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Do you have a fear of public speaking? With 74% of American suffering from this, it’s understandable how using your voice can feel like a daunting task. Join us in this discussion with Michael J. Gelb, as he shares tips and tools to help you convey a memorable, creative, and effective speech for all occasions.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Michael J. Gelb as we discuss his new #book Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: 8 Secrets to Transform Fear and Supercharge Your Career. Michael J. Gelb is the world's leading authority on the application of genius thinking for personal and organizational development. He is a pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning, and innovative leadership. Michael leads seminars for organizations such as DuPont, Merck, Microsoft, Nike, Raytheon, and YPO. He brings more than thirty years of experience as a professional speaker, seminar leader, and organizational consultant to his diverse, international clientele.
Do you know how emotions really affect your life? Join us for this discussion with Michael Jawer as we explore how emotion underlies personality, triggers the development of non-ordinary states and perceptions, and connects all life. Tune in Friday, November 20th at 8:00pmET/5:00pm PT for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Michael A. Jawer as we discuss his new #book Sensitive Soul: The Unseen Role of Emotion in Extraordinary States. Michael A. Jawer is an emotion researcher and expert on “sick building syndrome.” His expertise is the nexus of personality development, body/mind, emotion, and spirituality. Michael blogs for Psychology Today, and is the coauthor, with Marc Micozzi, of The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion, and Your Emotional Type (2011).
Are you looking for resources to expand your #consciousness? After a 15+ year journey into hundreds of spiritual practices, Jennifer Hill brings the top techniques that changed her life! Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Jennifer Hill, as we discuss her new #book 101 #Spiritual Tools for Uncertain Times. Radio & TV Host Jennifer K. Hill, has appeared on many major news outlets around the world including: KNX Radio, BBC News, ABC, NBC, FOX and E! News, and has been quoted in numerous online articles as well including The Ladders and Glassdoor. In addition, Jennifer has been featured speaker for various conferences, law firms and corporations around the United States.
Is it possible to develop resilience during times of crisis? Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Janeane Bernstein, ED.D., as we discuss how to develop greater mental, physical & emotional resilience during COVID. Janeane Bernstein is a writer, on-air personality, voice actress, and researcher. She earned a doctorate from Boston University and received degrees from Syracuse University. In 2011, she started "Get the Funk Out!" on KUCI 88.9 FM: UC Irvine after losing her childhood friend. She has always loved writing, learning electric guitar, and other creative pursuits that feed her soul.
Have you ever wondered about past lives, lives between lives, or soul council meetings? In this discussion, David Rippy brings us to the doorstep and threshold of what lies beyond our mortal state. Tune in Today for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest David Rippy as we discuss his #book The Immortal Soul: the Journey to Enlightenment: Case Studies of Hypnotically Regressed Subjects and their Afterlives.David Rippy is an inspirational author and speaker who seeks to help people live their best lives. At age 25 in the midst of beginning a career at a Fortune 50 company, Dave's life changed dramatically when a car accident left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Despite this life-altering injury, he formulated a vision for his life. He became determined to fulfill his ambition to become a money manager—and he did. David went on to have a long and successful career, working at both Merrill Lynch and The Vanguard Group. After achieving his own dreams, Dave wanted to help others to reach their own goals and live their best lives in spite of the facing the greatest hardships of their lives
Would you like to cultivate an extraordinary life? This discussion will explore how to go beyond thinking, and discover higher awareness with the power of intuition — a revolutionary force at the threshold of a new era of consciousness.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Kim Chestney as we discuss her #book Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power.Kim Chestney is an author, a globally recognized innovation leader and the founder of Intuition Lab, her work has been featured or supported by leading-edge organizations including SXSW Interactive, Carnegie Mellon University, Comcast, and Hewlett-Packard.
Have you ever heard ghost stories, first hand from a psychic medium? Tune in Saturday, October 31st at 8:00pmET/5:00pm PT for #MomentswithMarianne radio show with special guest Lisa Anne Rooney as we discuss her new #book: Ghost Stories: A Medium's Interactions with The Afterlife. Lisa Anne Rooney is a medium, life coach, and spiritual counsellor who helps both the living and the dead move forward. She has been teaching psychic development classes for more than ten years.
Looking for a great psychological thriller to curl up with tonight? Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne radio show with special guest Lisa Unger as we discuss her new #book: Confessions on the 7:45: A Novel. Lisa Unger is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of eighteen novels. With millions of readers worldwide and books published in twenty-six languages, Unger is widely regarded as a master of suspense. Her critically acclaimed books have been voted "Best of the Year" or top picks by the Today show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Weekly,  Amazon, I ndieBound  and others. Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Travel+Leisure.
