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A weekly Music and Education podcast featuring GratuiTous
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Episodes of Music Production Made Simple

It’s SUPER OVERWHELMING starting to learn music production. There are so many videos on YouTube.. and it’s hard to know what’s the best approach to learn how to make beats without guidance and direction. This is the second interview with Avadar
This episode also has a video.. not all episodes do, but you can see when I apply certain techniques.. (https://itsGratuiTous.com/podcast/s2e5-examples-of-low-end-bass-clashing/) The low-end of your song is make-it-or-break-it. If your low-end
Heads up.. I recorded this in video format as well (https://itsGratuiTous.com/podcast/s3e4-short-tailed-and-long-tailed-drums/) Listen to real examples of LONG-TAILED and SHORT-TAILED drums in this episode! You will hear how they sound, and whe
Is making beats something you do for fun as a hobby, or is it something that you would like to make a career out of? It's important you decide early on in your music career, otherwise it will always fight you while you are at work. If it's for
Sticking to one DAW (digital audio workstation) will tremendously speed up your knowledge of beatmaking in your early years. (Your early years are very important to absorb as much information as possible, because you are new, things are fun, an
Welcome back to Season 2 of Music Production Made Simple by GratuiTous! I spent the last year re-organizing the website, and preparing to do beatmating education full time. In Episode 1 of Season 2, I explain a lot new content I have released,
Hey everyone! I've created an FL Studio Starter Kit to get you up-and-running.Access it right here: https://itsGratuiTous.com/flstudio-podcast-s1-31Discussed in this episode are my future plans for this podcast (this is the last episode of sea
With the release of my new book called "FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide", I wanted to reveal some best practices I've discovered over the years. The biggest point I'm wanting to get across to you is to be MINDFUL of your actions behi
In this episode, we talk about a couple things related to music production, but more of just an update of where I've been. I announce the release of my two new books (FL Studio Beginner's Book, and FL Studio Ultimate Template Creation Guide), t
You may have never thought to make money through your music, but for those who are just starting out to actually capture some capital in this industry, here's some tips I've discovered to keep my finances in check when dealing with online incom
Collaborating can bring huge potential growth to your brand and music career, but.. it doesn't come without its downsides. In this episode I talk about my own personal experiences with collaborating, and how it's accelerated my growth within th
You may not think about it, but being a music producer requires A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE! Nowadays, with us being "bedroom producers", we actually take on the role of many trades to create our music. Whether you're aware of that or not, there will be
Trying to learn the piano for music production from watching YouTube videos that teach you classical piano techniques? Sadly, these videos/techniques don't fully relate to us beatmakers playing the piano. We need to learn improvisation, as wel
In my decade within the audio industry, I've discovered it's very hard and discouraging, if you let it. In this episode, I discuss how I first started making money in the audio industry with my online endeavors, and how things have evolved over
In this episode, we discuss the importance of a healthy sleep schedule to keep a clear mind and stay focused. In addition, we also talk about an audio interface, what features are important to buy one, and thinking about how you as a beatmaker
After receiving MANY questions on the chatbox of this website about how to use a MIDI Keyboard to make beats, it intrigued me to research MIDI further, and I discovered what company's use to base their products off of MIDI standard-wise. MIDI h
Automation clips are how we producers allow our music to do things automatically. However, we still have to set up them up manually, and tell the automation clip what to do. Then, the song will listen to us when we play the song! We can automa
Some big news to celebrate. The 10 Steps to Become an FL Studio Pro course is officially released. To celebrate, you can use coupon 10STEPS at checkout to save 50% off the course! In this episode, we discuss some golden nuggets I've come acro
Here's a cool trick to get extra clarity out of your delays. Send the audio insert to a delay insert, apply sidechain compression on this delay insert whenever the audio insert plays. An audio example is provided in this episode! For more inf
In this episode we talk about the mindset behind a catchy melody. As much as understanding a musical instrument inside and out is important as a music producer to create amazing melodies, many melodies we hear in our music today only consists a
In this episode, you will learn about a technique called Cut Itself. It's a very powerful tool that is used in many areas of music production from sampling, to achieving a cleaner mix, to replicating a realistic sound to your music. In short, y
What's the best custom music production computer you can build? What do you look for in parts? In this episode, we talk all about how to pick out the parts to build a custom music production computer from scratch! In addition, check out this e
In this episode we're going to be talking about compression! Compression is probably the trickiest tool to learn as a music producer, in addition, it will also be the last tool that you'll fully comprehend, too! We cover the basics of most comp
This episode is inspired by my own mistake, while also noticing on-going trends within the social industry. It's really easy to compare yourself to others, but this will burn you out so fast, and make you quickly forget why you started creating
This week we take a little break from creating music, and talk about how to create content to teach about music through tutorials and courses. We cover the software I personally use and equipment to achieve high-quality videos, and the quirks t
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