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Mysteriousnesses EP#30: The Mongolian Death Worm
On this episode we discuss a raid on area 51, sports superstitions and conspiracies, and a ghost caught on camera. In our feature segment we get into the mongolian death worm.     Show Notes: Area 51 Ghost on Camera The Predator Hollow Earth Theory Aliens Solving Global Warming The Psychomanteum  Sports Conspiracies Mongolian Death Worm  
Mysteriousnesses EP#29: Bigfoot Abductions
On this episode we go over some pterosaur sightings, a UFO attack,  paranormal encounters at truck stops and ghost cats. For our feature segment we discuss instances of Bigfoot kidnapping people. Show Notes: UFO over Turnberry UFO Attack Dawn spacecraft gone silent Pterodactyl Spotted Dinosaur Bird Truck Stop Hauntings  Ghost Cat Muchalat Harry Married to Bigfoot Kidnapped by Bigfoot Man Held for 10 Hours Bigfoot Attacks Family  
Mysteriousnesses EP#28: D.B Cooper
On this episode we talk about small dogs that want to be bigger, strange creatures in Japan, a viral UFO video, and Bigfoot’s member. In our feature segment we discuss D.B Cooper and some new evidence that has been brought to light. At the end of the show we get into some strange chaos magic. Show Notes:  Coming soon
Mysteriousnesses EP#27: The Orang Pendek
On this episode we discuss a newly discovered time warp, a kangaroo type creature, The Hunter Arms hotel, and The pasagoula alien abduction. We interview Shellie Harris about Reiki and in our feature segment we get into the orang pendek.     Show Notes: The pasagoula alien abduction Let’s do the time warp Aliens rearranging stars Cab driver reports kangaroo like creature Bigfoot in Wisconsin  The Hunter Arms Hotel The Pint Sized bigfoot Orang Pendek sightings Hobbits Orang Pendek caught on camera?  
Mysteriousnesses EP#26: Unsolved Serial Killings
On this episode we discuss mirror touch  synaesthesia, an elderly Bigfoot, how to shoot a ghost, a mothman encounter, and in our feature segment we get into unsolved serial killings   Show Notes: coming soon
Mysteriousnesses EP#25: The Hopkinsville Encounter
On this episode we discuss UFO encounters involving multiple pilots, a hot spot for Bigfoot encounters, and Art Bell. In our feature segment we talk about the Kelly-Hopkisville alien encounter   Show Notes: Beast on the Prowl Asteroid Flyby Village of Bigfoot Arizona Pilots see UFO Fighter Pilot Locks onto UFO Dear David Art Bell RIP Wild Wild Country The Hopkinsville Encounter  
Mysteriousnesses EP#24: Shakespeare’s Secrets
On this episode we discuss real life mind reading, an alien infested desert ranch, hauntings on aircraft, Mel’s hole, and in our feature segment we talk about the mysteries surrounding William Shakespeare’s life and death. Show Notes: Alien Infested Desert Ranch Haunted Planes Port Stephens Shark Yowie Alien Experience Mind Reading Time Travel Mel’s Hole Shakespeare’s Secrets Did The Bard Write his Own Plays? The Stratford Heist Vote to Open the Alter      
Mysteriousnesses EP#23: The Wizard of Mauritius
We are back. On this episode we discuss the governments secret UFO program, neanderthal sightings, some ghostly encounters and The Wizard of Mauritius in our feature segment. Show Notes: The Wizard of Mauritius Humanoid UFO Hitlers Master Race  Skier Found 3000 Miles Away Pentagon UFO Program The Man Who Went to Space Portugal Women Encounter Neanderthal New Neanderthal Sighting  Metta World Peace Touched by Ghosts Woman Marries Pirate Ghost Ghost Picture     
Mysteriousnesses EP#22: Extra Planetary Experiences
On this episode we get into one theory of why SETI has yet to make contact, Bigfoot news, evidence of time travel, a GOP candidate who has been abducted by aliens and tube earth theory. In our feature segment we discuss experiences from other planets.   Show Notes: iPhone in 1937 Painting GOP Candidate Abducted by Aliens  High School Ghost Two Women See Bigfoot after Storm Ghost Hunters Hunted Why We Haven’t Made Contact  
Mysteriousnesses EP#21: Werewolf Encounters