Have you been interested in learning about the connection between nature and ancestral wisdom? Join us for this discussion with Randy Kritkausky as he shares his encounters with ancestral spirits, animal teachers such as Coy-Wolf, and profound moments of direct connection with the natural world.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Randy Kritkausky as we discuss his new #book Without Reservation: Awakening to Native American Spirituality and the Ways of Our Ancestors.Randy Kritkausky is an enrolled tribal member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. He is a founder of ECOLOGIA, an international environmental organization that works on the planet’s more extreme challenges, and formerly professor at Keystone College, research scholar at Middlebury College, and Erasmus Mundus Scholar at the Central European University in Budapest and Lund University in Sweden. He lives in Vermont.
Is it possible to cultivate harmonious relationships in the middle of chaos? Discover how to successfully and efficiently calm an angry person or diffuse a volatile situation in ninety seconds or less with this proven and accessible peacekeeping method by self-described “lawyer turned peacemaker” Douglas E. Noll.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Douglas Noll, JD, MA, as we discuss his #book De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less.Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA left a successful career as a trial lawyer to become a peacemaker. He is an award-winning author, teacher, trainer, and a highly experienced mediator. Doug’s professional work has led him to helping others resolve deep interpersonal and ideological conflicts. As a co-founder of Prison of Peace in 2010—a nonprofit dedicated to reducing violence and promoting peaceful conflict resolution among prison inmates—Doug has worked with thousands of individuals and groups on the importance of listening and successfully communicating.
Is it possible to stay present, clear-minded and clam when facing unsettling times? Using forgotten principles of ancient practices, Richard L. Haight, Master of four Samurai arts and award-winning author, shares simple tips on how to do just that! Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Richard L. Haight as we discuss his new #book Unshakable Awareness: Meditation in the Heart of Chaos, Taught by a Master of Four Samurai Arts.Richard L. Haight is best known for his book, The Unbound Soul, listed as “One of the best books on consciousness of all time” by BookAuthority. Haight is an instructor of martial, meditation and healing arts, and he is the author of several bestselling titles including Inspirience: Meditation Unbound as well as The Psychedelic Path.
Have you always wanted to learn how to connect with your spirit guides? In this discussion we will cover some tools on how to connect with your spirit guides. As a spirit translator, Diana Cole has asked spirit thousands of questions on behalf of her clients and herself. These messages are distilled into the seven transformative truths for well-being and happiness.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Diana Cole as we discuss her new #book Spirit Translator: Seven Truths for Creating Well-Being and Connecting with Spirit.Diana Cole is a spirit translator, thought leader, and author. Passionate about spirit guidance, she is committed to teaching people how to access it for themselves so they may find freedom from pain and limitation and live a life of abundance, fun, and inspiration. Diana offers her empowering tools for spirit guidance in group settings, speaking engagements, live workshops, and through her vibrant Instagram and Facebook communities.
Have you ever considered what type of impression you’re making in the world? If you’re ready to take a good look at yourself, or know someone that could use a little help, tune in! Good modern manners can help you make a splash, elevate your self-esteem, enhance your personal brand, and lead to what we’re all looking for—greater success in every part of our lives.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Nita Patel as we discuss her new #book Boss Vibes: Self-Esteem, Success, and the Art of Etiquette.Nita Patel is a speaker, author, and artist who believes in modern etiquette as a path to becoming our best selves. Schooled in London and a veteran of corporate America, she has 20+ years in technology and healthcare leadership and nurturing teams toward confidence and impact. She is currently pursuing studies in psychology at Harvard while exploring the intersection of mindfulness and manners, empowering people to discover self-confidence and success through the lost art of etiquette.
Do our children have inspiring role models to look up to? The Ordinary People Change The World book series by New York Times #1 Best-selling author Brad Meltzer, gives our children people to look up to, while learning how to build character, kindness and compassion!Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest, and one of my favorite people Brad Meltzer as we discuss his two of the newest #children's books I AM ANNE FRANK, & I AM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Brad Meltzer is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Escape Artist and many other bestselling thrillers, as well as the "Ordinary People Change the World" series. He is also the host of the History Channel TV shows Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Brad Meltzer’s Lost History, which he used to help find the missing 9/11 flag that the firefighters raised at Ground Zero. He lives in South Florida with his family.
