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007: Why You Don’t Need a Long Presentation by Donna Johnson on MLM Nation

Released Thursday, 9th April 2015
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Discover how a mother of 5 kids uses simple 1 min. videos to grow a multi million dollar business by Donna Johnson on MLM Nation podcast.
Discover the untold secrets to running more profitable business opportunity meetings… So you can signup more distributors, get your down…

Who is Donna Johnson?

Donna Johnson is one of the top income earners in network marketing.  Her team produces over $45 – 50 million USD per month and is still growing!
Donna’s passion is promoting ethical, sustainable business practices and her slogan is “no hype, the truth is enough and is more attractive”
Donna currently sits on the ANMP and Networking Times Board, and is a frequent speaker and author.
Outside of her business, Donna is also a mother of 5, and is married to Thomas Tidlund from Sweden, who’s also a top MLM leader in a different company.

Favorite Quote

“If you think you can or can’t, you’re absolutely right.” (Henry Ford)
“Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and right is right even when no one else is doing it”

Must Read Book

What to Say When you Talk To Yourselfimage

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