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I Think My Partner Is A Narcissist. Now What? Part 2

Released Monday, 15th November 2021
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Highly sensitive souls seem to often be attracted to narcissists and involved in toxic relationships in general. This is mainly because narcissists need so much attention, care, and reassurance, while our high level of empathy makes us drawn to helping and caring for others.

More than that, we can see through somebody’s toxic behaviors into the core of that person, we can see (and fall in love with) the good part in anyone, with the potential each person holds. Sometimes the deeper that good part is buried, the more we fall for that potential, beautiful soul we will actually never get to know in real life.

Also, many of us struggle with low self-esteem issues, insecure attachment, and people pleasing patterns - things that also make us prone to get into toxic relationships. Once we get there, it is very hard for us to get out or to make those changes that could transform the relationship into a better one.

But admitting that there is something wrong, identifying some narcissistic traits in our partner and some toxic patterns in our relationship is an important step. So, if you’ve already done this, the question becomes: “Now, what? What should I do now? How do I handle this situation?”

This is certainly a difficult moment for anyone. Deciding what to do next with a relationship that doesn't work anymore and preparing for a serious conversation about this is not an easy thing to do. And, if you are a highly sensitive soul and your partner is a narcissist (or a person who shows narcissistic traits), things can be even harder. But having this conversation and deciding what to do next is a must if we don’t want to stand in the way of our own happiness.

Hoping things will change by magic or wishing one day we'll wake up next to that wonderful person we once fell in love with (instead of this stranger that took their place sometimes along the way), is not realistic and certainly not healthy. We know that this situation is never going to change unless we do something about it.

But how do we know what is the best thing to do? Do we need to move out of the relationship? And if so, what is the best way to do this? How do we leave a narcissist? And how do we move on? 

In this week’s episode, Lola answers these questions and much more. After revealing the most important narcissistic traits to look for in your partner in last week's episode, this time she dives deep into the three-step process for transitioning out of a toxic relationship in order to finally be able to live the life (and find the relationship) that you deserve.

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