Can you imagine yourself free from trauma & chronic health challenges? Trauma and pain caused by environmental, physical, psychological, electronic, and spiritual forces can have major effects on every aspect of your life. In this discussion, Cyndi Dale shares subtle-energy healing methods and tips to help you gain the power you need to heal from trauma.Tune in for Moments with Marianne show with special guest Cyndi Dale as we discuss her new book Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness: Uncover & Transform the Subtle Energies That Are Causing Your Greatest Hardships.Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, intuitive energy healer, professor of energy medicine, and author of 27 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. She has worked with over 70,000 clients and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops across the Americas and in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Costa Rica, Belize, Morocco, Peru, Scotland, and more. She is also a favored teacher and healer for China, leading in-person and on-line classes, and has been published in over 18 languages.
Is it possible to detox anxiety? Most of us view a detox as a physical experience, but what we don’t realize is that it’s not just our physical bodies that need to be cleansed in order to return to a healthy state. When we’re unable to process our stress and worries, they can become toxic to ourselves and those around us.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Sherianna Boyle as we discuss her new #book Emotional Detox for Anxiety: 7 Steps to Release Anxiety and Energize Joy.Sherianna Boyle is an international, Emotional Detox Coach®, author of eight books, including her most recent Emotional Detox and Emotional Detox for Anxiety. Sherianna has been featured in over eighty-five articles, and a featured presenter for renowned organizations such as: PESI® Behavioral and Mental Health Education, Kripalu Health & Yoga Center, 1440 Multiversity University and more. She is an adjunct Psychology Professor and a featured expert on Simple Habit App, and host of Emotional Detox Radio show on
What brings significance to our existence? In a series of essays that explore this notion, scholar Frank Martela, PhD, tackles why we have this longing beyond the present moment and an insatiable dissatisfaction with where we are, whiles sharing on the subject of finding meaning in life.Tune in for Moments with Marianne show with special guest Frank Martela, PhD as we discuss his new #book A Wonderful Life: Insights on Finding a Meaningful Existence.Frank Martela, PhD, is a philosopher and researcher of psychology specializing in the question of meaning in life. His articles have appeared in Scientific American Mind and Salon and his work has been featured on Quartz and on the BBC. His research has been published extensively in numerous academic journals such as Journal of Personality, Journal of Positive Psychology, Journal of Happiness Studies, Metaphilosophy, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Review of General Psychology, and Organization Studies. He’s been interviewed by the New York Times, Fitness, Vice News, and Monocle Observer among others. He is based at Aalto University in Helsinki. Followed by:A term coined by Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, “The Final Eighth” describes a phenomenon she experienced and observed in others: talented, energetic, motivated people accomplishing many steps toward a goal (seven-eighths of it), but then are mysteriously stalled. Bridgit shares with us, how to overcome this, but the answer is not what you think!Tune in for Moments with Marianne show with special guest Bridgit Dengel Gaspard as we discuss her new #book The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves to Accomplish Your Goals.Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, LCSW, author, and the founder of the New York Voice Dialogue Institute. She is a former performer who earned a master’s degree from Columbia University and teaches at numerous professional settings including Omega Institute.
What if you were offered a guide to engage in a transformational process of moving beyond a limited interpretation of the self and while walking into a place of true manifestation? As humanity stands at a crossroads, the voices of The Guides through Paul Selig offer insight and a path forward.Paul Selig is considered to be one of the foremost spiritual channels working today. Paul received his master’s degree from Yale University, he is a noted educator, served on the faculty of New York University for over 25 years, and is the former director of the MFA in Writing Program at Goddard College, where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant, and his work has been featured on ABC News Nightline, Fox News, and the Biography Channel series The UneXplained. Are you fascinated by the mysterious power of human intention to make things happen? Discover its real-world applications by exploring the breakthrough research of psychoenergetic science in this discussion with Nisha Manek, MD.Nisha Manek, MD, is a physician, author, educator, and health coach. Formerly an esteemed member of the Mayo Clinic's Division of Rheumatology in Rochester, Minnesota, Nisha is an internationally recognized leader in the field of integrative medicine. Nisha is also a protégé of Professor William A. Tiller and is a student of the theoretical and practical applications of Tiller's physics in medicine. In her commitment and dedication to innovative approaches to health and wellness, she seeks to synthesize and unify her work as a physician and scientist with spiritual inquiry and practice. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.
