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Today we sit down with the Famzoo Ceo to discuss why budgeting, financial freedom, and teaching your family how to manage money is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
The past two weeks have been busy. We bought a rental house and have been busy at work and with the kids.This week we talk about burnout and the importance of answering some deep questions. Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
We want to help you make more money and retire early. One of the very first steps to a side hustle is a deep dive into your competition. This shouldn't scare you away from launching your side hustle but instead give ideas and motivation to crush your side hustle. If you want to understand why this is important give this a listen and take your side hustle to the next level.Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Are you currently at your desk wondering how you can retire early, or what you can do to become a millionaire in the near future? Well, we’re here to help you reach this goal by recommending a small tip for your daily life. To become a millionaire, you must focus on two tasks, freeing up as much time and money as possible. There is a very small but mighty trick you can use on Amazon to save you money on everyday essentials. That is signing up for the service “Amazon Subscribe & Save.” Maybe you have heard of this before, but you aren’t quite sure how it functions. In a nutshell, Amazon subscribe and save allows members to set up many items to automatically be delivered to your doorstep on a customizable schedule. Select more than 5 items? Receive up to 20% discount every month.If you follow our mentality then you know this fits our strategy perfectly. We aim to make the most of our money with the least amount of time and effort. So here we save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money every month. Bonus: We never forget any essential items and we always have the exact amount of products we need. Bonus 2: This limits if not completely eliminating our impulse purchases.What is Amazon Subscribe & Save? This service is a feature of Amazon and is quite literally a digital form of a loyalty card. Customers who make regular purchases from Amazon and are signed up for this feature will be rewarded. The Subscribe and Save program is perfect for purchasing supplies that need to be bought monthly, bimonthly, or any other recurring basis. These products are essentials like food, drinks, health products, toiletries, and lots more! Once you set up Subscribe and Save; you will start receiving deliveries on set dates, so you always get regular shipments. You will also gain a 5%  - 20% discount every time. These can vary by the number of products shipped to you, the frequency, and the dates of shipments.With this service, not only are you going to get discounts on prices, but you will never have to pay for shipping again. All your orders are going to be delivered straight to your home for free. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are in luck. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service a large variety of products to choose from. These items include: Women’s Deodorant (Dove, Suave, Native) Men’s Deodorant (Old Spice, Gillette, Native) Laundry Detergent (All, Gain, Tide Pods) Dishwasher Pods (Cascade, Finish) Pre-Workout (C4, Optimum Nutrition, Vintage) Whey-Protein (Legion, Optimum Nutrition, Body Fortress) Toothpaste (Crest, Hello) Toilet Paper (Presto, Charmin, Cottonelle) Cleaning Kits, Dish Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners Men’s Vitamins (Vimerson Health, Naturewise, Nutrafol) Women’s Vitamins (Garden of Life, Dr. Tobias, Ez Melts) Body Wash (Dove, Nivea, Aveeno) Shampoo (L’OREAL, CREW) Razors (BIC, Gillette) Shaving Cream (Skintimate, Cremo, Nivea) Contacts and Contact Solution And many more! You can see our entire personalized list here. Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
This little series is all about making more money and in this interview, Alex breaks how she clears 6 figures a year and then some as a freelancer on Fiverr. This story is exactly what Middle Class Money is all about! Alex got put in a tough situation five years ago, and instead of letting it ruin her path, she decided to create her own. With some knowledge of how to write copy and some pieces she opened up an account on Fiverr. You can check out the platform at this link.  Check out Fiver Here. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect. The entrepreneurs can outsource things they need to be done that would normally need an entire staff. I personally have used fivers for audio clips, logos, Video promo editing and I'm sure some other things. So if you are starting a side hustle, this is the place to go. You can find amazing work in exchange for very little money. On the flip side its an even better place for entrepreneurs to start their side gig. As you will see from this interview in just three short years she has a six-figure gig. The best part about it? All she needs is a laptop and wifi connection. Fiverr brings her the traffic, her profile, reviews, and reputation close the deal. Alex is obviously very talented at what shes does but shes also is an example that you can do it too. She started on Fiver with no reviews, no fancy resume, and charging little to nothing for work. I hope you enjoy this episode and it motivates you to start a Fiver account and sell! If your an entrepreneur like me, Fiverr can save you tons of time and money. Just to give you an example the intro and outro to our podcast was done on Fiverr for less than $50.00Check out Fiver HereEnjoyTylerSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
