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How the Lunar Cycle Can Help You Run Your Business with Less Effort & More Fun

Released Monday, 22nd November 2021
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Mankind has used the Moon's energy to guide them for millennia. For generations and generations, farmers have planted crops and harvested them at specific times based on the moon. Hunters and fishermen were also tracking the moon to ensure success in their activities that were so important for daily living.

There is a strong connection between the Earth and its satellite, and there is also a powerful relationship between the inhabitants of our planet and the energies of the Moon.

Among other things, we know that the lunar cycle influences reproduction in fish, melatonin levels in birds, hormonal changes in insects, and also our menstrual cycles. Moreover, the phases of the Moon can affect our mood, our emotions, our health, our sleep and our behavior. 

Nowadays, many of these things are scientifically proven, but paradoxically, it seems that people have lost that genuine connection with the Moon that they had centuries ago (before the giant leap for mankind was made and we conquered the Earth's only natural satellite that was once believed to be a goddess).

Living in big cities and working inside offices all day long makes us often forget that there is a sky above us. But the Moon, with its huge influence on our lives, is still there. And learning how to benefit from the energies it sends to us could make big changes in all areas of our lives.

Just like it does for farmers, hunters, or fishermen, the Moon can guide our businesses towards success, regardless of our activity field. By tracking the lunar cycle we can predict when is the best time to start new projects and the Moon's energy can give us a boost or help us find our flow.

Moon MAGIC is real and it can bring huge benefits both in our business and personal lives. We just have to learn how to work with the Moon, how to enable the connection we have with its energies and how to predict different events by tracking the lunar cycle.

In this week's episode, Lola dives deep into how to understand lunar energy, how to track the Moon cycle, and how to work with the Moon signs and their elements. Plus, she reveals some efficient strategies to plan your business for success using Moon work. So, if you want to plan your business and your life with the help of the Moon, check out this episode to learn how to partner with its MAGIC!

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