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My 1 Black Friend and My 1 White Friend

A Comedy and News podcast
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Episodes of My 1 Black Friend and My 1 White Friend

A couple of times in your life a movie will come out that is so unrealistically bad, you actually with to yourself the people involved in making it would be shot and pissed on. This is that movie.
The Thanksgiving episode where Thanksgiving isn’t mentioned once.  But we mention Covid…racist names, Covid Testing, random bullsh#t, Covid numbers… very Covid topical episode.  Oh, we catch up finally on the Mandalorian.  Happy Thanksgiving ev
No fuss... no muss.. just deal with it.  Yeah, yeah I know we're late!
We recorded this before anything was called with the election.  In an attempt to take the high road, we would like to congratulate everyone who voted for the winning team.  Could we please carry on now with trying to make things better starting
Makin’ up for last week’s horror show by actually being funny.  We also discuss the BLATENT racism from people on The Call when literally NO ONE showed up the ONE TIME a black guy was running it.  And we talk about Borat 2.  High five!
Man did you ever look at an idea for an episode on paper and just think to yourself… man, on paper that episode sounds f#ckin’ incredible?  This is NOT that episode.  We talk about The Cabin on Netflix a little bit but in all reality… This epis
This was a sh#tty episode… A sh#tty… sh#tty episode.  Jokes that didn’t land, depressing Covid talk, capped off with a piece of sh#t movie that no one should be subjected to.  But… we did talk about The Boys a little bit.
Episode 43… The first time “The Practice” was referenced on a podcast in 10 years.  I checked.  We also reference “Roots” but I was afraid even a picture of that would throw the snowflakes into an apoplectic fit… But yes… both references were m
We spend about 20 minutes this week talking about Ted Lasso and The Boys… QUESTION: “What do you mean Chris?  What did you talk about during the other 40 minutes of the show??” ANSWER: Annoying, pandering white people.  How black people don’t u
Episode 41 is in the books… yeah yeah we’re late, I know.  Pandemic, Duncan starting work, blah, blah, blah.  Once 45 knocks out this vaccine in November, we’re not gonna have these excuses anymore… But while we’re waiting… we talk about Gary B
Dakim had to take the week off and since I’m too much of a p#ssy to try and do the show alone, I reached into the old bag of tricks and got Brian from PCL to fill in for him… I know what you’re thinking… great… now there’s 2 of them.  We really
Episode 39 is up and running w/ David Issac from Vintage Geeks and Tales From the Yard where we discuss the non-overwhelming but still better than San Diego Comic-Con event… DC Fandome.  The Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, The Suicid
We’ve got 99 problems but a bitch aint…. Well that’s not true.  Apparently this week there were many, many bitches.  Believe it or not… we almost play peacekeepers.  Maybe… probably not.  Anyway you all have heard the issues of this past week a
We’re a little late this week cause ok storm damages and blackouts here in NY but we have a guest this week pimpin’ his shit… The Drostest with the Mostest, Ryan Drost of Star Joes fame, talking about his new comic book kickstarter Stealth Hamm
OMG what? A variant? A variant that you recorded in December is just being released now cause you’re just getting around to it like a pair of two fat, lazy fucks??  That’s right!  AND… we have a reunion of two people that had a show, then didn’
Got it in at under an hour AGAIN… We are the Quibi of Pop Culture podcasts.  The Catholic Church Service of talkin’ about bullsh#t, imaginary stuff that doesn’t matter.  We get ya in and out in under 60 minutes because quite frankly, we are awa
Just under the wire… we bring you clear, concise talk about nothing.  Every week, we find different, new and exciting ways, to talk about nothing.  In this fast paced, intense, never say die world of competitive podcasting, no one can talk abou
Man… talk about Misery… I don’t know… Duncan just seems to pull it out of me.   We start this one out on a rare political note… then, we move on to unfunny comedians that just phone their specials in… then we finally fall out with some talk of
Knockin’ out Episode 33 in under an hour and talkin’ about chubby white guys in pink Le Tigre shirts with AK-47s and how Chris and Dak would defend their respective households!  Holy $hit…. How funny was that guy??  We also talk a little about
There will be no call this Friday on the account of it being a holiday weekend that even all of you “F#ck America White People” can enjoy…  But we’re making up the fact that we’re not having the call by giving you one of the best M1BF&M1W Episo
This one was bad… It’s like we both woke up with sand in our vaginas… Hey, they can’t all be homeruns right?  However, we soldier thru it and attempt to discuss The Gentlemen, The Floor is Lava, Ultimate Tag, Altered Carbon: Re-sleeved, Reality
Episode 30 is up and running but was a technical nightmare.  Am I saying that cause for the first time ever we had 2 black people on the show… possibly, but not really!  In these trying times, I wanted the most militant black woman I could find
Admittedly…. This one got out of hand relatively quickly.   We call out the white people, black people,  the eye-talians, the Jews, the Asians, and the English people… No one is safe this episode as Dan West from the Brute Force and Ignorance P
Episode 28 – The crossover that no one asked for, but will probably listen to anyway.  We join Paul Hard from Movies from the Hart in the screening room where we discuss the recent sh#tty social events that’s been goin’, Covid… and the first 3
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