven Year Itch (12:40). 1980s Love Ballads (26:45). Discovering new things (43:00). Extraterrestrial interest in human emotion (53:50). Willing your own future (74:00). Podcasting meets
Miguel is back with us for Meandering 59 . Casino reflections and Canadian stigmas (6:00). American media and what its doing to the psyche of people in this country (19:00). Influence via Propaganda (33:00). Matt Gaetz is a loser (37:00). Lil N
Welcome Back to your regular scheduled Meandering. Episode 58. Where have we been? The guys detail their two weeks off and the breadown of their guys nights out (2:45). Professional Sports corruption and why Sacha doesn't watch them anymore (20
Meandering Episode 57 covers a wide range of talking points beginning with a round up of Extreme Weather & Humanity vs Nature (12:35). Greg Abbott's Mask Mandate (23:00). Dr Seuss Book bannings & Destiny (30:15). Future Banning Vegas Odds & Mis
Back from the thaw.  Meandering Episode 56 reunites with Miguel and the guys recap the recent extremes in Texas Weather and how they all fared during the snowstorm that may have changed everything about the lone star state and the inevitable cl
Meandering Episode 55 finds the guys recapping the various talks early 2021 has had to offer which opens up into a 90 minute conversation about nutrition (mental and physical) and what a world that takes care of itself in both facets could look
Miguel rejoins Morgan and Sacha for Meandering Episode 54.  We recap a little bit of what we haven't discussed as a trio and that ends up being a lot of catching up. Trump, Biden, Gamestop, My Pillow, cults and much more kick us off! (6:00) The
Meandering Episode 53 and change is definitely in the air.  We open with some specific areas of the online world that should be looked at and dealt with moving forward now that removal and ratification is an option (16:00). Sacha discusses his
Another special episode of Meandering kicks off with a Covid update 2021 and an analysis of the selfishness at play (6:00). When then tackle the "Doctrine of Discovery" a 600 year old document that still impacts civilization today and instilled
Meandering returns.  Episode 51 . On the heels of one of the most appalling days in recent American history the guys have their hands forced.  The opening hour circles back and doubles down on our earlier predictions that Donald Trump has gone
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