On this episode we discuss how Indian burial mounds may have saved the Tampa Bay area from approaching hurricanes, the mars simulation crew, USOs that are being studied by the US Navy, and the end of the world (again). In our feature segment we go over some werewolf encounters. Show Notes: The Moon is an Alien Observatory  Biblical World Ending Prophecy Simulated Mars Mission Indian Mounds Flying Triangles in Tampa USOs and the Navy Aliens Could use NASA Maps to Find Earth Mothman Flap in Chicago Florida Man Finds Bigfoot Extinct Tiger Spotted 8 Werewolf Stories Wisconsin Werewolf  Creepy Werewolf Encounter  
Mysteriousnesses EP#20: Antarctic Nazi Bases
On this episode we go into a lot of new Bigfoot information, discuss some Thunderbird sightings,  and explore the theory that UFOs are hiding in Saturn’s rings. In out feature segment we go through the book “Hitler’s Antarctica UFOs”. Show Notes Coming Soon:          
Mysteriousnesses EP#19: Strange Psychology
This time on the podcast we go into a possible child slave colony on mars, an ancient pyramid, a real dogman in Africa, a mass possession, and new Amelia Earhart information.  In our feature segment we discuss strange psychology and late in the show we talk about the Mandela effect.   Show Notes: Child Slave Colony on Mars Ancient Pyramid on Mars Dogman Ape-Like Humanoids Peruvian Mass Possession  Amelia Earhart may have Survived Horrifying Mental Illnesses  Quirky Mental Disorders Mandela Effect Examples Mandela Effect Full List  
Mysteriousnesses EP#18: Black Eyed Kids
On this episode we discuss a new top secret document concerning Roswell, Kurt Russel’s famous UFO encounter, a state trooper that interacts with Bigfoot, real wizards in history, and in our feature segment we talk about the phenomenon known as black eyed kids. Show Notes: New Leaked Roswell Documents Giant hole on Mars UFOs and Marilyn Monroe Kurt Russel is Pilot that reported the Phoenix Lights Georgia Bigfoot Footage State Trooper Claims Bigfoot Interaction Is The Universe Conscious Real Life Wizards Black Eyed Kids    
Mysteriousnesses EP#17: Hy Brasil
On this episode we talk about curious robots, Bigfoot destroying a trailer, and new witness testimony from the Roswell crash. In our feature segment we discuss the mysterious island Hy Brasil. Check out our show notes: Giant Carbon Sucking Machine Scientists Imbue Robots with Curiosity Aerospace Executive Convinced of Aliens on Earth New Roswell Witness Granny’s Trailer Damaged by Bigfoot Canada Bigfoot Photo New Bermuda Triangle Disappearance Curse of Moll Dyer  Hy Brasil Denver Airport Conspiracy         
Mysteriousnesses EP#16: Faeries
On this episode we discuss the promise behind a new “exercise pill”, new Loch Ness Monster footage, Bigfoot sexual assault, a grey alien shot dead by gate guards, and in our feature segment we talk about faerie lore Show Notes: Bigfoot Sexual Assault  Possessed Blue Eyed Doll Heavens Gate Exercise Pill Extraterrestrial Shot Dead  New Loch Ness Footage Giant Washed up Sea Creature 10 Fairies  Fairy Wiki Cottingley Faeries  Comparisons to Alien Abductions     
Mysteriousnesses EP#15: Extra Terrestrials on Earth
On this episode It’s Lauren’s birthday so we celebrate by drinking Bigfoot wine while we discussing Bigfoot sightings.We also talk about recent UFO activity, a new artificial womb and in our feature segment we examine Extra Terrestrials on Earth. Show Notes. Artificial Womb Craft Enters Wormhole UFO Changes Color UFO Behind Astronaut  Bigfoot Footage from Florida Creature in Garden Trail Cam Footage Adults Only Alien Abduction 9 Haunted Objects 5 Alien Species  6 Alien Species  A-Z Alien Species   
Mysteriousnesses EP#13: Alien Wars
On this episode we discuss A new UFO photo,a rabbit hole that leads to a Templar Temple, the Chatham county jail, angry Bigfoot and in out feature segment we discuss Alien Wars.   Show Notes: Katy Perry not actually a witch Celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg Ancient Egypt Nuremberg Event Alien Human Battle New Mexico Our Lady of Fatima 3 Secret of Fatima Disc UFO  Audio of Skunk ape Video of Skunk Ape Templar Cave Chatham County Jail Battle of Los Angeles      
Mysteriousnesses EP#12: The Mothman
On this episode we discussed new footage of a rarely seen mammal, a disturbing UFO encounter, and how to seduce a ghost. On our feature segment we delved into the legend  of The Mothman.                 Show notes below: Fireball UFO Tom DeLonge Pennsylvania Witness Report Humanoid Photographed in Scotland  True’s Beaked Whales UFO Sightings at all Time  Man Shows “spirit” Photos The Curse of Cornstalk New Mothman Sighting in Point Pleasant  We Tried to have sex with Ghosts  