Wandering in Strange Lands: A Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her Roots with Morgan JerkinsMorgan Jerkins is the author of the New York Times bestseller, This Will Be My Undoing, and the Senior Editor at ZORA. A visiting professor at Columbia University, Jerkins's short form work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, ELLE, Esquire, and The Guardian, among many others. The Optimist's Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age with Bina VenkataramanBina Venkataraman is the editorial page editor of The Boston Globe. Before joining the Globe, she served as a senior adviser for climate change innovation in the Obama White House, was the director of global policy initiatives at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and taught in the program on science, technology, and society at MIT. An alumna of Brown University and the Harvard Kennedy School, Bina grew up in a small town in Ohio and now lives in Boston.
This discussion is a tender story of loving and parenting a teenager coming out as transgender and transitioning. It explores identity, self-discovery in adolescence and midlife, and difference in a world that values conformity. At its heart, Found in Transition is a universally inspiring portrait of what it means to be a family.Paria Hassouri, MD, is a mother of three and a pediatrician practicing in Los Angeles. She is also a marathoner, transgender rights activist, storyteller, and avid reader. She is a proud Iranian-American and spent most of her formative years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her personal essays have been published in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, Women's Running Magazine, Kevin MD, and Grown and Flown.
Tara Lal’s childhood was battered by her father’s mental illness and by her mother’s death when she was thirteen. Caught up in grief and despair, she developed a deep, caring bond with her charismatic and kind older brother Adam, though he struggled silently with growing anxiety and depression. Four years after their mother’s death, Adam committed suicide. Grief and insecurity threatened to engulf Tara, but eventually she found, through a dialogue with the words her brother left behind in his diaries, her reason to live. Tara Lal is an author, firefighter and mental health first aid instructor. She was born in London but now lives in Sydney, Australia. Tara is a PhD candidate and works with various leading mental health charities to conduct research and raise awareness of suicide and mental illness. In October 2020, Tara is cycling 5000km unsupported across Australia, the equivalent of cycling from England to America for Lifeline, Australia’s leading service provider in suicide prevention.
Can you obtain greater self-awareness through thoughtful questions? Celebrity yoga & meditation expert Jennie Lee shares with us how to do this on a daily basis, while reaching your highest potential!Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Jennie Lee as we discuss her new #book Spark Change: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution.Jennie Lee is the award-winning author of True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment and Breathing Love: Meditation in Action. She is a recognized expert in the fields of yoga therapy and spiritual living. As a certified yoga therapist, she has taught classical yoga and meditation for more than 20 years, and coached private clients in the practices that integrate life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her writing is featured regularly in national magazines such as Light of Consciousness and Yoga Therapy Today, Yogapedia, Yoga Digest, mindbodygreen, and many more.
As we spend more time with our furry friends, do you ever wonder what their spiritual agreements with us are? This discussion with International animal and human healer will reveal the higher purpose and soul mission behind our relationships with our animal companions.Tammy Billups is a transformational soul healer and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. She’s a sought after holistic healer, the creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, and a Certified Interface Therapist. She has appeared on CNN’s The Daily Share, Primetime Live ABC, and Oprah.
Do you know we have a deep relationship with the Deva Kingdom? Nature spirits, faeries, gnomes, and their higher angelic counterparts who overlight landscapes, mountains, rivers, and plants have inspired people worldwide for countless generations.Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Jacquelyn E. Lane as we discuss her new #book Deva: Our Relationship with the Subtle World.Download the FREE Moments with Marianne show app on iTunes & Google!A widely traveled New Zealander, Jacquelyn E. Lane is an artist and educator who has been involved in a broad range of metaphysical studies for nearly 50 years. She is the author and illustrator of The Children of Gaia and scribe of This World of Echoes.
Is it possible to release negativity and clear a path for new positive habits, behaviors and emotions? When we find ourselves unable to process our negative emotions and feel them becoming toxic to ourselves and those around us, it’s time for an Emotional Detox. Tune in for #MomentswithMarianne show with special guest Sherianna Boyle as we discuss her new #book Emotional Detox: 7 Steps to Release Toxicity and Energize Joy.Sherianna Boyle is an international, Emotional Detox Coach®, author of eight books, including her most recent Emotional Detox and Emotional Detox for Anxiety. Sherianna has been featured in over eighty-five articles, and a featured presenter for renowned organizations such as: PESI® Behavioral and Mental Health Education, Kripalu Health & Yoga Center, 1440 Multiversity University and more. She is an adjunct Psychology Professor and a featured expert on Simple Habit App, and host of Emotional Detox Radio show on
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