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Are You Over-Giving? Signs That You Might Be Giving Too Much

Released Monday, 11th October 2021
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Giving is the best way to show kindness. This is something we all have been taught from a young age. But is over-giving a form of generosity or is it something different?

Generosity makes us feel good. It is scientifically proven that doing an act of generosity raises our levels of happiness and emotional well-being, it reduces psychological problems, and even releases feel-good hormones. 

But what about when we over-give? Well, it seems the effects of over-giving are really different. Feeling angry, frustrated and restful are just some of them. So, while being a generous person is a wonderful thing, giving too much can get us caught in unhealthy cycles.

Giving in when our child is having a tantrum in the middle of the street, still helping a former client that is not paying for our services anymore, or saying “yes” to something that our partner wants to do, even if we don't want to do it, are all patterns of over-giving in your relationships.

Over-giving is something that most of us, HSPs and empaths, are guilty of. Although we know we cannot help everyone, that's exactly what many of us feel like we should be able to do. And we spend a lot of our time and energy doing it. Because we have kind hearts, because, as highly sensitive souls we can feel what others feel and it pains us to see people suffering. Especially when there might be something that we could do to alleviate that pain. 

Unfortunately, in many cases, trying to save the world in our over-giving way, ends up depleting us and even making us sick. Both physically and emotionally.

But how can we save the world, how can we protect our loved ones if we are not healthy, strong and happy? Is there a way to stop sabotaging ourselves and our relationships by always giving more than we need to?

Well, as in many other situations, the first step is awareness. We will first need to identify the patterns of overgiving in all our relationships. And this can be tricky because sometimes there are some surprising ways that this actually shows up. 

To find out what these patterns are and what to do to change this behavior, listen to the newest episode of the Moon + Manifest Podcast! Lola reveals some of the physical and emotional indicators that you are over-giving and the most important signs of over-giving as an entrepreneur, as a parent, and as a partner. Listen now to learn how to stop giving too much in order to really be able to SHINE your light upon the world!   

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