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Mr. Bunker's Conspiracy Time Podcast

A weekly Spooky, Comedy and Society podcast
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Episodes of Mr. Bunker's Conspiracy Time Podcast

Research begins at 27:10This week’s topic is your destiny, Bunk Funkers! Because we’re sticking a spear right through the whole enchilada on the Spear of Destiny - the mythical Christian holy relic that pierced Jesus Christ in the side. What fa
Research begins at 20:36Follow our friend Josh Schell and Let’s Start A Cult at https://www.letsstartacultpodcast.com/ Bunk Funkers, time to move to God-land, because Jesus is coming back in a big ol’ UFO and we’re all going to be reincarnated
Research begins at 30:37Today’s episode is fee-fi-fo-FUN! The ancient sleeping giants in stasis all over the world are waking up! Are they good or are they evil? Are they aliens or are they nephilim? And do you like White Castle? All of this an
Bunk Funkers, we’re comin’ at you live on location from a forest in Vermont stuffed with cheese. As we digest, we’ll give you the whole enchilada on the Bennington Triangle. Does this compare to the more famous Bermuda Triangle? What strange si
Research begins at 29:50Let’s go hiking, Bunk Funkers! Let's go on an adventure! Let's find the mysterious M cave! What did hiker Kenny Veach find out in the Nevada desert? What happened to him? And can someone please help the Big Boomer upload
Research begins at 25:07Bunk Funkers, you’ve been challenged to take the Mr. Bunker challenge! All it takes is, on your own time, listen to this week’s episode on if the ALS Ice bucket challenge was a satanic ritual or not! Then, tell three fri
Research begins at 22:06Bunk Funkers, this episode is one small step for Mr. Bunker, one whole enchilada for bunk funkers! What's the deal with the moon landing photographs? Can you cross the Van Allen radiation belt? Where’s the data, NASA!? W
Research begins at 19:02Yinz-haw, Bunk Funkers! We’re saddling ahp are harses and headed east! That’s right! It’s a good, old fashioned cryptid rodeo, and it’s all happening in the great state of Pennsylvania. We got a menagerie of fun lil’ cry
Research begins at 28:20It’s alien anarchy in the UK, Bunk Funkers! What government secrets are hidden in this area of jolly ol’ England rife with UFO sightings? Why do people feel that this is the UK’s Area 51? And are you interested in databa
Research starts at 29:20A body found on the beach in County Sligo, Ireland - but no one has ever discovered who it is. Peter Bergmann was a mystery but this week we’re bringing you the whole enchilada on his life and death as we know it! It wil
Research begins at 27:04Brrrr! It’s chilly Bunk Funkers! This week we uncover a slew of conspiracies from Antarctica! Are there secret underground bases hidden there? Alien technology? The antichrist!? It’s a wild episode fit for an arctic expl
Research begins at 24:00Bunk Funkers you’re floating up, up, up and looking down at your own body lying in bed - and next to you is a plate of the whole enchilada on out-of-body-experiences! What’s the psychology and reason for this strange phe
Research begins at 20:10Time to wash up and get ready- because we have visitors, Bunk Funkers! Oumuamua was the first known interstellar visitor to our solar system - that is - the first object to enter from outside our own solar system - and t
Research begins at 27:07Awright thare bunk funkers, git duin fur a wild stoory a' th' wey fae scootlund! this cryptid isnae hingin oot aroond ony lochs, na, this is wey up oan th' mountaintops o' Ben MacDui! th' muckle grey jimmy - whit wis it?
Research begins at 20:06Get ready for an old fashioned quarry weiner roast! And let’s tell some ghost stories around the campfire, shall we? And what better ghost story can we tell than the Tennessee Bell Witch - considered by some to be the gr
Research begins at 21:32Please follow our friend Jacob and all his podcast ventures at https://linktr.ee/JacobecarsonBunk Funkers have you ever seen a SpaceX or Blue Origin rocket go off and thought, “huh, I wonder if all the world’s rich and e
Research begins at 18:13This week’s episode is one hot whole enchilada on a cold case, Bunk Funkers. The horrible murder of child beauty pageant star - JonBenét Ramsey. Who ended the life of this innocent six year old in 1996? Well there’s a li
Research begins at 25:00Time to abduct the whole enchilada on The Greys. Andy and Art anal probe your mind tummies with the Grey Alien’s origins, ships, looks, bases, and agenda!In the first segment, Andy and Art update you on their life in the
Enjoy a bonus episode of our guest list for The Twisted Ten Podcast (@thetwistedten) of our top ten music-based conspiracies!Check out The Twisted Ten here: https://www.twistedten.com/ FacebookTwitterInstagramThanks to Adam, Josh, and Ron for h
Research begins at 23:35Please check out our friends, The Twisted Ten at: https://www.twistedten.com/ or wherever you find fine podcasts!What’s up gamers? Who’s ready for some more high octane gamer content from Mr. Bunker's Conspiracy Time Pod
Research begins at 25:38Whether you zoom in towards infinity or out to the universe, this is one whole enchilada on a supposed universal theory of physics. Could we all be one - connected throughout the universe? What shapes are sacred geometry
Research begins at 21:25Money, money, money! Loadsamoney! Hidden away deep in a pit in Nova Scotia. What treasures are hidden on Oak Island? Could it be pirate treasure, french royal jewels, or even the Holy Grail!? Well pick up your shovel and
Research begins at 30:53This week we’re bringing you the whole enchilada on not 1 but 4 creepy Nevada paranormal legends! Kicking things off with Water Babies - the spooky story of haunting baby spirits in Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Thanks to Shaye
Research begins at 24:52This week’s topic is one night out gone wrong, and years later the mystery of why these 5 men ended up dead in Yuba County is a real head scratcher. Such a head scratcher, in fact, this topic is considered the American v
Research begins at 22:45Jungle walrus! You’re drivin’ me mad! You’re making me crazy! Bunk Funkers, the hunt for the elusive cryptid - the Dingonek - may drive you mad, but fear not because Andy and Art are here to give you the whole enchilada
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