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Science bests motivation any day of the week. The key to life transformation is smart work, not hard work. 
Long term success lies in establishing concrete routines, which start with actions that lead to daily habits     
All of our training and diet are for NOTHING if we don't sleep and give ourselves downtime Chillax kids... that is the way!
Consistency over intensity. Breaking down the principles for lifting, flexibility and cardio
Meal Plan to reduce digestive stress and curb insulin spikes, thereby placing the body into ketosis, a state in which the body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates
Roadmap for the upcoming Mini-Season on Body Transformation (Get Off the F*** Couch!): 1. Urges to Binge: Nervous System Regulation 2. Gut Biome 3. Insulin Spikes  4. Actual Diet 5. Exercise 6. Sleep & Recovery 7. Habits &  Routine
For this episode Tooth sits with Hywel Teague, Senior Editor for FloGrappling, and creator of the jiu jitsu series BJJ Hacks. A black belt, Hywel has travelled the world covering the jits scene for over a decade, spending time with and dissecti
Tooth breaks down body transformation as it relates to diet, strength training and mindfulness. 
For this episode Tooth sits with one of the greatest jiu jitsu athletes  of all time - Marcus Almeida “Buchecha."  They talk surfing, competition mindset, why compete after continually conquering the mountain?, Kelly Slater, and more, more, mor
For this episode Tooth sits with Alex 'Defer' Kizu, a veteran graffiti and street artist who has taken into his work into fine art galleries around the world. They talk about his involvement with the LA Bomb Squad, the first west coast graffiti
Tooth sits with UFC fighter Chito Vera. Surfer, black belt in jiu jitsu, they talk training at AOJ and the journey from Ecuador to one of the biggest UFC cards of the year
For season 3 opener... Tooth sits with Josh Harmony -- pro skater, painter, musician, and proud owner of bitchin hot sauce brand Don Wapo!!!    
Tooth and Josh Rosenblatt, author of the new book Why We Fight, chat about Josh's time as founding editor of Vice Media's Fightland,  the lure of combat sports, the intersection of literature and combat, etc.     
Tooth sits with hard-charger Kona Oliveira. At only twenty years old Kona has proven himself at heavy wave spots such as Pipeline, Teahupoʻo and Jaws. Plus he's an up and coming MMA fighter featured on the first Hawaiian Bellator card. Join as
Tooth sits with 11 time Muay Thai champion Nathan Corbett. They discuss the sheer brutality of the training and the fights, learning to control fear in the face of insane pressure, moving on and finding the next challenge, and more, more, more!
Tooth sits w/ friend of the podcast Andy Hori and chilling in the garage they talk mushin mind, mindfulness, meditation, psychedelics and the obliteration of the false 'I'.     
Tooth and his wife Taylor sit with online ketosis coach Crystal Reneau. They talk meal planning, carbs, insulin sensitivity, hormonal differences between women and men, portions, intermittent fasting, etc. 
Tooth sits with the founder of one the fastest growing clothing brands in Orange County, Violent Gentlemen, a label built by and for NHL hockey fans. They talk venturing out on your own, starting a brand, and more!
Tooth sits with anti-GMO activist Dustin Barca, who not only ran for mayor of Kauai, said political race serving as the basis for the documentary 'Aloha Aina Warrior,' he's also one of the best surfers in the world as evidenced by his stint on
For this episode Tooth sits with physical therapist Dr. Mark Kozuki, who works with World Champion surfer Jon Jon Florence, and others. They talk healing chronic injuries via mimicking the movements of a toddler, thus returning the mind/body c
For this episode Tooth sits with Johnny Castannha and Chris Long (of the Best Frenemies podcast) plus Jeff Hairstrom to discuss The Last Jedi
For this episode Tooth sits with Johnny Castannha and Chris Long (of the Best Frenemies podcast) plus Jeff Hairstrom to discuss The Last Jedi
Tooth sits with AOJ coach Gustavo Fonseca to dissect his recent world championship win in the black belt Masters division, a goal he's doggedly pursued for five years.    This episode sponsored by Kimera Koffee For more inf
Tooth follows up last week's Mushin Mind podcast with a Q&A on the subject with Motus V listener and AOJ blackbelt James Guyton.  They dig into the details on mindfulness, meditation, and paradox of trying to articulate the emptiness of Samadhi
Tooth sits with fellow meditation practitioner Andy H to discuss the Ancient Samurai concept of the Mushin Mind (Mind No-mind) and how to cultivate that mental/emotional state via meditation so we can call on that Zen paradigm in every sphere o
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