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“My vision for this profession in 10 years, so by 2030 we’ll say, I want to see more people joining the profession than leaving the profession. So, I really want to see the script flipped.” Our guest today is Dr. Jacqui Horner. Dr. Horner sha
“I mean I try. I still try to help him out when I can. He figured a lot of it out. He’s in such a unique position. I came straight into veterinary school from undergrad, so it was a very clean, or I guess cleaner transition and so he put in a l
“I learn too. I get to say ‘Wow that’s a great idea. I have never done that.’ I think it’s important for people to see that even if you are a specialist, you never stop learning. You never have all the answers. You don’t have every case go perf
“And it’s really, it’s a universal experience. We all have to learn how to bear the things we think we cannot bear over the course of our lives. And I think in so many ways that is why Wild resonated with so many people around the world because
“And so then I went full vet. Right? I’m like ‘oh yeah, I’ll show you.’ And I went and I took classes and I’m like I’m going to be the best. I just got really into it. And then I realized, this is great because I said before I don’t like surger
“So, the way I think about, you know, just our mission statements, is how do we alleviate pressure on the veterinary team by allocating responsibility to pet parents. And they are happy to do so, these are their furry children. They call them a
“So, the same process happened again. I had an interview but then got wait listed again. And I say this because I hear so many stories of people, of how they got somewhere and they just succeeded, and I feel bad because I’m like, ‘Why is everyo
“You get really good at being efficient with the things you want to get done. You move those things that have to get done- cleaning bottles or whatever- up to the top of the list. I guess you kind of triage your house so to speak when you’re a
“Really thinking about financial tools as tools, not as the goal. Right? So, you know when you build a home, the goal is to build a home, it’s not to buy tools. But you need to buy tools in order to build a home. And I think when it comes to fi
“Ashley and I have been doing these IG lives lately on these medical cases and one of the things that we say is ‘Bring your curiosity, and drop your judgement, medicine is not a place for judgement.’’ Our guest today is Dr. Monica Tarantino. Sh
“I also think reflecting on asking yourself the question ‘When I’m healthy, when I feel, when I feel good, when I feel like I’m thriving, how do I know? What does that look like for me?” Our guest today is Dr Jen Brandt. Dr. Brandt is the Direc
“What makes a great team? The first one is trust. And trust is really important and trust is not something that is given by default and I think for the associate veterinarian and newer grads, you’re going to walk into a new practice and probabl
“So I think for me what was most challenging after graduation was the leadership role that I was thrown into and having to lead a team on day one or day 7.” Our guest today is Dr. Tierra Price. This is the second time Dr. Price has been on the
“COVID clinics is an experience in and of itself, honestly. Every school handled it a little bit differently and I think at the end of the day one of the biggest priorities for a lot schools were making sure students were getting the hands-on e
“Also, for new graduates, remember, we’re not finished veterinarians when we come out of veterinary school. The things that I knew back then and the things that I know now, it’s a continual path that we’re on learning and I think that’s what ke
“Do your research, that’s an obvious one, you know, if you are going to make a big change. A lot of people are afraid to ask for help, so try to shake that, because that’s not a good habit.” Our guest today is Shawn Wilkie! Shawn is the CEO and
“Networking is not a bad thing, and it also doesn’t have to feel like schmoozing. It should feel like you are finding your people, and there’s nothing wrong with that and if you make those connections, hold onto them because they are really imp
“Hey, when you come into veterinary school, your path is going to change. What you think that you are going to do at the beginning is going to be totally different than what you end up doing once you graduate. And I guess my story is definitely
“This is one of the uncelebrated aspects about veterinary surgery, is the symphony of the team. You’re not doing surgery by yourself, right? So, preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively throughout the entire process there’s an enti
“And I tell my clients, there’s not a Western medical diagnosis for what your pet is experiencing right now but the good news is we have a different way to speak to the body and learn from the body and we can approach things from a holistic per
“My mom has this saying that she always uses, and it is to kind of 'go with the flow, roll with the punches, and duck when you have to, and hang on like Snoopy.' That’s what she tells me all the time.” Our guest today is Dr. Krista Miller! We h
“I became our SAVMA delegate and moved on to all kinds of veterinary leadership roles from there and I really appreciate all of those and do feel that really broadens my veterinary horizons, even though it wasn’t book knowledge.”Our guest today
“A really good hack I like to tell people is anything you wouldn’t do if you’re being chased by a tiger will move you from that survival system-sympathetic- to the growth system of parasympathetic. So, you mentioned sleep, Marci, so if you are
“But, I could show you guys, I make cat houses, I make scarves, hats, I’ve made dog sweaters, so I’ve gifted some of my friends dog sweaters. I will crochet in class sometimes because I mentioned, I have narcolepsy and moving my hands helps me
“When I finally followed around some veterinarians, I was like ‘Ok, wow, this is, this is where I want to be.’ And it is because I saw the impact that one person could have, not just on our patients, but also on the people reliant on those pati
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