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Humans are built to be resistant to negativity. That’s our brain’s coping mechanism. It’s psychology. It’s science. Whatever you’re feeling right now can directly affect your overall health and wellbeing. Sometimes, the situation that we find o
Finding out your genes increase your risk for a disease can be quite scary. It almost sounds like your fate, your health is dictated by your genetic makeup. But your genes don’t have to be a life sentence. You don’t have to accept that fate...w
Get Clear On Brain Fog Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Test and Treatments and be sure to grab the Free Transcript  What have I got to do to beat this brain fog?  Whether you... Experience low mental energy? Feel like your living behind glass? That la
Follow the rockstar life and stay sharp for life No one would expect that living like a rockstar can help your memory health. Yet we’ve seen that in a musical rock legend. That’s right. It’s the Rolling Stones’ lead singer himself, Mick Jagger.
A personalised memory loss test should be done every year. The sooner you test your risk factors for memory loss, the sooner you can respond. When drastic changes are already happening, it becomes harder to correct. Do you know someone who’s ha
Good lifestyle habits lead to better memory health Even small changes to improve your life, building good habits, can have effects that add up to a point of...  Better health, better cognitive function, and a better life. Your choices will bear
Memory loss is not a one-way street.  Cause of temporary memory loss can be reversible. But just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean you should not take it seriously.  Far from it…  Temporary memory loss is much like a garden, there are always
In this show Prof. George will share with you his own personal journey of surviving multiple sclerosis and how the power of mindfulness has helped him and others. Getting a life threatening diagnosis can be devastating.  Your entire world gets
In this show vegan fitness super star Kate Galli will share with you how to make a strong mind and body. In fact Kate reveals what she does with her clients so you can Achieve the mindset and motivation to claim power over your choices in Food
It’s clear, we’re in the middle of a global crisis. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, self-isolation and the disruption of daily routines are leading to stress and anxiety.  In this show you’ll learn about: Why self-car
When you think of medicine, the picture that often comes up involves prescription medication, surgery, and other conventional procedures. But these kinds of treatments only come into play when your body is already broken, so to speak. So conven
How Chronic Stress Contributes To Cognitive Decline We often think of brain disorders as separate from the body. Anything that affects the brain occurred due to factors that affected the brain.  But our understanding of the relationship between
Today’s fitness industry looks at exercise as a means of improving and maximizing performance.  We see large biceps and stronger legs as indicators of a healthy body.  This pushes us to have a compartmentalized view of movement that focuses on
How well do you understand your body’s signals to make decisions about maintaining your health and preventing disease? Stress has a tremendous effect on our health and memory in a way that there is a downregulation in the signals sent by our br
You’ve no doubt sat in your science classes ( gosh that feels like a long time ago) and learned about the theory of evolution.  Quick refresher: It’s about how the fittest survive the harsh changes in the environment and comes out as the victor
Here’s How Bill Got His Brain’s Mojo Back Bill Gasiamis’s Personal Story of How He Healed His Brain After A Stroke There’s a famous saying that goes, ‘Health is wealth’. Like going to the bank and making regular deposits- the benefits build up
If you’ve ever failed to make a new habit stick, you’re soooo not alone on this one. New Year Habits - Schmabbits, that almost sounds like rabbits and they act like it, right? Start off bouncing with energy, follow a path, get distracted with o
In this day and age where everything is instant, it is crucial to take care of our mental and physical fitness. One of the ways to achieve a well-balanced and healthy mind and body is by taking care of what we eat. After all, we are what we eat
Cognitive decline is affecting more people every year. However, you can do a lot to keep your brain functions in top shape. People need to look at three aspects of their lives and see what they can do to optimise their brain health.   Welcome t
From board games to puzzles and handheld games, we all look for ways to improve our memory and logic, response time and overall mental functioning. With the surge of brain training games that are conveniently accessible in our smartphones, it c
From board games to puzzles and handheld games, we all look for ways to improve our memory and logic, response time and overall mental functioning. With the surge of brain training games that are conveniently accessible in our smartphones, it c
As we reach a certain age, we experience changes in our ability to do things--the sudden lack of energy, the loss of sharpness, and the decrease in our performance. These changes, with the addition of our unhealthy habits, can get us into a rap
In today's show we cover off 3 PLUS areas of life where you can take action to help change your brain destiny. 35- 50% of us are likely to experience changes to our cognitive fitness within our life. As we get older your personal risk of expe
What's Your Risk For Memory Loss? Do you know these risk factors? 40 years and older? Here’s why you should be taking action now to boost brain health, sharpen your cognitive reserve and prevent memory loss. In this podcast episode I discuss th
Memory loss has been a problem for a lot of people. For some, their brain span is shorter than their life span. Is there no other way around it? Do you have to live with the knowledge that when you grow old, you will lose your priceless memorie
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