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Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. So, go ahead and pick an episode and learn how to meditate more effectively.

Learning how to meditate gives you the balance and peace of mind in your day to day activities that really do make for a better and more focused life.

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Also, learning about these meditation methods will give you a good start to build your meditation practice. Easy tools that will bring peace, joy, and relaxation into your life.

Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought. You can learn how to meditate starting today! Why not now, why not you?

Don Weyant/Founder

Learn How To Meditate More Effectively
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Free Binaural Beats Download - One Full Hour Of Meditation Music
What Are The Theta Binaural Beats Benefits?For those of you who don’t know what Theta waves are – they’re number ‘2’ of the slowest type of brainwave that occurs regularly in your brain. Theta waves normally surface when you’re experiencing potent emotions, including when you’re most creative or have heightened spiritual feelings.Binaural beats can help you experience your true self and feelings by using Theta waves in recordings designed especially to improve a behavior pattern or get rid of an addiction.There’s another brainwave called “Beta” that influences another area of your brain. When you’ve been on Beta brainwaves too long, you might experience imbalances in your potassium and sodium levels. Your conscious level then experiences a lack of concentration and mental fatigue.Sodium and potassium levels can be reset when you experience Theta waves. These two minerals help transport valued chemicals in and out of brain cells. When these two important mineral levels are reset, you’ll feel refreshed, mentally relaxed and ready to focus on work or creative pursuits.Learn More About Theta Wave Binaural Beats Meditation For Insight and Intuition HERE...Since we’re all different, many of us can delve into Theta states easier than others. Those who practice relaxation and meditation techniques on a regular basis are more likely to experience the many positive effects of Theta brain waves more naturally – and faster.It may also help to know that Theta waves are found in our brains when we experience deep relaxation, a spurt of learning activity and when we’re close to sleep. Understandably, Theta waves occur more often in children.Binaural Beats ScienceScientific studies have found that people who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can’t focus as well because of less activity of Theta waves.More people are realizing the positive benefits of Theta waves – and are using binaural beats to achieve a Theta state of mind. Some other positive effects of Theta waves are:Healing – The body heals much more complete and much faster when you’re in the Theta state.Intuition – Who doesn’t want to have more acute intuition? You can work on improving your intuitive qualities with Theta waves.Confidence – Theta waves brings a sense of self-esteem to your brain. You’ll feel more confident about your skills and capabilities in a Theta state.Emotional Connections – Renew your enthusiasm about a relationship by experiencing Theta waves within binaural beats.Artists, writers and other creative people often have more Theta waves than others. They also experience a lack of creativity when they’ve been in the Beta state too long. Theta wave binaural beats are very effective for those who need to rid themselves of writer’s block or other creative roadblocks.The good news is that everyone is now able to experience more Theta waves by using binaural beats specifically designed to produce them. LEARN MORE: A Short History Of Binaural Beats HERE...Support the show
5 Minute Guided Meditation Beginners With Script
Creating your own meditation practice can be as simple as setting aside just five minutes a day to listen to your breath. One of the greatest benefits of meditating is that it is entirely up to you as to how, when and how long you want to meditate. You have the ability to create your own meditation practice and find a balance that works for you and your lifestyle.Meditation can be as simple as just listening to your breath in and out of your nose or chest. Finding a comfortable seat and turn off all electronic devices such as your phone, Ipad, TV, and computer. Then, sit down, get comfortable and just breathe in and out. You will find a rhythm that works for you, and, the more you practice the easier the process will become uniquely you.Meditation one of the most powerful method for living I have learned, but it also one of the most simple processes. BEGIN GUIDED MEDITATION SCRIPT:Welcome to this meditation for beginners it's wonderful that you are here. Meditation is a very important tool to use in our lives to keep us centered and balanced. Meditation is a practice and the best part is you cannot do it wrong. Today we will practice a very simple form of meditation, one that can be done anytime, anywhere. Begin by sitting in a position that is comfortable for you. Taking a moment to focus on your spine. We often have a tendency to sit hunched over, especially when we use