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Some more podcast recs free from viruses or the mention of (mostly). Even without a commute, there’s still a place for podcasts in our lives. They serve a variety of purposes, after all.Topic for Today's Episode:Just the Zoo of Us Oh No! Lit Cl
[With a fun little note on the future of this show….]Some podcast recs free from viruses or the mention of (mostly). Rather, M offers up a list of shows that strike at a different part of this whole pandemic situation. Specifically the human co
[Posting has been super erratic, and I apologize. There is a quick note this week, but next episode, (in two weeks, I promise) I’ll be able to better explain what is going on.]It was Public Domain Day, which is exciting, but especially if you k
[Apologies for the delays. Struggles with perfecting the script were then swallowed up my malfunctioning fire alarms. Hard to say which is worse for a podcaster, really...]Grief is a touchy subject, but it is also an inescapable one for some of
Adaptations are... Well, we want them to be an art form, but they also promise to be profitable considering there's already a cultivated batch of consumes. But that doesn't mean they can't be done right.M considers the subject. After having to
[Studio Note: As Miscellany Media Studios prepares to expand, the posting schedule for Miscellany Media Reviews has been shifted a week to try and minimize audience-cannibalization. The biweekly model will continue going forward.]Things have be
Is sub-podcasting a thing? Anyway, after trashing a script about something that won't be named, M is getting around to addressing that one hot take that filled Twitter for far too long (because any time was too long).Topic for Today's Episode:L
Some mail delays put off this episode, but woo boy, the book was worth the wait for M! This episode not so much...But anyway, today, M wants to talk about an important kind of book. She calls it "The Gateway Book," as an adapted term from one o
Some mail delays put off an episode of books by Black authors, but for now, M can talk about a show that touched a generation. And it gave us a role model we would need in times like this.Topics for Today's Episode:Avatar the Last AirbenderBe s
In this episode, M takes the opportunity to almost rant about societal conceptions about motherhood but actual complain about our fascination with fictionalized accounts of Henry VIII. Consider that a warning. More important, M takes the opport
A novel about your favorite podcast character can be great until it asks you somewhat uncomfortable questions.... M's talked about the first two Night Vale novels though. Why let global circumstances stop her from talking about the third when a
Maybe we know not to get too caught up in the past, particularly if we call people "Old Sport" a lot. Well, is that what M has been doing? As usual it's more complicated than that.Topic for Today's Episode:The Great GatsbyBe sure to check out o
Podcasting reviews for charity in April 2020 - podchaser.comAs a (delayed... sorry!) part 1 of a surprise two parter, M talks about repeating the past as a way of getting through the present. And why spending hours watching cartoons on Hulu was
Podcasting reviews for charity for the first half of April 2020 - podchaser.comWe're in the midst of a tragedy unfolding. There's always the desire to find some sort of silverlining, especially for those of us who are trying to soften the blows
It seems at best absurd and at worst insensitive to post a eulogy in times like this, even if my Dad died 13 years ago, but I think in times like this, we may try to make peace with the way people change before our eyes or the gaps that we are
The Farewell was a striking examination of cultural identity and a familiar story for M.Now with a merch store!!!! - www.teespring.com/stores/miscellany-media-studios - code SEASON3YAY for $4 off your order (minimum $20 order and valid until Ap
Welcome to Desert Bluffs actually had a narrative purpose. Despite... being Desert Bluffs and not existing. However, a lack of welcome can still be pretty telling.And consider checking out our other shows The Oracle of Dusk or Aishi Online or T
True to MM Reviews, M has a layered relationship with a podcast she loves. Good Morning Night Vale has its own merits, but that's not what M has experienced. To her, it's a more complicated story.And consider checking out our other shows The Or
So M made a decision earlier this week that is going to surprise people who know her. Hey, it surprised her. But after some thought, there was something inevitable about it.And consider checking out our other shows The Oracle of Dusk or Aishi O
We are in the midst of a great podcasting era. One that transcends calendar turnovers, but we can still talk about the past and future...And consider checking out our other shows The Oracle of Dusk or Aishi Online----Topics of the Today's Episo
[TW/CW: The film featured in this review features suicide as a central conflict. While this episode does not directly discuss the subject beyond an acknowledgement, there is enough carry over to warrant caution.]In many ways, this is a much ove
Let's get knee-deep into something you aren't inclined to expect: short stories! Also love that... wouldn't make it into a certain type of film.And consider checking out our other shows The Oracle of Dusk or Aishi Online----Topic of the Today's
There are days when you just can't. And luckily, there's a podcast to help with that.And consider checking out ourother shows The Oracle of Dusk or Aishi Online----Topic of the Today's Episode:Hello from the Magic Tavern----Music for this Episo
Before M got into podcasting, she still subjected herself with giant projects and tight deadlines... Some things haven't changed.Topic for Today's Episode:NaNoWriMoBe sure to check out Oracle of Dusk and Aishi Online----Music for this Episode b
There are many reasons to never want to see a movie again. Sometimes, it's not because it's bad but because you might love it a little too much.Some things are bad. And some things are just too good.Topic for Today's Episode:The Stations Agent
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