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It's Happy Hour Friday! On today's episode, Chad and Steph dive into the complicated relationship between humans and technology. Plus, they share what they've been reading, researching, and thinking on this week. Mentioned: Up Next in Commerce
Your life is a story and you are the author of that story. How will you go about taking all of the material – your insights, failures, pains, elations – and weave it into a beautiful story?    It’s tempting to create a story that others will wa
“A well-reasoned critique is worth its weight in gold.” – Elon Musk    Chad and Steph discuss “well-reasoned critiques.”   What are they? What are “unreasoned critiques?” How does it feel to receive both of them?    They share personal stories
The people who are around you right now are there for a reason. Either you’ll recognize this and seek to connect more deeply, or continue keeping connections at the normal, superficial level. In this episode, Steph and Chad share stories about
When was the last time you talked with that one friend? The childhood friend you haven’t talked to in twelve years? The friend from high school that you haven’t seen in a decade? Your best friend from college? Your best friend from your last jo
Chad hijacks the mic to give a mini-life update. He and Steph talk about: Why patience leads to an easier now and a brighter future. The importance of pausing and collecting your thoughts before making big decisions. Plus, they discuss the
You've probably heard of Area 51, but have you heard of Area 25? Today, Chad and Steph share the history of this lesser-known government facility. Plus, they dive deep into Chad's latest interview with Annie Jacobsen. Mentioned: Annie Jacobs
Chad and Steph talk about: Why (and how) to get out of your bubble. What we can learn from the bubonic plague about kick-starting renaissances. The benefits of journaling every day. Mentions: Technics and Civilization Hidden in Plain Sig
There are old pains that you are carrying within you. Rather than ignore them, explore them. In today's episode, Chad and Steph discuss how to turn those grievances into gratitude. --- Mission.org is an original content studio and network of
Are UFOs real? Are they fake? Or are these the wrong questions to ask all together? Today's discussion includes: An honest look at UFOs and their possible existence. The importance of referencing your own direct experience when thinking about
The concept of a 'late bloomer' is an out-dated label and it's time for it to be tossed. Today on Mission Daily: Why there is no 'right' time to bloom The difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence Why the SAT is a terrible metr
On today's episode, Chad and Steph discuss: NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. How partnerships between businesses, organizations, people, and the government can help level up humanity. The benefits of taking the time to go down rando
The always serious, paranoid, and hyper-critical days of business won’t last. Time to bring fun and play back to work. The ripples of fun IRL are the fountain of good ideas. They’re the key to less stress. Once we take off our serious adult mas
On today's episode, Chad and Steph talk: Different tools for viewing other parts of the world and space (what Kevin Kelly calls the “Mirror World”) Lessons from Costco's signature brand, Kirkland, and Costco’s symbiotic working relationship wit
In today's episode we dust off and dive into the Ruiz’s Four Agreements:  Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best.  --- You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter at mission.org
It is easy to fall into the trap of overindulging in toxic negativity – we all do it. And with a media propagating a 24/7 news cycle of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), finding optimism requires turning inward.  Learn how with Chad and Step
Before you can truly receive some's love or goodwill, you must open yourself up to vulnerability. You can do that by using this equation: Trust + Surrender = Receive Tune in for examples of this equation in action, including what it means to
Not everything is doom and gloom in today's world. If you look closely, you'll notice a streamlining effect is taking hold of our businesses and our culture. Chad and Steph share why that's a good thing for business owners, customers, and socie
Why the future of AI isn't bleak.  Plus, creating transparency in the workplace, a surprise visit from Toasty the Dog, a riveting discuss about Elon Musk's short shorts, and the secret to joining Steph's colony on Mars. --- You can subscribe t
You know that feeling of being tired or out of it?   Here’s how to start reversing that, and a series of exercises and traits to help you fix one of the roots… or nerves... of those problems. --- You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter at mi
Some of the greatest creatives and innovators in history have cited dreams as their main mode of inspiration. You can, too. In this episode, Chad and Steph discuss what lucid dreaming is and how it can open your mind's eye to new ideas and new
Embracing spontaneous play in your life frees up your body and soul to be more creative and happy. Chad and Steph discuss what this looks like in action and the role of playfulness in relationships. --- You can subscribe to our weekly newslette
When starting any conscious act of improving oneself, the most important place to start is your family history. This genealogy contains clues you need in order to understand where you’re at now and build new mental models that will allow you to
Your inner situation and psyche hold immense power. If we don’t commit to exploring this thoroughly, it will explore itself. Becoming conscious of this is the ultimate challenge. The place to start the journey is often with what you think make
In this episode, Chad and Stephanie talk about how Chad’s recent diagnosis of long term, “complex PTSD” forced him to get serious about answering the question - is it abuse or love?  It’s a fine line between love and abuse, and how individuals
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