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006: 4 Criteria That Determines Success by Robert Hollis on MLM Nation

Released Friday, 10th April 2015
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Discover 4 criteria that determines your success by Robert Hollis on MLM Nation. Don’t fake it till you make it but “faith it till you make it.”
Top performers in all professions have coaches. Whether you’re an actor like Tom Cruise… an athlete like Tiger Woods… an entertainer like Beyonce… Or a top earner in MLM. They all have coaches to continually improve their performance
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Who is Robert Hollis?

A MLM Superstar would not be an appropriate term for Robert Hollis… because Robert is greater than a star… he is a MLM Super Galaxy!  With full of stars!
Not only has Robert made over $46 million in MLM… but 45 millionaires have all credited Robert as being their mentor.
Asides from being the “Millionaire’s Mentor,” Robert Hollis is an author, speaker and personal coach.
Robert’s book, “How is that Working,” has been #1 in many categories on Amazon and is a book that I have personally read and recommend.
Robert has this unique Give It Forward philosophy and created an online mentorship program called Unlimited Profits which currently has over 87,000 students.
Today, Robert has also built several successful online businesses which yield him a residual income of over 2.5 million dollars a year.

Favorite Quote

“If what you know that you know isn’t true, when would you like to know?” Robert Hollis
“Whatever situation you are in your life, your mind, your thoughts, your philosophy, your thoughts got you there.  To get out of that situation you gotta reach out to people with different thoughts, different psychology, different philosophy”  Albert Einstein

Must Read Book

How's that Working by Robert Hollis
The Science of Getting Rich (A Thrifty Book)image

Recommended Online App

Google Hangout

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Prospecting Video

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