Mysteriousnesses EP#11: Time Travel
On this episode we discuss NASA’s latest announcement, an update on the Travis Walton abduction case, gnomes, and a murderous demon truck. In our feature segment we discuss theoretical and anecdotal time travel scenarios. If you have any theories or personal stories you would like to share with us please message us on Facebook and make sure to check out the show notes below.                     The Bold Street Time Slips Thompson Park Vortex 7 Real Accounts of Time Travel Project Pegasus 1995 Boxing Footage Demon Truck Ghost Sex Travis Walton Wollaton Park Gnomes Time Travelers with Cell Phones Teleportation on Camera Man Meets His Future Self    
Mysteriousnesses EP#10: Lost Ancient Cities
On this episode we started off talking about the weirdest new pieces of tech from last year. We also discussed a case involving black eyed adults, one family’s threat to kill Bigfoot, and Lost Ancient cities. At the end of the show we get into a new line of healing Crystal adult toys. Enjoy!     No show notes this week due to a computer crashing but hey you can always just google it. We are also proud to announce that Mysteriousnesses will be featured on Bubba Army Radio Saturdays at 8pm
Mysteriousnesses EP#9: Poltergeist Activity
On our first episode of the year we discuss declassified documents from the CIA,an unexplainable UFO video from Chile, two ghosts photobombing, The Mandala Effect, and we sit down with our friend Belinda to talk about some of her personal paranormal experiences. Check Out the Shownotes Below. Sinbad Movie that doesn’t exist UFO Video from Chilean Navy Alien Claw  Google Earth Abduction Ghost Photobomb Shadow Figure on Security Tape Bigfoot Video CIA Documents
Mysteriousnesses EP#8: Halloween
This time on the show we talk about the history of Halloween, how different cultures view it and talk about a creepy Halloween encounter from the 70’s. We also discuss the Bermuda Triangle, more strange sky sounds and a very creepy child saint comes to life.                 Find out more in the shownotes: Bermuda Triangle Explained? Certain Blood Types may have Extraterrestrial Origin  Fears of Eruption at Yellowstone  Tom Delonge Dead Child Saint Opens Eyes Hillary and UAF Ghost of Young Boy Different Sky Sounds Little Bigfoot Giant Bird Champ Samhain The Truth About Halloween True Halloween Story
Mysteriousnesses EP#7: The Secret Space Program
On this episode of Mysteriousnesses We get into some UFO news, some interesting wartime monster sightings, Snapchat as a ghost detector and in our feature segment we discuss the various secret space programs. John and Mike also have a sighting of their own. Check out our Show Notes!   Snapchat captures faceless ghost  A Modern Day Witch Trial UFO that looks like the Millennium Falcon UFO over Devon 18th century book with UFO on cover 10 wartime monster sightings Solar Warden Exopolitics  Alternative 3 Black Star
Mysteriousnesses EP#6: Shadow People
On this episode of Mysteriousnesses we discuss the shadow person phenomenon in depth. We also talk about a possible new discovery seti is investigating, a Bigfoot attack, The conspiracies behind the recent SpaceX explosion, and a cursed sword that causes homicidal tendencies. Check out the show notes: The Hat Man Malaysian UFO Sabotaged SpaceX Launch Grey Bigfoot Spotted Bigfoot Attack Cursed Sword Signal From Deep Space Black Cloaked Entity Reddit: Shadow People Encounters Not Associated with Sleep Church Shadow Man Prince Phillip Cargo Cult  
Mysteriousnesses EP#5: The Lost Colony
On this great episode we had discussions about a giant snake spotted in Russia, Greys in Florida, sky sounds, Stull Cemetery, and in our feature segment we talk about the lost colony of Roanoke. Check out our show notes and be sure to rate and review us on itunes.   What it’s like to be an Empath Corpse Flower Blooms Lights over St. Louis Arch Grey Aliens in Florida Large Snake in Russia Gateway to Hell Cigar Shaped UFOs in Las Vegas The Lost Colony      
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