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Karen Chuplis provides a Holiday Mouth Feel, an interaction between a head of household and his Butler “Furthermore,” a continuation of our debate on activities at parties, and a final holiday tradition from Grandma of the podcast, Kimmie!
The gang enjoys a listener suggested holiday potluck! There’s ham, there are latkes, Lemon Bars and more! What more? Ty prepares a wicked Holiday Punch that gets us a little loopy immediately. Oh, come all ye faithful and hear why Wedding Punch
Retta shares her thoughts on growing up eating Liberian food and not eating Liberian food anymore, the joy of restaurants, and which egg preparation she would F, Marry or Kill. Julia confirms her “ideal husband” qualities. Hint: both of her cho
Johnny leads us in with a real head scratcher of a toast and picks a side in his in-laws’ holiday dinners. Lutefisk happens to be discussed… See what I did there? The gang enjoys Johnny’s wife’s delicious French-Canadian meat pies.
Bits and bobs cut from previous episodes all thrown together into one delicious mash! First an Oregonian challenge which Joel turns real foul real quickly. What did Mom make for you that perhaps would’ve gotten you slapped by a real Italian.. A
The Wedding Punch gang continues trying some of the listeners’ Mouth Feelings and they bring it home! Cinnamon Toast! Red Peppers on Italian bread! RC Cola! 7 Layer Cookies! New TV Show idea: Hatch and Jackson! Guess which one’s the dog! We hea
The Wedding Punch gang finally gets a chance to try some of the listeners’ Mouth Feelings and they have a deliciously good time! Can it be that Mel likes something with cottage cheese?! Ty has no Rams-related stress. But the Mets? mmm, ....well
On a podcast dedicated to food, drink and memories, and with two Texas boys, chili was going to be the focus at some point. Pro-beans? Anti-beans? Okay w/beans? What’s your secret ingredient? What’s your favorite accompaniment? Sorry, BESIDES C
Stop the presses! We’ve got steaks! We must grill them ASAP! The Wedding Punch gang tears into the pros and cons of the modern steak-house and discusses the delicious grilled protein in front of them. Well you can swap/reverse “tears into” and
Julia’s grandma provided us with...maybe the best thing we’ve ever tasted?? After 50 years of preparing and serving this casserole, “Kimmie” shared the recipe with her granddaughter for her to make for the first time. Julia more than rose to t
What a wonderful guest and what an excellent mouth feel she suggested. We could eat this all day. The flavors of the grill, the garden and fresh herbs mingle with a debate on tapas and death row meals. We play one of our favorite new games (F,
Lots lots and LOTS of love for this dish. Johnny pair it with a drink called a “Handshake.” Description in episode and it’s very simple.. Johnny was ignored in our special guest’s memories but he’d like us all to know that “he was there too.” J
Whoa Nelly! What a boozy drink and what a doozy of a reason to eat a chicken salad sandwich with it. Jesus Ty! This time we simply must ask follow up questions! Also in this episode we discover the evil twin of the Aperol Spritz. Plus yet ANOTH
Don’t let the our opening reference to Entertainment Tonight throw you, we get serious as Julia points out a very true father/mother double standard. Joel’s family referred to these store-bought “delights” as Barf-alloes, but the nicknames and
A little bit more! We taste some weird chocolate and combine a few seemingly disparate things to enjoy. All obtained at one convenience store. Mel calls it “Getaway Food!”
Do you call them shipwrecks? Or Suicides? Swamp Water? Graveyards? What happens when you drink one of those little cans of diet coke? It’s not good but it’ll learn ya. Who’s the best at identifying convenience store sandwiches? The answer shou
FIREWORKS! Julia was more of a ’Deerword gal’ and not a ‘Moosilauke gal’ (ssssss) and is now more of a ‘Moosilauke Gal’ and less of a’ “Deerwood Gal” (Boom). At a baseball game Ty will occasionally eat a peanut WITH the  shell...on purpose!! (K
Want just a little bit more? The Wedding Punch gang plays the unfortunately titled “Would You Slather” where Ty reveals how many weeks a grilled cheese sandwich could be left on the counter and still be “good enough to eat!” A debate over chili
We’re Back! Mouth Feelings Season Two begins with a new beginnings theme! Tune in to hear what Julia sounds like after leaving half her brain at the gym! Meh, who cares? For someone who’s never paid full price for an oyster she’s doing great!
Ty, Joel, Johnny, Mel and Julia are returning for season two of Mouth Feelings - subscribe now to get the first episode when it drops on June 27th.
Wedding Punch takes over UCB Sunset Hollywood. Correction: Bianca Del Rio takes over everything and no one complains. They discuss the classic food item you can’t deny. Well, Johnny’s kids denied it at first. The gang banter about its ubiquitou
Wedding Punch sips the delicious Belgian-style Canadian beer while discussing who was was a partier in high school and who wasn’t. Most of us weren’t. Julia reveals the best beer situations and...survey said!? SHE’S RIGHT!! Johnny went to Play
Wedding Punch goes after a Block Party staple with Suddenly Pasta Salad. Well, not a staple in the Meeks’ household. “From a box? No thank you,” says Johnny. They lament the lack of block parties currently available to them in LA. Correction: T
The Wedding punch gang cracks that red wax and sips some small-batch Kentucky bourbon. Joel is a fish out of water playing the heavy in a film about the life of Jesus just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. All that fish needed was a friend and,
Wedding Punch enjoys some prosecco while, once again, not knowing a whole lot about it. Joel gives Julia’s request for listeners to rate our podcast only four stars. We luxuriate in the safe, non-offensive accents: “Country Bumpkin,” “Cliche It
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