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Episodes of Mekhaela

What’s the use of becoming friends with an ex who has hurt you a lot? Was MEKHAELA bitter? Was SHE still hurting? Was it still a good idea to open HER doors if he would like to extend a hand for friendship?"He’s dead. He made me think he’s dead
Dreaming about someone that hurt you makes it a lot harder to just shrug the feelings off. But what had MEKHAELA done to move past it? "After all the crap he’s been saying to me, I finally see what others have tried to warn me about. "Cover art
An ex from college had suddenly reached out through social media asking why MEKHAELA disappeared and what could have gone wrong? Did he scare HER of his proposal? Let’s find out!"Let's call him CARLISLE."Cover Art by: MONIQUEVoiced by: MIA--- T
The date? November 15th of 2009. MEKHAELA couldn’t remember the time. But SHE just realized SHE spiraled back to HER weakness. How did it happen? This entry would surely explain, or probably not. It’s up to you to decide."The only good thing ab
Why did she call it Sancta Terra? A sweet escape? Or a better one? Did MEKHELA create an invisible separator glass from the judging eyes of others? Let’s find out in this entry on Monday.“Take me to a place where no one can follow”Cover Art by
MEKHAELA kept Miles’ messages maybe because SHE wanted to prove to HERSELF that SHE wasn’t crazy and he really existed, or probably SHE was just being creepy. Yeah, it was funny though. Or Maybe because those messages were the only thing that’s
MEKHAELA wasn’t good at dealing with HER emotions and SHE tends to hurt HERSELF. Maybe because when SHE gets herself wounded up, hurting HERSELF conceals the emotional pain SHE'S going through. Little did SHE know that this isn’t healthy."Why d
When the universe conspires, it does and MEKHAELA thought it was one of those instances that SHE felt the universe hated HER. SHE had to change everything. What happened to HER with Miles had affected everything. But how did it distress MEKHAEL
The next entry speaks about the last two entries ago about MEKHAELA meeting this guy named ZIGGY. She's being asked what’s her ideal guy? A question that was asked more often every SINGLE time. Did MEKHAELA had one back then, or not? This guy's
What the hell was MEKHAELA thinking? Was suicide the only solution to everything? Or was SHE being slapped by the reality and pulled HERSELF together?"It was a very stupid idea, I know. But have you ever gotten the feeling that problems have be
Up to what extent did MEKHAELA go through just to heal?"Guys leave you just like that without any word and that hurts especially if you’ve given your 101%."Cover art by MONIQUESound by JABSVoiced by MIA--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:
Laying low after all of those things that happened to MEKHAELA was a good decision, or so SHE thought. Maybe it gave HER time to think and to pull HERSELF together."Some will be retained but there are some that are going to be forgotten forever
MEKHAELA decided to simply withdraw from the people who wouldn’t understand HER. SHE thought it was all for the best. The less SHE sees them, the little they will see HER vulnerability. Was it a good decision or did it take turn for the worse?"
September 2009 came and MEKHAELA decided to set HER sorrows aside and start regaining HER old self. SHE knew it was a difficult process to take but SHE has to start somewhere. Did it do HER any good?"I’m alone in my battle now and the least I c
As August came to an end, MEKHAELA wrote an entry as though SHE was just speaking to MILES. As if he was just in front of HER, but he wasn’t. SHE was just talking to a wall, pretending it was him.Painful to know I can’t have you forever but dee
MEKHAELA never thought that August in the year 2009 plays a significant role in HER life. A ghost was haunting HER and SHE will not fully recover until MILES leaves HER in peace. Torture or what?“It hurts knowing that I can’t have what I want,
It was a cold and rainy August of 2009 and all MEKHAELA can talk about is HER one precious bottle. This bottle that gave HER life and happiness. But why is it so important?“I know it’s going to be impossible that my bottle will be returned to m
Was MEKHAELA battling this all alone or did SHE have some friends who were with HER all along?“I can’t imagine he’s fading away from the picture. Still shocked, unable to believe. But what can I do?”Sound by JABSCover art by MONIQUEVoiced by ME
Was it a smooth process of getting over MILES? Were there any roadblocks along the way? Did MILES suddenly make his presence known and made it too difficult for MEKHAELA?Please say “don’t leave me” and I will stay. I will continue to love you e
Did MEKHAELA still continue to fight a losing battle and hope for a better day?"I’m lashed, slashed, and crushed. "Voiced by MEKHAELASound by JABSCover art by MONIQUE--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Will MEKHAELA be able to slowly get her feet back and start fresh?"Where have all the good people gone?"Voiced by MEKHAELASound by JABSCover art by MONIQUE--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://an
MEKHAELA started to think that there’s no hope for happiness left of her anymore. Was it because SHE's too frustrated that SHE didn’t get what SHE wanted or was SHE just too weak to fight off the pessimism that’s been burning in HER heart?...It
The only mistake MEKHAELA did was that SHE clung to the memories and hoping that MILES will come back. SHE had never forgiven herself for being too hard on herself. MEKHAELA still saved all the memories MILES left."Submissive is the word of the
July 2009 has been a rough month for Mekhaela. But despite it all, she was able to channel her inner poet and turn her sadness into poetry. Cheesy? Quite."..Of the way I touch your face,Kiss you on the lips and play with your earWhispering word
Mekhaela felt like she's carrying all of these adversities alone. Did anyone help? Nope! Did anyone check on her if she's okay? Hell, no. Did anyone offered to be her soundboard? Double hell no!"It’s true what they say, even the strong ones get
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