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[Tw: Discussions of drug abuse, mental illness, and suicide.]A lot of episodes on this feed simply don’t happen. Because they can’t. But it doesn’t matter so much. This is just a podcast.In reality, there’s a lot of conversation that aren’t hap
The Political Constitution of 1899 is amazing fodder for the ‘what if’ game. Ultimately, the Philippines might not have stuck with the constitution they use today, so it’s worth thinking about what could have been.Sources:Calderón, Felipe (1907
Ahead of National First Philippine Republic Day, Marcy is going to go into what that holiday is celebrating, but we also should quickly go over who helped make that happen.Sources:Agoncillo, Teodoro A. (1997). Malolos: The Crisis of the Republi
Dreams… What odd things. They’ve meant a lot to Marcy. And they meant a lot to the indigenous Tagalog people.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twitter! And our newest show Searching for the Aswang----Transcript available on our website: www.miscell
This wasn’t the Christmas episode we were hoping for…—-Music as always from Sounds like an Earful - SoundslikeanEarful.com
[Apologies for the delay: ‘malfunctioning fire alarms’ is the sort of problem that compounds quickly in the podcast world.]The final act in Teresa Magbanua’s story. In some ways, it’s a familiar one.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twitter! And ou
Teresa Magbanua left the spotlight, pausing her story while the rest of the world goes on.Sources:1. Locsin-Nava, Cecelia. "Teresa Magbauna: Woman Warrior". Review of Women's Studies. Vol 6, No 1, 1996.2. Revised Administrative Code Of The Phil
[Editor's Note: Apologies for the delay. It was a long week in the US...]Things were supposed to go well. Or at least better than they had been. But then tragedy strikes. And a downfall begins.Sources:1. Locsin-Nava, Cecelia. "Teresa Magbauna:
The family bond will always be sacred, and what it generates may seem impossible. But never invincible.Source:Locsin-Nava, Cecelia. "Teresa Magbauna: Woman Warrior". Review of Women's Studies. Vol 6, No 1, 1996.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twi
{CW/TW Canon Fire in the beginning of the podcast}A go-ahead from a distant shore is the beginning of the end. Teresa Magbanua’s legacy is gradually undone.Source:Foreman, John, “The Philippine Islands: a political, geographical, ethnographical
There was no greater prize than Iloilo City. At least for now. At least out of what they could hope for.Source:1. Funtecha, Henry (2000). "The Urbanization of the Town of Iloilo, 1865–1900". Selected Papers on Cities in Philippine History. Phil
[Studio note: It turns out we purchased a faulty adapter for our microphone. Hence the further delay.It would be easiest for everyone if we resume the two week pattern from this point forward. Part 5 will be out on September 25th.]For all the f
[Studio note: Our sincerest apologies for the delay. Equipment broke down, which required replacements that took a few days to acquire. This hopefully spells out an end to delayed releases.Next Friday will have an episode release, and a normal
The inevitable war breaks out. And so too does Teresa's call for battle. But it wasn't an easy road for her. Or any woman, really.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twitter!Sources:1. Guererro, Milagros; Encarnacion, Emmanuel; Villegas, Ramon (1996)
Marcy found a historical figure she could connect to, and that's where she wants to begin. But it's not the sort of connection you might be thinking. Because Marcy isn't brave or strong, but she always thought she was supposed to be. And that's
There's a lot of history to learn. Especially historical figures. Even when you try to narrow down the list, you might find it still is impossibly long, so a shorthand trick is to be expected right? Well, in this episode, Marcy attempts to tell
[IMPORTANT NOTE: Schedule change. This podcast will now release episodes every other Friday. Next week will have an episode as a reset week. Then every other Friday will start. Ingat po.]So the answer to this question really should have come by
So... apparently there's a very small connection between F. Landa Jocano and your humble, amateur podcast host. It's small objectively, but it means a lot to Marcy.Source: Cruz, Vida. 10.28.2013. "F. Landa Jocano, anthropologist and UP professo
Just before the massive change brought to the Philippines, there was one last trinity of deities watching over the Tagalog people. They say good things come in threes, not that the sets of things would also be in threes, I guess.Check out @hugo
Back to Tagalog mythology, the third set of gods reveal themselves. And with them comes some shifts in Tagalog history.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twitter!And check out our newest show The Mountain's Heart - launching April 20th!----Transcrip
[So this has been a really taxing and scary time for me because of a close call with my family in the Philippines. For now nondescript, but I think you can imagine why I might be super worried for my older family members right now. Overall, be
In such challenging times, stay safe. Ingat po!Hugot Podcasting will be releasing an audio fiction show next month: The Mountain's Heart. This episode, let's look a little bit into the inspiration behind this show.Check out @hugotPodcasting on
Marcy wanted to talk about Filipino writers who won Filipino awards, so what was it so difficult?!?!And check out our newest show Temporal Light----Transcript available on our website: www.miscellanymedia.online/transcriptsMusic for this Episod
When the new thing you learned is that something exists... A religious icon you had seen dozens of times before but never thought about.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twitter!Sources:Sison, Antonio D. (2015). "Afflictive Apparitions: The Folk Ca
Christmas time again! Let's talk about a couple of the things you might see. Partially because I love them so much.Check out @hugotPodcasting on Twitter!Sources:“Christmas in the Philippines.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 18 Dec. 2019, http
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