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EwThatsGross reviewed this podcast on Apr 9th, 2019
"This podcast makes Mondays a little bit easier. "
addem reviewed this podcast on Mar 29th, 2019
"Three brothers make each other laugh for 2 hours. Packed with goofs and fun!"
TheShadowThatKnows reviewed this podcast on Feb 3rd, 2019
"Very funny. A little rambly, but the boys have senses of humor like no one else. If you don’t mind a little weird, a little crazy, and a lot of horses, this thing is great."
Aemyn Connolly reviewed this podcast on Dec 23rd, 2018
"Listening to these good good brothers changed my life and personality so positively and helped me find the friends and community I needed."
Atomickong reviewed this podcast on Nov 24th, 2018
"These three brothers make me laugh with their silly antics, and mispronunciations. They search for the best of the of the best Yahoo answers to give their own advice."
dnallohleoj reviewed this podcast on Oct 30th, 2018
"I learned about the Brothers back in 2016, and I have been in love with their content ever since. They're consistently funny, they speak on topics I can relate to, and they give the best bad advice this modren era could ask for!"
GeeksUndertheInfluence reviewed this podcast on Oct 23rd, 2018
"These good good boys are a treat every week! One of my top 3 favorite podcasts."
LEC4011 reviewed this podcast on Aug 10th, 2017
"As Travis McElroy described it, an advice show that doesn't give advice. One of the most absurdly hilarious shows I've ever listened to, the hosts have fantastic chemistry in addition to being brothers. So funny and frequently causes me to laugh out loud regardless of where I'm listening. "
Logan_Cormier reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"I've been listening since near the beginning. I don't think I could ever find another piece of media where I feel more personally invested in the dynamic and chemistry of the hosts. It's like this for everyone I know who listens; This whole ordeal - a lifestyle, almost. There's just something so genuine and unique about each of them, and when you put them together... I'm not much of a sentimental person, but damn, I love these boys. I've never tried to actively promote something within my social network like the McElroys."
isthisadulting reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"MBMBAM is one of the reasons I started podcasting. Always at the top of my list and never disappoints!"
darkaegis reviewed this podcast on Jul 13th, 2017
"Hilarious, often useless advice from three of the funniest dudes out there. The questions are interesting, but the banter between the brothers is golden."
David Southworth reviewed this podcast on Jul 11th, 2017
"Simply the best. The McElroy brothers are consistently hilarious in all of their podcasts, but this is the OG and the top of the pile. Ryan is wrong though, we need more Sadlibs. Bring 'em back, Travis!"
Mbmbam reviewed this podcast on Jun 30th, 2017
"Love this podcast. So much fun listening to the brother's good off, without trying to be too clever. "
Twig reviewed this podcast on Jun 22nd, 2017
"Consistently hilarious, fun, genuine, and helpful(?)."
ntkach reviewed this podcast on Jun 22nd, 2017
"Very funny, I quote Justin fairly often"
Ryan Stock reviewed this podcast on Jun 22nd, 2017
"As with a lot of other MBMBAM fans, this is easily my favourite podcast of all time, hosted by three brothers who I see as the naturally funniest people in broadcasting, They might take some getting used to but if you begin from the very start (7 years ago) you'll follow their journey from being fairly clueless to being just slightly less clueless now. The 'in' jokes are a huge part of the humour so the more you listen the more invested you'll feel. All three brothers have a bunch of other podcasts which are (mostly) all great, but this one is the one I can listen to as soon as each episode comes out. We can just pretend that sad libs never existed. Great job! "
shuttrking reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
"The. Best. America's favorite brothers will make you smile and laugh for days. "
AdamWK reviewed this podcast on Jun 10th, 2017
"This is my favorite podcast. Without fail the Mcelroy brothers make me laugh each week with their absurdity and really tap into that part of my own sense of humor that I think is impossible to explain to others. The brothers are also just incredible ambassadors for how to do comedy without constantly trying tear others down. Love this show. "
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