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Mysteries of Science

A podcast featuring Ciaran Sneddon
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Episodes of Mysteries of Science

We’re going high up into the Peruvian Andes in South America, more than 2,000 metres above sea level, to the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most spectacular places. It was named one of the seven wonders of the modern wor
Think you know about dinosaurs? Think again!  Hollywood movies have lied to you. Are dinosaurs big, scaly creatures with tremendous roars? Maybe... Or, as Michael and Stevie discover in this episode of Mysteries of Science, perhaps they were
Black holes are small regions of space where a great amount of matter is packed in and their gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape.  But what’s inside a black hole? What would happen to someone if they got suc
How far back can you remember? I bet you can't remember being a baby. Most people can't and it's a total mystery as to why. Why does this happen? Where did my memories go? And is there any way we can get them back?  In this episode, Michael a
What’s got loads of tentacles and, according to legend, snacks on gigantic sailing ships? It’s not a trick question and it’s no joke either. The answer is one of the most mythical sea creatures of all, an animal so enormous that it's rumoured
We're heading to one of the world's most isolated and mysterious places ‚Äď Easter Island!¬†That's what a group of Dutch explorers called Rapa Nui when they came across the island on Easter Sunday in 1722.¬† Rapa Nui is home to around a thousand l
Welcome to Season 3 of Mysteries of Science! On this podcast we take a look at the strange phenomena and bizarre events that have left scientists scratching their heads and, despite their best efforts, remain well and truly unsolved.  Since th
We're finishing the second season of Mysteries of Science by looking at some of your mysteries. From unicorns to black holes and even the Big Bang, we're looking at some of the stuff that's thoroughly perplexed you and are on the hunt for answe
Astronauts who have been far enough to see Earth from the stars often come back expressing a very peculiar feeling. It has become such a phenomenon that it now has its own name: The Overview Effect.  Some get a feeling of interconnectedness wh
Some scientists think there may be a countless number of universes, all with their own laws of physics and their own unique map of the stars, separate from the one we know. It’s an idea that challenges everything about the way we think, and th
Dan and Stevie chat to Angus and Laura at the National Trust all about an inland ship burial and stories of ghosts and mysterious treasure!  Mysteries of Science is a fortnightly podcast created by The Week Junior's Science+Nature magazine and
Ciaran and Dan delve into one of the biggest mysteries of all time: Are we alone in the universe?  With the help of Voyager Golden Record artist Jon Lomberg and more, we try to discover how we might know if something else was out there and if
We're always chatting to clever people on Mysteries of Science but not all of their interviews make the cut; sadly, sometimes we have to chop bits out! We're looking back at our favourite mysteries of 2021 and we're playing some never-before-h
Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric moments around but its age also hides lots of its secrets. How old is Stonehenge? Who was it built by? What was it used for? Why does it align perfectly with the summer and winter solstices?  In
How is it possible for many different cultures around the world, all living at different times, to come up with the same stories? Dragons come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and nearly every country has its own tale to tell. Does that mean th
There's a mysterious place on Earth where planes and ships frequently go missing... The space has become known as the Bermuda Triangle but is there something untoward happening in there or are the events just statistical probabilities?  Myster
It's a brand new season of Mysteries of Science and we're kicking it all off with a Halloween special. Stevie, Ciaran and Dan tackle three spooky mysteries of science, all united by a single theme.  Mysteries of Science is a fortnightly podcas
It sounds like something from a very popular dinosaur theme park film series, but the idea of a prehistoric shark still swimming the seas today is one that has popped up every now and then in recent history. As recently as 2013, a film ‚Äď promo
This wraps up our first series of Mysteries of Science. Thank you so much for all of your comments, reviews, and to all of our contributors who spoke to us for the series.  Series two of Mysteries of Science is well underway so it won't be lon
Today, we're going on one of the biggest treasure hunts in history. There's something very special about this treasure hunt though. It was created by Forrest Fenn ‚Äď an art dealer and author in the US ‚Äď and unlike the treasure hunts you might r
We're making a special episode of Mysteries of Science and we want to hear from you!¬† It's a special listeners episode featuring your comments and questions...¬† Get in touch by September 26th: [email protected]¬† See omnystudio.com/l
Ciaran and Dan look at what makes a planet and whether there's a mysterious extra planet ‚Äď Planet X ‚Äď just beyond Neptune, lurking in our cosmic neighbourhood.¬† Mysteries of Science is a fortnightly podcast created by The Week Junior's Science
This is the case of a curious creature known as Bigfoot. Could the rumours of a hairy, human-like ape wandering the North American wilderness be true, or are they just folk stories that have been passed down for generations? Dan and Ciaran tr
Have you ever felt like you were living through a memory all over again, even though it couldn't have possibly have happened before? That feeling is known as deja vu, a French term that means 'already seen'...  In this episode of Mysteries of
ASMR is a mysterious sensation... It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. People who feel it describe it as a tingling, sparkly feeling in the brain, triggered by soft sounds, watching slow, repetitive movements or moments of positi
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