You want to make more money....That means you need to learn how to generate traffic to a service or product. Its really that simple of an equation. Now unfortunately its a dense equation that we try and peel back as we dive into this episode. Whether you are selling a local service, free lance services, or an online product you have to learn how to master the art of getting traffic to you! Here is episode one of many more to come about how to make more money. Full Blog article and description coming soon. Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
The Podcast Episode Last week was a great story of a guy who had a dream, built a business and sold it to Microsoft for 5 million dollars. He then invested wisely and hasn't worked a day since. But today is not about him...Today is about how a teacher can do it too. You see... I share that story of Jeremy first because we all think financial freedom is for those that make it big, those that sell the company, those that inherit, and those that get lucky. BUTContrary to popular belief there is a small window frame where the scrappy ones make it, they are disciplined, they are relentless, they fail more times than they succeed, they are humble, they learn from their mistakes, and most importantly they NEVER GIVE UP.And tomorrows episode is about a young couple who is exactly the things above. They are two teachers in the midwest... No 5 million dollar sale, no large inheritance,  and have a newborn in the home.But even with all that 2020 was Davids last year as a teacher. 3 years ago he had a dream of helping people (teachers in specific) with their personal finances. He knew there was no way he could do both at the same time so he and the wife had a conversation of what it would need to look like to live off one teachers salary so he could pursue his dreams.The Next 3 years was spent learning how to budget...save... invest... and sharpen their money skills. Exactly 3 years later he was able to walk away from teaching to pursue his dream with no promised income insight.I LOVE THIS STORY. Because this is what Money gives you. It gives you power, freedom, and a choice. When you stop thinking about WHAT  money can get you and instead think of where it can take you... the motivation will change forever. This Story...unfortunately gives you NO EXCUSES. Jeremys story allows you to justify him not working. Davids Story is a true middle class story that is not easily obtained. I hope you listen to the episode and his story inspires you to take control of your finances and give yourself the freedom and power you deserve. TylerP.S. We work way to hard in life just to spend it all on shitty things made in china.Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Jeremy was able to retire at 36 after selling his company for 5 million dollars. 99% percent of people would sky rocket their expenses, live a lavish lifestyle and go on to work the rest of their life. Jeremy took a different approach, He invested almost all of the money from his sale and now lives of the dividends. This allows him literally to do whatever he wants, when he wants. The best part about it?  He actually has more money know then he did when he sold.  Want to know why? His money is working for him not against him. Taken a listen if you want to here all his secrets.Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Everything we wish we knew Five years ago! If I could grab every young professional and shake them I would. No one ever sat down with us and told us these things, giving us a very late start to the game. I hope everyone takes the twenty minutes and figures out why Maxing out your IRA, HSA are so important early on in life. We would be thousands and thousands of dollars ahead if we would of known these things in our early 20s. Take advantage of this and take action now!Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
In this episode we answer another big financial question that many young professionals ask. Should I share finances with my spouse? We dive into some big questions like When should we start sharing finances? What if I have a ton of debt?What if my partner makes way more money than I do? Where do we even start sharing money?Are there tax benefits to sharing money?CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterShow Sponsor:Christopher Calandra check out his website or grab his contact info from our Preferred Partners PageSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)Support the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Beau Blankenship is a young and very successful real estate advisor in Florida. His team helps people get started in VRBO's/Air B&B/Vacation Rentals and second homes. Beau also is a great resource for those who have already found success in vacation rentals and is part of Millions of dollars in transactions each month. His team specializes in running profit and loss statements for second home real estate investments so that when his clients purchase a second home they are confident in the numbers the vacation rental will produce. This episode is special because it's a phone call between Tyler and Beau. We're bringing you along our Real Estate Investing journey as we discuss real questions we have regarding purchasing a property as an investment home to use as a VRBO/Air B&B.CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Corporate America Drop out turned Real Estate Mogule- Jerome grew a business as the second hire for a company that was sold for $20,000,000. After experiencing that success he dropped out of the corporate world and started into real estate investing. Tyler picks his brain on Multi-Family properties and how to start investing the right way.  