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Money for Old Rope

A weekly Comedy podcast
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Adam and Terence lack a cat… Idioms: A rolling stone gathers no moss Bless their little cotton socks Alternative names: Super Magic Sparkle Pen Ideas for other Podcasts Seductive Paper Dance The Night Clouds are Forming Terence Reads Latin A Je
Adam and Terence listen to a cat. Idioms: The cat’s pyjamas Chance your arm Play a blinder (sort of) Alternative names: Licking Wendy Houses Tastless Rubbery Eggs Interesting Buttery Friend Yellow Silk PJs All Bacon Fry-up Odd But Accurate Link
Adam and Terence listen to Deborah’s cough, entirely self-inflicted. Idioms: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth Fit as a fiddle All the world’s a stage Alternative names: Melting from the face American inner monologue Socks is great Shiny Shi
Adam, Deborah and Terence are together for the first time ever! We mainly talk nonsense… Idioms: Lead someone down the garden path Take it with a grain of salt Push the boat out Alternative names: Scurvy’s the one I wanted Space Pirate… Ghost C
Adam, Terence and Lucy take on underwear… we’re also extremely ignorant about American sports! Idioms: Cut and run Mum’s the word Don’t get your knickers in a twist Alternative names: Drive-by Podcasting Our bad history Idiomatic Verb Phrases L
Adam, Lucy and Deborah talk about the heat, again, and we also get into Terence’s hairy legs! Idioms: That old chestnut Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face Spinning a yarn Alternative names: Elongated Film Chat Peter Molyneux Sucks Float
Adam, Sam and Terence try to talk sensibly, despite the heat… Idioms: Never the Twain Shall Meet Navel Gazing Get off Scot Free Media and contact: Our Twitter Our Instagram Lucy’s Instagram Deborah’s Instagram Deborah’s Twitter Sam’s Twitter Be
Idioms: Make hay while the sun shines The full monty Hobson’s choice Sponsored by: A change in podcast editing workflow. Rejected titles: Photoshopping yawns All Philosophers are Arrogant  We Philosopher Kings Debs’ Old English The Suneth Shine
Idioms: Tin foil hat Got their comeuppance At sixes and sevens Sponsored by: Bank holidays. Links: Muppets Tonight Number 9 – Futurama  Into the Wild Green Yonder New Matt Groening Show Roswell Area 51 The X-Files Wild West Red Dwarf Westworld
Idioms: Turn on a sixpence Cut someone some slack Full tilt Sponsored by: Injured limbs. Links: Sixpence Usain Bolt Tron Lightbikes (Light cycle!) Pivot! Charles Dickens Back to the Future Back to the Future Almanac All the Year Round periodica
Idioms: Through thick and thin Every cloud has a silver lining Fly off the handle Sponsored by: No one, but we got the attention of a celebrity on Twitter. Links: More chickens than people (I didn’t actually believe this one, that’ll teach me…)
Idioms: Don’t poke the bear Wet your whistle Flash in the pan Sponsored by: Links: South Park South Park Episode 300 (got it wrong, it’s actually 200 I was thinking of…) Jesus vs. Frosty (1992) Jesus vs. Santa (1995) South Park Pilot (1997) Vu
Idioms: Fighting fire with fire Starter for ten Chew the rag/fat Sponsored by: That guy Links: Hybrid Mario flash game Pokémon Uranium Pokémon Sun and Moon Pokémon Release Date (1996!) Controlled burns Trench warfare Water Arson (inundationist!
Idioms: On yer bike Tie the knot Pass the buck Sponsored by: Links: First Past the Post (not PR) Alternative Vote (not PR) Proportional representation MMP – AMS (my mistake) STV D’Hondt CGP Grey’s Video on FPTP (Worth the watch, as are the ot
Idioms: Under the weather Not enough room to swing a cat No rest for the wicked Sponsored by: Keys! Links: Altered Carbon Bat Out of Hell WWF WWF WWF vs. WWF The Undertaker Tekken  Wizard of Oz (1939 Film) Technicolor Doctor Who Daleks  Daily M
Idioms: The lion’s share It’s not rocket science On the cards Links: Hello Internet South Park – HUMANCENTiPAD 6 Days to Air Lion Bar Tate & Lyle Tate & Lyle lion East India Company Samson and the Lion Samson’s Riddle Serengeti Colonial England
Idioms: Not to rain on your parade Thrown under the bus To keep tabs on Links: Eskimo words for snow Frozen – Let it Snow The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men Presidents’ Day Queen’s Coronation Don’t rain on my Parade Barbra Streisand James VI
Idioms: 1. An iron fist in a velvet glove 2. When life gives you lemons 3. Dibs Links: Jeremy Corbyn Michael Jackson Red Alert – Game Hard as nails Blackadder the Third Blackadder Millennium Dome Millennium Dome Blackadder Goes Fourth The Blac
Idioms: 1. Why the long face? 2. The proof is in the pudding 3. Between Scylla and Charybdis Links: Pearlescent paper Cilla Black (Born Cilla White!) Blind Date Pinocchio Office Space – Film M. Night Shyamalan Sarah Jessica Parker Ed Wood – Fi
Idioms: 1. The best thing since sliced bread 2. Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs 3. At loggerheads 4. Third time’s the charm Links: Apple’s comeback story Warburtons White Bread  Tommy used to work on the docks… Boy rushes up hill for br
Idioms: 1. Shelling out 2. Ghost in the machine 3. Beat around the bush Links: A cut above the rest – Lovecraftian Guinea Pigs Five Euro note ripped up Storage heaters Shell suits Scarborough Whitby Atlantis Yam Island Solomon Islands Shells a
Idioms: 1. Pig in a poke 2. Face the music 3. The road to hell is paved with good intentions Links: Pacific Rim – Movie How it should have ended Nazgûl Fellbeast The Power – Naomi Alderman Origin of sinister Karl Marx Ronan Keating Gluten Into
Idioms: 1. Shot point-blank 2. Cutting the mustard 3. Wait for the other shoe to drop 4. To collar someone Links: Porpoise Dolphin White-collar crime Blue-collar crime Priest collar Salt in coffee Salt in porridge Horse collar Captain Picard-e
Idioms: 1. Crocodile tears 2. It takes two to tango 3. In hot water 4. Kangaroo court   Links: Wallaby Joey (baby) Kangaroo boxing – Bonus David Attenborough Balancing on tail Quango Convicts in Australia A Stray Yankee in Texas Office space,
Idioms: 1. Horses for courses 2. Have your cake and eat it 3. Kicked from pillar to post Links: Gout Moon made of cheese Horses rest a leg Mermaids Ascot Racecourse Dressage Chester Racecourse (Roman harbour in history) Brexit French Fancies R
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