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“Across all of Japan, The Samurai sought his prey. This Ronin, this masterless cur who threated the security of the very Empire with his deviant ways, magical powers, and the demons at his command. The Samurai would have leapt from earth and fo
Suddenly, there was a deep rumble that felt like an earthquake or an explosion. He heard no sound but felt the bass deep in his chest. The salt vibrated in a circular pattern from the center of the room…His mind turned to the recent Deviant bom
The smell of burnt and burning meat filled the halls, as did smoke from what had to be dozens of small fires all around the ship. The new Deviant weapon was said to only light living beings on fire (what a horror show), but they were told small
“Waves of commerce are far more rare, important, and beautiful in this universe than waves of water mindlessly battering the rocks…There are no worlds containing sentience that exist without commerce. I promise you that. Trade? Goods and logist
Chapter 27 “This is not that, Clarabelle. I am truly sorry for what you’re about to see, though I am happy to welcome you away from the world of black and of white and into the world of gray.” The Alpha boarded the lift, indicating his work her
Admiral Oshiro was focused on Arnez. Oshiro said, “Arnez, stop what you’re doing and surrender. I don’t know how you’re doing this, nor can I fathom why, but you’re never going to get off of this station. This is not a request. You have five se
“And just now, he stood on all sides of Josephine. All six of him were dressed in slightly different, trashy clothes. All six held different blades, and all six advanced with the will to cut her, smash her face, make her bleed. Josephine filled
“It was hard for me to remember my life before the Mindframe. Or to be honest, it was hard to forget the Mindframe itself. Every boom I heard was a gunshot. And realized I didn’t ever want to go back. I was tired of combat…and The Delta Messeng
On this episode of Mindframe, we revisit Mariel Barbeau (previously known as Josephine). She is close to a full repair and relaunch of the Old Dame Hotel, and she’s eager for Uncle Alphie to get there. She doesn’t expect the what happens to her
Penny touched Grim’s stomach, danced her fingertips to the burn scars from when the Maglici family had him in chains, hit him with electricity, and put cigars out on his flesh. She slunk behind him, her hands touching each of the other scars th
The air smelled of smoke mixed with rainy air seeping in through the back doors, but tainted by the scent of iron and spilled life. Marcellus lay still, legs tucked in a strange angle nobody could ever maintain. Blood pooled under him. It was s
The gossamer death orbs bounced off the Framing Chamber and couldn’t penetrate its odd hull. One touched a marine, passing through his calf, and he instantly lit ablaze with a white phosphorescent flame. The second marine screamed something and
“Using this practice, we enter the dreams of a subject. The reason for this Dream Tap is to assist in especially difficult or tricky investigations. People’s memories are faulty at best. Witnesses lie, or are scared, or were so traumatized by w
Hilt’s brain registered only four details about the men that were important. First, the man to his right was holding a sophisticated military shotgun. Second, the one to his left held a highly customized sidearm. Third, the one with the shotgun
This darkness would drift over Desi lately. She was hiding something, keeping an emotion deep inside of her like she did. She paused and shifted to her back and stared up into the darkness. Marcellus laid his head against her breast, the perfec
Grim knew that only the individual person made an area dangerous. He also knew that he was the only person here in danger, based on his isolated location and lack of guards or surveillance. This type of mistake was how he got caught by the Magl
Josephine was Claire’s Framer. Her father’s second widow. This woman watched him die and had spent the past year and a half mourning his loss. That was more than Claire ever did for the man. She went on with training, fired a gun at the man’s f
“The seamless perfection of the white shell of the Framing Chamber looked as if an egg suddenly had a crack in it. The crack widened, moved with a purpose and shape. The portal appeared, and the thing was seamless no more. There was a pop and a
Just ahead in the wide lawn between the tree line and the Old Dame was the Framing Chamber. Its pure white walls were seamless, no hint at a door. The purity of the thing made the fresh white snow seem like a muddy track on a construction site.
“You and me, we aren’t like regular women. You are trained to be here, to do this very important job. I have been equally trained. You are uncertain you’re right for this job anymore. I’m uncertain I’ve ever been right for mine. And we both thi
By twenty, his momentum, his power, and his cognition were granted so much potency that he lost any sense of being something called a human. His neurons were no longer him. It was then that he would dance the world, taking leaps as grand as a c
As Grim approached The Plaza, the sky grew alive with electricity. Arcs of silent lightning and pure blue-white energy cascaded to and from a central point in the sky above the shopping center. The Mò Yú had powered up. A Mò Yú’s energy would t
Marcellus found renewed confidence in his late twenties, here at the theater, in the arms of many a willing actress. He was no longer shy, was described as charismatic and charming and handsome. But in his heart, he was always that skinny nerd
She wore the breezy, loose pants and shirt that were the official uniform of a Framer. Above her head floated one of her attendants, those visual horror shows that looked like enormous insects and would kill you for coming too close to their ch
“Come with me to St. Louis. Be my number one on the Arch project. It’s going to be a hell of a sight. It’ll beat most of the monuments in Washington when it’s done. A giant arch, a heaving metal goliath that will serve as the gateway to the wes
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