Expect, tips, inspirational stories, and a ton of education on Real Estate as an investment in this episode. Cash Flow, Multiple Unit Properties, Scalability with your investments….the education in this episode is unparalleled!CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
When should you talk to a lender? How do you choose a Realtor? How much money do you need for a downpayment? We dive deep into these type of questions and many more. Together we have helped over 400 families buy/sell/invest in real estate so we know a little something about the topic. In this Real Estate episode we outline tips for purchasing investment properties and forever homes. We also outline important information to consider when selecting a real estate advisor! Tons of great info here you definitely don't want to miss.CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
This episode is all about jobs! There are really 2 ways of thought with careers.  1) You find one company to be loyal to and let your hard work and dedication propel you to the top. OR, 2) you find a job that connects you to another job and to another job and propel yourself across organizations until you land in a role that is your "perfect career". We have one of each thought train in our marriage and in this episode we dive into best practices for tough conversations, good questions to ask yourself if you're deciding to leave or stay with an employer,  and how to identify healthy work environments. Listen and then connect with us on social media, we would love to hear all about your current career and how this episode applies to your life. CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Take advice from self made Millionaire pejman ghadimi in this exclusive interview! You may have seen PJ on the Netflix show Fastest Cars! In this episode he dives into how he has helped thousands of his students drive nicer cars for little to nothing. We will also be giving away a free course on our Instagram page!https://www.exoticcarhacks.com/https://www.exoticcarhacks.com/training2/Exotic Car hacks Giveaway!CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Whether you're hustling on the side or on the side hustling, this episode is packed full of real life examples of our failed, and successful side hustles. Give it a listen and don't forget to share your side hustle with us on social media or our website.CONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Saving Money is only half the equation. Now What? Tune in to find out some practical steps to start investing. Where should you keep your emergency fund?  Should you pay off your house, or buy a rental? We'll go over our personal investments and share why we've made the decisions that we have made. HELPFUL LINKSCapital One Money MarketInvestmentsCONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
Think of your budget as a diet for your finances. In this episode we encourage you to choose a diet that works for your current phase of life. We cover the practical parts of our personal budget like which credit card we use, how we set aside our monthly spending money, ways to save on groceries, cable, etc. Remember diets aren't forever and it will all be worth it as you start reaching your goals. CARD LINKSCapital One Venture CardAkimbo CardCONNET WITH USCheck out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
People don't set out to make bad financial decisions but our assumptions sometimes take us to a place we never intended to go. Dive into this episode to set the foundation to help you build wealth and stabilize your finances using your current income. LINK : Net worth CalculatorIdeas for goals (these are personal examples) Pay off 50k in student debt before moving to HawaiiPut  20% down on our first houseBuy long term rentalFlip a house- X2Invest in Multi-Family PropertiesTake an overseas vacationSecure a job that doesn't require working nights and weekendsBuild and sell a businessLive off 50% of out incomeChang someones life by givingConnect with us:Check out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
We don't need more money, we need to maximize our paychecks and budgets! We are excited to share some advice straight from our middle class life. Tune in for stories, practical applications, and honesty about our success and failures. Check out episode 1 below and hit us up with any questions or feedback.Check out our WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show (https://www.themiddleclassmoney.com)
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