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Could taking the wrong supplements prevent you from healing? Does consuming high dose fish oil and ascorbic acid make sense? Is shilajit, not fulvic acid extract, the true red pill? In this solo show I talk about all of that and answer some lis
In this interview Sarah and Ashley Armstrong aka the "Strong Sistas" share their journey with mold and their experience with purchasing a farm, raising chickens and building high quality soil. Sarah shares her recovery story with mold illness a
What is the difference between alpha linolenic acid and alpha linoleic acid? Are omega-3s anti-inflammatory and omega-6s pro-inflammatory? Is lemon juice bad for your dental health? Is melatonin really a sleep chemical? Are oats better for us t
There aren't many people in the health community that can make me laugh as hard as Leo Wik. He makes light of the biohacking, ketogenic, zero carb and fasting lifestyles that are prevalent in the natural health world. This is a coffee shop styl
When you research the harms of electromagnetic frequencies in the alternative health sphere you're likely to come across the word "quantum" quite a bit. Unsubstantiated claims are made about pendants, stickers and pyramids that are supposed to
Mineral expert Morley Robbins returns to further expand on the power of copper, especially in its relation to melanin. He talks about why you want to ignore the enemies and ignite the energy. We have a short debate about the importance of carbo
It seems that many people have been dealing with chronic infections even before the current world events. Lyme, Epstein Barr, and chronic allergies are common ailments. Is the solution regulating your blood sugar? Lowering iron overload? Loweri
Emma Sgourakis is a certified nutritionist and mother. By consulting with mentors over the years she has picked up important concepts that she relays to her clients. From "What do I eat for breakfast?" to "How to resurrect progesterone before p
Is the family structure under attack? Why is it under attack? Are people born racist or is it taught to us? Is the school system one big trick? Are social media arguments worth it? Why should we prioritize in-person interactions to online inter
What is the role of hydrogen in cellular energy production? What happens when deuterium, a heavy isotope of hydrogen, gets into the mitochondria? What is the true role of adenosine triphosphate? Why do people who live at the equator emit less i
Technically not a mushroom, the parasitic fungus Inonotus obliquus, commonly called Chaga, is a nutritional powerhouse and pure kryptonite to tumors. Chaga will invade the birch tree and decay the heartwood for up to 80 years. During that time
Phrases like “no pain, no gain” and “eat less and exercise more” are the mainstream alternative messaging that is pushed. That way of living creates a state of chronic stress at the cellular level and eventually leads to burnout and disease. Ja
Endometriosis is a disease condition where the tissue that normally lines the uterus, the endometrium, grows outside of the uterus. It is a painful condition that is very common in a world of rampant birth control usage and a high intake of pol
The thyroid is the master gland and if thyroid physiology is thrown off then the rest of the body is thrown off as well. This is the foundation that Keith Littlewood builds upon in his research of environmental pollutants and their harmful effe
Jayton Miller reversed his hypothyroidism not by eating lots of vegetables, going keto, or cutting sugar... he did it by doing the opposite. Host of The Thermo Diet podcast, Jayton shares practical and simple tips to increase your energy levels
Did you know that your smartphone has multiple antennas on it? Think of each antenna as an angry bee that stings you. If one bee is stinging you its not a problem, but when you have an entire swarm stinging you, its adds up quickly and the veno
Are sleep chronotypes real? Is context required to implement inclined bed therapy? Do we all need eight hours of sleep? How early should we eat before bed? Is cannabis a good sleep aid? How do we heal from insomnia, restless leg syndrome and sl
Did you know that our food has become weaker over time? Salt-based NPK fertilizers that bloat the plants, acid rain, watering our produce with tap water and other factors have contributed to the degradation of our food supply.  Charles Barber r
How does your mineral status show you what state of stress you're in? Can you over-supplement magnesium? What does low carb do to your potassium levels? What happens if you don't eat enough salt? What do prescription medications do to your mine
In this solo episode I share my mistakes and what i've learned from them in two years of homesteading. My research over the past 15 years has lead me to the fact that our entire infrastructure is built on a house of cards that can topple over a
What effects do sunglasses and contacts have on human health? What can you tell about the state of someones health when you look into their eyes? How are melanin and iron related? What are the causes of floaters, cataracts and dry eyes? I explo
When people think about vitamin D many things immediately come to mind: It's the immune molecule. Most people are low in it. Even if you're getting sunlight you're still low in it. You have to supplement it in the winter. Low D is why people ge
A ten year journey with lyme disease that left her unable to walk or finish a sentence led Maddy Rae Cooper to SOT: Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy. That was the silver bullet that knocked it out for her. She also healed from anti-depressant
Do you want a bicycle? How about a motorbike? An electric motorcycle? An off-road truck? How about a sports car? Morley Robbins used this analogy when talking about the many expressions of ceruloplasmin, active copper. Getting to the root cause
Psoriasis is classified as an autoimmune disease that creates an overproduction of skin cells leading to rashes and scaling. Jake Marotta has gone through the healing journey and put together the Proven Psoriasis Protocol to help people recover
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