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Episode 2- Quantified Show, IRL Fetish and Big Dada Mindful Cyborgs - Contemplative living in the age of quantification, augmentation and acceleration, with your hosts Chris Dancy and Klint Finley.
Episode 40 - PT 1 with Arran James and Michael Pyska
@TheLucidSage Lucid Sage Hosts: Chris, Sara, Klint plans for 2016: gardening, bread making, lucid dreaming — Sara M. Watson (@smwat) January 5, 2016 “Flying is the gateway drug for lucid dreaming.” - Chris Episode 24 – Philosopher Evan Thompson Episode 14 – Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek Episode 25 – Dream Researcher Kelly Bulkeley Lucid Subreddit Oculus Rift third person perspective and lucid dreaming “Video games change the way you dream” Lucid dreaming and video games Memory Palaces Occulus Subreddit on “presence” False Awakening dreams about cracking the glass on your iphone are the new dreams about losing your teeth — Rachel Whitaker (@rwhitak) October 18, 2011 Sleep and Dream Database Dreamboard app Samata meditation “On Zoloft, Inception Is Real” “The Effects of Antidepressants on Sleep” REM Rebound “Gravitational Waves Exist”(!) Galantamine Hypnogogia Sleep paralysis “Slumber with a key” like Dali Devil on the chest, night hags [ embed image http://41.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh05bwBByo1qd7ygho1_1280.jpg ] “Mark Zuckerberg on your chest.” Huperzine A B. Alan Wallace Within 3 days Time https://t.co/XsnVK27xYl & Guardian https://t.co/WYJTGgngTW say Technology&Mindfulness destory us pic.twitter.com/khRHOZe2Cb — Chris Dancy (@chrisdancy) January 23, 2016 “Technology Is Destroying Our Inner Lives” “Is mindfulness making us ill?” Dark Night of the Soul Sara’s Tow Center Technology Criticism research World Economic Forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution danah boyd on Davos: “It’s not Cyberspace anymore.” Kirby Ferguson’s “This is Not a Conspiracy Theory” Spotlight Sara on depicting technology in cinema Episode 13 – The Future of Lucid Dreaming On dream incubation vs. lucid dreaming Happy trails, Klint! Subscribe to Klint’s newsletter. If not Donnie and Marie, how about Tina and Cher? Shame, Shame, Shame Facebook Meetups Twitter
Episode 51 - PART 2 with Eleanor Saitta. This one more focused on Eleanor's work with Nordic Larp, thoughts on social change, system building, systems breaking, and more goodies.
Episode 25 - Sit down with guest Jen Fong-Adwent, CEO of Meatspace
Episode 7 - Robotic emoting baristas from enterprise precariat. - "If you want something absolutely cybernetic not real from the future where no one actually works, go to Davos."
Episode 14 - Attentionalism, Netocracy, and the All-Consuming Flame of To(day)morrow HOSTS: Chris Dancy and Klint Finley GUEST: Alexander Barr, Internet Sociologist and Philosopher twitter facebook wiki
Episode 20 - Mindful Cyborg's first year comes to an end! Join Monkey, Spider, and Cheetah for a recap and a look forward.
Episode 16 - HOSTS: Chris Dancy GUEST: Kin Lane technology professional and API Evangalist
Episode 62 - Klint and Sara talk the newsletter game and drop some serious insider knowledge on what is good. Lots of great info and recommendations in here!
History of Mindful Cyborgs http://mindfulcyborgs.com/showhistory History of Hosts, Alex Williams, Klint Finely Digital Mindfulness http://digitalmindfulness.net/ Mindful Cyborg Meetups, Resources & Lists http://mindfulcyborgs.com/meetups/ TMobile Binge ON http://www.wired.com/2016/01/t-mobile-confirms-it-slows-connections-to-video-sites/ Luminosity can't advertise Consciousness Hacking Events Corporation who celebrate beating other organizations, the ServiceNow "shark" President Obama on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee w/ Jerry Seinfeld (Can Obama use a fitbit in 2016 when he couldn't use his blackberry in 2008) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cOLF9k6FAw The Frankenberry CHris Dancy's heart rate on stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJm2XhUKmAg Cord cutting is ruining our time management skills and more. How much do you pay to stream everything? Hearts of Space https://www.hos.com/ How much time does it take you to change credit cards and to manage all your subscription services? Autonomous marxian theory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomism Being on Facebook is unpaid labor for Facebook Internet Cruft Rescue Time (how much time are you spending on your computer and how?) https://www.rescuetime.com/ 94 hours on Redditt Paying more attention to sex than Apple News You're quantified, you just don't get to see it What do people want from Apple Watch 2 https://twitter.com/chrisdancy/status/682028054432976896?lang=en How much more time people are spending on Amazon https://twitter.com/chrisdancy/status/681655203951685633?lang=en Does Chris Dancy still quantify stuff in 2016? Klint wants a wearable? Yup a Garmin Vivofit Apple watch and meditation Apple Music knows I'm gay and have a puppy https://twitter.com/search?q=apple%20music%20from%3Achrisdancy&src=typd&lang=en Darwin Melnyk, AgTech making virtual acres https://twitter.com/chrisdancy/status/679774610292883457?lang=en New Year resolutions: Klint - Create new ficiton and new ambient music, Audio programing lanuage "Chuck" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ChucK New Year resolutions: Chris - Theorizing the Web, Compass App and my meditation practice. The Nothing goal. Battered, bruised and jumpy — the whole world is on edge http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c523a45a-a973-11e5-955c-1e1d6de94879.html#axzz40ljtRwGi
Episode 52 - Coder and writer Paul Ford on creating AnxietyBox, about the state of digitally-induced anxiety, his writing, and more
Episode 26 - Where is the mindfulness? Cyborg bank robbers and cockroaches, protesting Wisdom 2.0
Episode 17 - Mindful Cyborgs - Episode 17 - Spirit Animals and Defrag Wrap-up pt 1
Episode 48 - Guest Zeynep Tufekci talks algorithmic filtering in social media and more
Episode 10 - Part 2 - Digital Detox Fetish, gutenpocalypse, and the kindness of engtagled technology.
