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My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

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GustavoLomas reviewed this podcast on Apr 24th, 2019
"These two ladies are amazing and are the reason that I started my very own podcast. They bring life to death and help people become more aware of themselves and the world around them. In short, you can't go wrong with this one. SSDGM."
TopOTheMorningToYa reviewed this podcast on Dec 17th, 2018
"I don't really understand why I like this podcast so much. I think it's the cocktail of these girls' personalities coupled with their genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter. It does that thing that podcasts are supposed to do where it makes you feel like you are friends, which is slightly creepy. but hey, that's our technocratic world now. "
extraflamey reviewed this podcast on Oct 18th, 2018
"True crime and humor? Two kickass female hosts and pet mentions? You had me at the first "Elvis want a cookie?" "
jennifersalome reviewed this podcast on Jan 11th, 2018
"The ONLY complaint about it is that it does take a while to get to the juicy murders, but I love their chemistry. The stories are great, their story-telling is wonderful, and Elvis is a star."
heidi reviewed this podcast on Aug 28th, 2017
"I love it, but could do with a bit less of the random chat at the beginning."
treester reviewed this podcast on Aug 18th, 2017
"It's very hard to explain this podcast. A comedy? About true crime? Yes. Somehow it is hilarious but also in no way glorifies murderers - and also at times is very touching and inspiring. If you like true crime at all, don't be turned off by it being a comedy. Give it a listen!"
ccvanvooren10 reviewed this podcast on Aug 8th, 2017
"A fun podcast that focuses less on crime and more on our fascination with it and how we interact with the horrors that regularly go on around us. A great way to have fun talking about a serious topic. "
NinaGabrielle reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2017
"I am completely, 100% in love with this podcast, the content, and the people who create it! Karen, Georgia and STEVEN! are amazing, and I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing my love for true-crime and comedy, combining the two, and sharing it with my ear holes! Love you all, SSDGM! <3 "
teeshamentnech reviewed this podcast on Aug 6th, 2017
"These lovelies are the absolute best. I am new to the MFM world but they really care about their listeners and audience and willfully admit when they are wrong. Each episode is well thought out with side of diversion from some topics but the spontaneity is part of what makes listening to Georgia and Karen so fantastical. Listening to them helps me in so many ways with their humor and care. Cannot recommend enough. "
bensonenson reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"My Favorite Murder is fantastic. It's one of the most unique true crime podcasts I've encountered (and I regularly listen to over 20). It admittedly took me a while a few episodes to get into it... but I started around the time they did. By Episode 3 I was hooked. MFM not only brings the true crime nitty gritty and horror, but also important messages about empowerment, mental illness, and just plain getting through the rougher spots in life. It's informal, raw, and makes me feel like I'm listening to two old friends chatting across the table from me. I identify a lot with Karen and Georgia. And not just because they also like to talk about murder."
Stef reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"first episode rape comments. turned me off "
megaounce reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"I absolutely love this podcast!! I discovered it last summer, and binged the entire thing in about a month. I know wait anxiously for each new episode. Karen and Georgia are so funny and so open about issues that a lot of people aren't (mental health, therapy, drug/alcohol abuse), They admittedly don't always have all the facts straight, but they're entertaining as hell. Plus, TRUE CRIME!!! "
stanthemovieman reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"The ladies of My Favorite Murder are a hoot to listen to even while they are talking about the most horrific crimes. That's a true feat of podcasting."
Theroguequilter reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"I started listening and they kept getting facts wrong about famous serial killers. Do better research "
staciam02 reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"I listened to a few in the beginning but I'm not a fan. They seem to have a big following but I'm not sure their research is great and how the heck do you have a favorite murder? makes no sense to like murder."
LizzyLee reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"This is one of my favorite podcast of all time!"
aelvargas reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"Karen and Georgia are hilarious, passionate, and caring -- a lovely combination in true crime podcast hosts. "
BadgerBobcat reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"Karen and Georgia make murder funny in a way that is respectful to victims and their families. Covering each story with their own brand of wit and sass, they are a fearsome duo (plus Steven!) who - while short sometimes on nuances of research in each of the cases - fiercely advocate for victims and justice (i.e. "End the Backlog") and always remind their listeners to Stay Sexy..... and Don't Get Murdered."
Kejako reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"BEST PODCAST EVER! Love every minute of It. #ssdgm"
Cupcakeowl10 reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"Everything I never knew I wanted in a comedy murder podcast!"
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