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Episodes of Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000's been quiet... the dusts are settling... the fog is on the wind, death is in the air... and the echoes of a bomb still heard... _______________________________________________________________ Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Play
Last we left the group, poor Tenebris ended up being basically gutted (thanks, A'plex) while the green fog continues to wreck havoc in Tangea. Will this turn into a zombie blood bath or something more dire for the group, maybe even the whole t
Group 2 finally get's back to town after finishing there mission to find out about the green fog/smoke that heading their way... however there is a big surprise awaiting them in town... as well as event's unfold that no one expected, not even t
We come back to our heroes on the hot trail to catch the ships. Will they make it in time to get the wood? Will Deek finally get paid? Let's find out! _______________________________________________________________ Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary
After 3 failed bluffs... we find new friends and potential romance between party members. Listen to the most innocent thing finally have enough, and deal with the crisis of Life and Death... All of that action and more, on this episode of MFD9K
We chase the party as they head off after more Wood (Haven't they gotten enough?) ... but this time, there are things that try to get in there way (again?!!!)... and the question is posed "Why not paint it red?" ________________________________
After Darkness Falls the group finds themselves! and learn a little more information about a particular party member. Even though the words are never directly said... 3 players are not as blind as 3 little mice, and 1 player tries so hard, but
FINALLY! ACCESS TO THE WOOD! Now on to deliberate on how to get it from the barn to the mill. Oh wait, whats that over there? Seems theres some stragglers we can talk to. Wonder if their mouths are willing to run as fast as their legs? ________
A nice rest get's our party all giddy for new day of excitement and fun. What they find leads them down a dark path...and what they find in this dark path... could it be...each other? ____________________________ Lilith Vinedancer - Nature Elf
This session, our player's get friendly with animals. Find leaking shadows? and of course, someone has to learn a little about themselves! How will the players react to the news...will they get their WOOD!!!!!!!! _______________________________
The Mouth opens, it is mad and hungry. Aplex questions the group. Friends are always friends. What's that about the Fog you say? Find more on this episode! _______________________________________________ Lilith Vinedancer - Nature Elf - Druid (
Our band of misfit "heroes" finally arrive to their destination. Let's hope that getting wood will be an easy task... ___________________________ Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played by Heather Elladean Crowley - Bard - Human?: Played
With what remains of the Townguard and its questionable new addition, they set out to continue their mission. Along the way with giving out aid and botany lessons, what could go wrong? _______________________________________________ Lilith Vine
Enduring fight after fight, someone finally bites off more than they can chew. Coupled with a Small crisis of Faith...all on a rainy day!!! _______________________________________________ Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played by Heather
Since our Heroes left for the Sawmill. We take a peek at what Ten'gea is planning to do about the death cloud. Things...take many unexpected turns for these Townguard...   -------------------------------------------- Lilith Vinedancer - Nature
One would think, a Cart is a simple thing to have along on an adventure. But in this Session...our players learn just how valuable a Cart can be... ________________________________________________ Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played
Our adventurers take a much needed rest. With a few going on a brisk morning walk before breakfast, they are all faced with a decision before the impending doom arrives. Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played by Heather Elladean Crowley
Lashka Brekobar - Mercenary - 1/2 Orc: Played by Heather Elladean Crowley - Bard - Human?: Played by Jason A'plex Nyctophilia - Rogue - Shadow Elf: Played by Jesse Chisana - Raryki - Greenbond: Played by Sophie Deacon Marinal - Bounty Hunter (R
On a failed attempt of leaving the swamp, someone finds out what it feels like to be in a bag, while some of our adventurers come to realizations and new paths to be taken. _______________________________________________ Shah'vey'o Dreadstep -
After a long, long road (That wasn't really a road) Our group finds themselves upon Gru'gon's camp and then the monster Himself.  ______________________________________________ Shah'vey'o Dreadstep - Monk (Master of Many styles) - Minatour: Pla
Our players find themselves getting even closer to the breaking point, having been tracking through the Dred Swamps for weeks now...with little hope of an end in sight. There is further divide in the party as some of them steal from the dead wh
This time, our players find themselves recovering from getting Elladean back...but something happens within the party. A new face appears in the group and more of that civil unrest seems to be setting in on the group, as it seems Grugon is only
The swamp air is getting thick without music in the air...The group tries to hunt down Elladean and see if they can free her from the Lizardmen who took her, all the while trying to deal with domestic issues   ________________________ Cast Memb
This go around our Players find themselves confronted with Lizardmen and how they should deal with natives.   ________________________ Cast Members _____________________________ Shah'vey'o Dreadstep - Monk (Master of Many styles) - Minatour: Pl
On this episode of MFD9K our Players find themselves question the values they hold dear, and find out how cleansing mud can really be  ________________________ Cast Members _____________________________ Shah'vey'o Dreadstep - Monk (Master of Ma
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