GUEST: Caroline Sinders BIO: I am a User Experience and Interaction Designer, researcher, interactive story teller, bad joke collector, and ridiculous pie baker. I was born in New Orleans and I am currently based in Brooklyn (and occasionally, I live in airports). Prior to graduate school, I worked in the creative world as a photographer for Harper's Bazaar Russia, Refinery 29, Style.Com, and Hypbeast as well as a marketing coordinator. My entire professional career has been in digital culture, digital imaging, and digital branding. CONTACTING: Caroline Sinders WEB: http://carolinesinders.com TWITTER: ✨https ectoplasm✨ (@carolinesinders) | Twitter SHOW NOTES: Flying by the seat of my Google calendar tweet Talk about AI Chat Bots Ecommerce helpers and AIM bots Disambiguate and chit-chat What are the roles of modern bots? What’s the difference between an AI and a bot? Designing an AI to diminish user frustration and anxiety. Chris would like a CEO chat bot Should humans have a chance to answer our service questions before talking to a bot first? There should be a place for human intervention in AI or help Chat Bots Caste systems in Ecommerce Caroline’s background as a photographer, blogger, and an ITT student to becoming an interaction designer and researcher Solving online harassment Carolinas’s thoughts on why she pursues designing AIs and Bots Influence of growing up in Louisiana and communicating in Cajun language Proliferation of skills for bots and marketplace for bots Disappearance of choice with bots Early 1900s murder jams tweet Pero? Turkel Train Online life is real life Stalking friends online or catching up Tinder optimization
Episode 59 - Mikey Siegel is back and shares some of his projects, where Consciousness Hacking is today, and discussions of the present and future of the intersection of consciousness and technology.
Guest: Joanne McNeil - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joanne_McNeil and on twitter https://twitter.com/jomc Joanne McNeil is a writer interested in the ways that technology is shaping art, politics, and society. She is currently working on a book. She writes about things like broken iPhones, virtual assistants in airports, the Chelsea Manning trial, and the future of novels. Her essays and reviews have appeared in the New York Times, Domus, Dissent, Frieze, The Baffler, Modern Painters, Wired, The Los Angeles Times, Saturated Space, Dirty Furniture, The Boston Globe, n+1/Occupy Gazette, and other web and print publications. She is currently collaborating with Eyebeam on OurNet, developing student workshops on networks. CONTACTING: Joanne McNeil Web: http://www.joannemcneil.com/about/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@jomc Newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/jomc Technology and birthday harrasssments http://www.joannemcneil.com/the-internet-of-things-will-ruin-birthdays/ "Destroying your personal Christmas" Companies are constantly looking ways to stay in contact with users Personalized stalking "Breaking the ice is now so easy" Companies who bring you the latest holiday they are infatuated with Unsubscribe war with your inbox Celebrating holidays for way to long Breaking News ramps up the anexity of events Apple Amber Alerts and Emergency Broadcasting system How many ways can you get alerts from your digital devices? Car Play, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Your Smart phone alerts and your attention, the management of distracted living. Notification of notifications turned off. You can't be interested in your own life and want to manage it. Stepford Style devices Tech and pop culutre Ex Machina, Black Mirror and Her, do they hurt people's ideas of new technology? What is it that makes you uncomfortable about technology is a more appropriate question and dialog around technology. Sara's Uncanney Valley Personalization http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/06/data-doppelgangers-and-the-uncanny-valley-of-personalization/372780/ Did Dave Eggers borrow from "The Boy Kings" to create "The Circle"? http://www.amazon.com/Boy-Kings-Journey-Social-Network/dp/1451668260 We don't have the language yet to talk about the technology, good fiction exgaterates what is possible. Facebook Messenger Bots "I'm bot curious" What the difference between and AI and a bot? Amazon Alexia has "Skills" https://developer.amazon.com/public/solutions/alexa/alexa-skills-kit/getting-started-guide There is no choice in the services that the use in constristed interfaces Where do you go to look for films to watch, Netflix, Apple, Amazon Prime? The time sensativity of our subscription services. The cost of convienence? Writers who want isolation to create masterpieces, the internet is a way writers now differencital themselves as "real writers" Instagram now shows your "plays" instead of your "likes" hearts Devils Advocate (1997)- The coming war of attention, ego and technology http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118971/quotes?item=qt1309520 Joanne's must see Scifi - David Cronenberg - eXistenZ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120907/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_12 Doom Generation - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112887/
Episode 15 - Industrial Entropy and the Turks! The Turks! The Mechanical Turks! HOSTS: Chris Dancy and Klint Finley GUEST: Chris Devore
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