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It's the end! Oliver tells the thrilling tale of when Joseph finds the box and pulls out the Golden Plates.   Read along here The Glass Looker, Treasure Digs
A narrative! Joseph Smith, Jr, prophet of god, puts down his work and goes on a walk to a hill.  Read along with me Hill Cumorah Quotes
It's a recap episode! Strap in for some bracing Old Testament info.  Read along with me here The Brother of Jared Quarto Vocabulary
Oliver Cowdery continues to spin pretty words of little substance. Angels, latter days, Israel, it's a good time for all! Read along with me here Compare D&C How are Oliver Cowdery's Letters etc. Angels have six wings and are covered in eyes
No letter today on account of the helicopters regularly circling overhead.
It's a narrative!!! Praise be to Heavenly Father, we're treated to a messenger from god.  Read along with me here Height of male identifying people 100 years ago How are these letters to be read and understood John of Patmos
It's a cliffhanger of an anticlimax. Read along with me here  
In one heck of a misdirect, we learn the "history" according to the bible, not the history of Mormonism.    Read along here Jared Carter Gyan Books Compare D&C Tertullian The Nutritional Value of Locusts Book of Mormon Central essay
Sometimes, insomnia hits. How to deal? Read some entirely non-canon letters penned by Marie's historical boyfriend back in 1834.  All the Links Read along here Oliver Cowdery as Book of Mormon Scribe WW Phelps Commentary by the Church How
It's the end! We've run out of canon. Time to wrap it up. Thank you for listening for all these years!!!   -Marie and Bryce
Pres. Veazey presented his words of counsel in 2013, it became canon in 2016. This is the most recent and therefore final revelation of the Community of Christ. Read along with us here Watch Pres. Veazey here The president's address in 2016 ab
It's touted as the Gay Rights Revelation, but is it really??  Read along with us here Gay Rights Revelation Added to the Community of Christ D&C, by John Hamer
Stephen Veazey begins his tenure as president of a prophetic people. It's easy! Love your neighbor, take your church callings seriously, be humble, and know that the Book of Mormon isn't a historical document that should ever be worshiped as as
Pres. McMurray shifts the church from a people with a prophet to that of a prophetic people. Then he quits.  Read along with us here Boston Archdiocese Letter of Resignation Sunstone Magazine commentary
This new thing called "the web" is a perfect place to invest, the stock market is definitely only going to go up. Pres. Grant McMurray expands the Community of Christ accordingly. They officially define themselves by who they are instead of who
In a break from tradition, the next prophet-president isn't a direct descendant of Joseph Smith, Jr. Welcome to the show, W. Grant McMurray!   Walking Into the Heart of the Questions: An Interview With Grant McMurray Read along with us here Su
Hirings and firings continue, but what really matters is how different Utah LDS is from Missouri RLDS. Finances. Gender. Transparency. Focus. Use of resources. Take everything you knew a true from Utah LDS, flip it and reverse it into an altern
The last big breakaway wraps up, and its officially a new era for the church. Women rise to power all over, members with AIDS are officially accepted as worthy humans (while the world rejects them), communion is open to everyone, and further re
Wally Tony blocks the remaining fundamentalists from removing revelation 156 by introducing a resolution that petitions for revelation must come from the Prophet-President, not the people. Say thanks to the domineering personality of Fred M bac
It's 1984 and women are now officially allowed to hold the priesthood! Almost. They have to go through all the same training as the men do, and THEN they can hold the priesthood.  Read along with us here Support the show here Geoffrey Spence
The forces of a changing society continue to push on all sides.  Read along with us here Support the show here Reed Homes Empowering Homosexuals in the Church: A History of GALA
The first international apostle is called as the fundamentalist movement strengthens. Restoration Festivals, Inc is formed and subsequently silenced by the Q12.  Read along with us here Support the show here Read Steve Veazey's blog about his
It's time for some context to the 1980 proto-schism in RLDS. The Epitome of Faith and Doctrine is exactly the same as the Articles of Faith, just rebranded.  Read along with us here Apostle's Creed
W. Wallace Smith officially retires, Wallace B. Smith takes over. It goes smoothly, except for the 15%-25% of the congregation who Does Not Believe. Or more it's that they believe in the fundamentals and their new progressive leader.  Read alon
In a shocking turn of events, W. Wallace Smith decides to retire rather than remain prophet-president until death. He nominates his son, Wallace Bunnell Anthony Smith, as successor.  Read along with us here GCR 564 Graceland College Book of K
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