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The last days of Herod are marked with rebellion. Even after his death, Herod Archelaus puts down a rebellion with three thousand causalities around the temple mount. Archelaus goes to Rome to confirm his appointment as king, and three other re
A royal caravan, with military escort, arrives in Jerusalem. Magi, a religious ruling class from the East, request to see the one born King of the Jews. Herod, who is suffering with an extreme bowel disorder, is threatened for he was not born
Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Jerusalem on his eighth day to fulfill the Abrahamic covenant. In this episode, we cover the Abrahamic covenant, the circumcision ritual, the blessing of Simeon and Anna and the Blood of Christ. Genesis 12:1-3
When Mary arrives in Nazareth, Joseph is shocked and he decides to quietly end the engagement, but the angel Gabriel shows himself and reveals God's plan. As the due date for Jesus' birth approaches, Caesar Augustus issues a census calling eve
After Mary discovers she is pregnant with the Son of God, she rushes to see Elizabeth, who is six months pregnant with John the Baptist. When they come together, the Spirit of Elijah comes into proximity with the actual Spirit of God. In this
The Book of John begins with IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD. John's introduction in many ways is the fulfillment of the philosophical thought of the Logos. In this episode, we cover the concept of the Logos concluding with the reward of believin
We have arrived at the New Testament. In this episode, we cover additional background historical accounts, the distinct differences between gospel writers, touch-on additional context, Jesus' ministry, and the format of the future podcasts.
In ancient times, the scrolls of the torah and prophets were only available to the wealthy and the religious authorities. While the Greek education system of the day emphasized the gymnasium approach to learning, the Hebrew system placed signif
While Herod's reputation increases with Caesar Augustus and Rome, his reputation in Jerusalem deteriorates and intrigues within his family result in a murderous consuming fire of jealousy. In this episode, we cover the intrigues in the court of
In the year 12BC, a blazing comet appears in the night skies. Its Haley's comet which appears every generation. We know the Magi have been watching the skies for a sign, a sign in the heavens, pointing them toward a new king. Haley's comet w
Around this time, a baby is born in Bethlehem named Joseph. He will eventually move to Nazareth and live west of the Sea of Galilee. In this episode, we cover village life in Nazareth and the feasts of Israel and their meaning. Deuteronomy
Once Herod established his rule in Jerusalem, he pursued a massive building campaign erecting palaces, fortresses and harbors. His grand project was the beautification of Jerusalem, the terraforming of the city and the rebuilding of the temple
After the death of the assassins of Caesar and the Battle of Philippi, the 2nd Triumvirate divides up the Roman world. Lepidus repetitively gets sidelined and a power struggle erupts between Octavian and Marc Anthony. The clash not only decide
The Second Triumvirate is formed to hunt down the assassins of Julius Caesar. The entire Roman world becomes engulfed in a Civil War and chaos reigns in Jerusalem. Herod Antipitar is poisoned and Parthians invade Judah. Herod Antipitar's son na
On March 27, 2020, the astronomical telescope Neowise discovered a comet approaching our solar system. The comet was named after the telescope and continued toward the sun. On July 3rd, it was expected to burn up as it rounded the sun. Inste
Civil War breaks out over the Roman Republic between Julius Caesar and the Republicans. Julius Caesar defeats Pompey and chases him to Egypt where he is saved by Herod, who receives great favor and honor. In this episode, we cover the Roman C
Julius Caesar forms the first triumvirate and partners with Crassus and Pompey and wins the consulship of Rome in 59BC. His actions during his consulship earn him many enemies. To avoid legal action, he takes on a proconsulship of Northern It
In this episode, we layer in the characters of the first triumpharant and the decline of the Hasmonean kingdom. Caesar rises in influence and bows his knee to ambition. Crassus destroys the armies of Spartacus and Pompey takes Hispania, Pontu
In light of current events, we are pausing our standard broadcasts to give a Christian Historical response to the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Join us as we cover Biblical and historical examples of viruses and plagues and how David and others in
In this episode, we cover the Hasmonean Kingdom and its first kings and we shift our accounts to cover the greater geopolitical scene. The Kingdom of Pontus is on the rise, the Seleucids are losing power and Rome faces its greatest internal th
Judas Maccabee counter-attacks and expands the Jewish borders, but the Seleucids keep coming. Year after year, war exhausts the nation and the people. Judas approves a treaty with Rome in order to prevent the invasions. Unfortunately, the tr
Happy Hanukkah After a failed campaign against the Romans, Antiochus Epiphanes burns with anger and takes his anger out on the Jews. He defiles the temple and abuses the Jewish people which leads to an uprising. In this episode, we cover the
Upon the conclusion fo the First Punic War, Hamilcar Barca forces his son Hannibal to swear his vengeance on Rome. He gets his vengeance when he attacks Saguntum in Iberia, modern Spain. In turn, Rome declares war on Carthage and Hannibal mar
With the evacuation of Pyrrhus from the Italian Peninsula and Sicily, the inevitable conflict breaks out between Carthage and Rome. The conflict rages for over 20 years and the loss of life and naval forces only shows the great power, wealth a
To the west, a powerful nation state was coming into being. In this episode, we cover the rise of the Roman Republic, the Samnite Wars, the innovation of the legions and the Wars with Pyrrhus. Daniel 2:31-43
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