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Giving is the best way to show kindness. This is something we all have been taught from a young age. But is over-giving a form of generosity or is it something different? Generosity makes us feel good. It is scientifically proven that doing an
Being a highly sensitive soul is definitely a blessing and a GIFT. Many of us recognize this and are thankful for all of the great things that come with being a sensitive human. But, we also know that life in a non-HSP culture can be really cha
“Your sensitivity is a superpower”. As an HSP how many times did you hear or read this phrase? How many times did you even say it to yourself or to the people around you? Countless times, right? But let’s be honest for a moment. Do you really
“If you want a better life, you have to change your habits and improve your mindset.” How often did you hear this advice? And how does it make you feel deep inside? Do you resonate with it? Do you really believe that this would work for you? 
Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries sounds very challenging for a highly sensitive soul because our boundaries can be full of holes, confusing, or nonexistent.  HSPs and empaths need healthy and solid boundaries to be able to create the
Purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” Many of us spend lifetimes in the agonizing and sometimes elusive pursuit of purpose. We seek it in our jobs, personal lives, goals, and am
Gaslighting, a term you’ve probably seen thrown around quite a bit...but what does it actually mean? Gaslighting put simply, is a pattern of manipulation that causes someone to doubt themselves. Most of the time this comes from outside sources
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability to shed the things that hold us back like a snake sheds its skin?  But each and every one of us knows how challenging it can be to let go and move on — even when we’re moving toward bigger and better t
The modern workplace can feel overwhelming enough as an empath, not to mention landing the job to begin with! If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, you may have experienced struggles with the job process. That’s why we are going to ta
Have you ever felt the need to please, placate, or help other people at the expense of your own needs or desires? This pattern is called people-pleasing, and in this episode, I’m going to show you how to stop people-pleasing in your own life.
Have you noticed that the neurodivergent and Empath/HSP communities are often intertwined? From common experiences to similar diagnoses popping up throughout the lives of Sensitive Souls, each of us is made brilliant by our divergence from “th
Shadow work is an intrinsic part of living our most authentic lives. But how do we actually go about illuminating the pieces of ourselves that we’ve hidden away? It can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable to face these “darker sides” but with
As Highly Sensitive People and Empaths, we are able to deeply tune into the experiences of the people around us. This is an extraordinary gift when it comes to helping others, but it’s an awful hindrance when we’re brought face to face with t
Financial trauma is real and it affects so many of us! Even when we make a conscious effort to move from a space of logic, our nervous system holds onto the memory of our experiences — both good and bad — which can disrupt our income. So what
Imagine what it will feel like when you shift from being overwhelmed, numb, resentful, and burnt out to resilient, confident, energized, generous, and purpose-full. It is possible! Are you ready to live like that all the time? In this week’s
If you think that making money is all that affects your financial state, it’s time to transform your perception! Our relationship with money has a remarkable impact on our monetary resources—not to mention the emotional, mental, and energetic
Time is something we all must learn to live and work—or rather, play—alongside. The way that we perceive time is crucial to developing a way of life that is ENHANCED by time and not overwhelmed by it. In this week’s episode, Lola reminds us t
How are you choosing to show up in partnership? To build a strong foundation for any relationship we must intentionally create and hold space for intimacy, integrity, and harmony. We must show up for ourselves just as much as we show up for o
What do you do when you realize that the life you’re living isn’t one that resonates with you? How do you transition from simply KNOWING something to ACTING on it—embracing and embodying change as you go? Where do you start? In this week’s e
When did you lose touch with your magic? So many of us have found ourselves caged by the fears we inherited from a society that dismisses what they cannot understand as FALSE. But your magic? Your magic is so very powerful and so very TRUE. Yo
As a culture, we have lost the capacity to cultivate stillness. Societal programming has moved us into a mindset of DOING rather than BEING, and many of us feel like we’re running out of time and space to rest. But as our guest speaker so beau
We are leveling up! After ten years of building my personal spiritual practice and creating the life of my dreams, I’m opening the doors to YOU. I’m sharing the secrets, the magic, and the medicine that led me toward living my most authentic l
What do you do when you return from a retreat—totally changed—to a life that’s stayed the same? How can you create a bridge between your sacred experiences and the everyday routines of your life at home? In this episode, Lola shares the Art
From the moment you say YES to a healing retreat, your transformation has already begun. Choosing to embark on a journey like this creates a remarkable ripple effect that continues long after your return. In this episode, Lola gives us a behi
Do you struggle with negative self-talk? (Let's be real, who doesn't??) Negative self-talk doesn't start in the mind, it emerges as a result of the inner conditions of the BODY. In this episode, Lola shows how the TYPE of negative self-talk th
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