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123: How To Dominate With The Correct Branding Strategies by Bob Heilig

Released Thursday, 7th January 2016
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Who is Bob Heilig?

Bob Heilig was in the medical sales industry for 10 years before he realized that working for someone else wouldn’t give him the lifestyle that he wanted.

He was introduced to network marketing and failed miserably. Bob quit after not being able to sponsor even 1 person in 12 months and promised that he would never touch MLM ever in his life.

However, in 2011, he was reintroduced and joined a MLM business again. But this time, he had tremendous success. In just 2 years, he built a team of over 100,000 customers and replaced his six figure income in medical sales.

Bob has been a full time networker since 2012 and has been focused heavily on building his brand called “Your Virtual Upline” and has his own podcast called “Your Virtual Upline Podcast.”