electronics. Meditation is a great time to reach, retrain ourselves to sit up straight, tall, and proud. Let your palms rest gently in your lap, facing downwards and whenever you're ready, just softly close your eyes if that is comfortable for you. If it's not, you can just let your gaze rest gently on the floor. Begin to bring your awareness to your breathing without trying to judge it or change it. Just let yourself notice how you are currently breathing, and what muscles do you use when you breathe. Where does the air go when it flows in? How does it feel as it exits out? Anytime you find your mind wandering, no, that that's perfectly okay. Just return your awareness to your breath. Letting yourself be curious. How is my breath flowing in and out of my body? And on your next inhale, intentionally breathe through your nose, feeling your stomach and chest. Expand and exhale through your mouth, feeling your stomach and chest contract. Continue the cycle. Breathing in through your nose has your stomach and chest rises and exhaling through your mouth as your stomach and chest fall. As you let yourself be intentional with how you breathe, it gives your mind something to hold onto, something to focus on. Let yourself be fully present with this breath. Noticing the coolness of the air flowing in through your nose and the freedom you experience as you release it through your mouth. Letting yourself use this breath whenever a thought emerges, to retrain your focus on the present moment. It's okay if thoughts emerge. Just let them drift by without clinging onto them. Returning your focus on your breath. You are doing a great job of staying present with your breath. Even if your mind wanders the entire time. It's like flexing a muscle. It'll get bigger every time you practice this exercise, it will be easier and easier to focus on your breath. On your next inhale. Breathe in extra deep and hold your breath at the top. When you're ready, exhale with a long audible sigh. Letting your shoulders roll, wiggling your fingers and your toes. And when you are ready, gently open your eyes back to the room around you. Great job practicing this very simple form of meditation. Anytime you find yourself worrying about the past or your future, just return to your breath. Peace is always in the present moment.END OF GUIDED MEDITATION SCRIPTSupport the show
Spiritual Affirmations Mp3 For A Life Of Divine Expression
Spiritual affirmations are meant to take you nearer to your Divine expression of your true Spiritual self. Download and listen to the Mp3 daily as a meditation to start your day, or just read the ones given below. You can make your own with similar ideas and repeat them during your meditation session as a mantra.In a sense, spiritual affirmations are similar to prayers. Repeating them daily will give a spiritual bend to your mind. In this age of crass materialism, these affirmations will help you live a more balanced life.The difference between spiritual and other affirmations is that the former are non-materialistic. Spiritual affirmations are mainly for the enlightenment of the soul.You can use these affirmations irrespective of your religion. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or of any other faith, it really does not matter.These affirmations will fine-tune your subconscious mind with your spiritual essence or being. Find out more about using affirmations for your life HERE...Spiritual Affirmations For A Life Of Divine Expression:I'm grounded and centered.I feel the presence of a power greater than myself.I'm a divine expression of a loving God.I release fear.I release pain.I live in love.I live life in the here and now.I trust the flow of life.I'm the healing light of Spirit in action.I ask for and listen to my inner guidance.I carry serenity and calm with me.I accept conditions and individuals as they are.I'm the freedom of the wind.I'm the sun rising on a crisp fall morning.I am the small shared smile of a stranger.I am the laughter of a youngster.I'm the light of peace.I am the breath of Spirit.I am the strength of a thousand horses.I am the bravery of a new day.I am the love of a tyke.I am joy. I am constantly present.I'm whole.I am grateful!God’s love is working through me now and forever.All my thoughts, words and actions are divinely guided.I'm a spiritual being having a human experience.Everything that's happening is only for the highest good of me.I with patience and respect ask for Divine guidance on anything and everything.The Universe naturally and freely provides for all my needs.My brain and body are in complete alignment with the Universe and I'm always in the flow.I'm responsible for my own spiritual growth.I trust that everything in my life is working for my highest good and I'm receiving all that I am meant to have.When I love individuals more, I receive even more love from them in return.I'm a divine expression of a loving God.I release fear. I let go of the pain. I live in love.I'm a loving, kind and forgiving individual, in accordance with my spiritual nature.I ask for forgiveness from all those whom I might have wronged and forgiven all those who might have wronged me. All is well.Find out more about using affirmations for your life HERE...Support the show
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