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185: The Pre-Networking Trick That Will ALWAYS Give You The Advantage When You Network by Patrick Powers

Released Wednesday, 1st June 2016
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Who is Patrick Powers?

Patrick Powers has over 26 years of MLM experience but it took him 13 years to “make it.”

Patrick went from a total MLM failure to one of Europe’s top experts on network marketing. In 2003, he had failed 15 times in network marketing before he decided to really make the commitment to succeed. Once he decide to focus and treat MLM as a business, he grew an organization of over 10,500 associates in 2 years.

Patrick has written a few books on MLM such as “MLM Pitfalls Your Upline Never Told You About”, “Turn Your Contacts Into Cash”, and his latest book, “87 Ways to Grow Your Network.”

Currently Patrick is also doing generic business coaching for not just network marketers but also for small businesses. He’s also the founder of “Entrepreneurs in London” which is currently one of the biggest meet ups in the world.