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Today we’re bringing you a special episode from another Spotify Original from Parcast. If you enjoy it, check out Mythical Monsters on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! This half-man, half-horse creature from Greek mythology combines the wisdom associated with civilization and the wildness of nature. 
Transformed into a charming, confident temptress, Lorelei returns from the Rhine to her village of Bacharach. But beneath her beauty lies a thirst for vengeance, and all those who hurt her in the past now face a terrifying future.
They’re natural-born leaders, hungry for absolute power. Every week on Dictators, delve into the minds and motives of history’s most infamous rulers — people who rose through the ranks toward radicalism, eliminating anyone who stood in their way. This week, track the rise and fall of Nero, an emperor who led Rome to destruction. Hear a clip from Part 1 here, then head to Dictators for the rest of the episode. Dictators is free to listen on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
In the German village of Bacharach, a young woman lives a miserable life as an outcast. After she is lied to by her mother and betrayed by her beloved, Lorelei escapes into the Rhine River, where she discovers a terrible yet wonderful supernatural destiny.
When Icarus learns the truth about his father’s past, the two men settle on a tentative truce. But if they’re ever to rebuild a bond, they must first make an escape — with no choice but to use an untested invention.  
After committing a terrible crime, a cocky young inventor flees to Crete and finds himself in the service of the mad king Minos. There, he becomes the world’s greatest creator… and the world’s worst father to his teenage son, Icarus. 
Parcast Network is spinning a web of new shows and special programming to celebrate our favorite season. Follow us into the darkest depths of history, mystery, and the human mind — starting with this episode of Crime Countdown! Hosts Ash and Alaina are ranking the top 10 haunted crime scenes, including an Irish castle with a deadly trap door and the home of a ghostly bride. If you enjoy this episode, search Crime Countdown to find more passionate takes on top-ten rankings. Listen free on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! 
The journey continues into the Halls of Justice, where the hearts of the dead are weighed against the Feather of Truth. But can the Egyptian prince and his magical son make it home to the Land of the Living before the sun rises?
Every Wednesday, meet us at the intersection of chaos and fate… We’re unveiling the backstories and hidden lessons inside superstitions from around the world, and telling the stories of those who dare to defy them. Are these eerie codes of conduct simply about exerting control in an unpredictable world? Or can we truly sway supernatural forces to work in our favor?Enjoy this exclusive clip from our episode on black cats. Then search Superstitions to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 
To the ancient Egyptians, it was a complex and terrifying netherworld filled with demons and gods. Only two living mortals have traveled to the Land of the Dead and returned to tell the tale.
She’s the spirit of a woman, crying unceasingly for her lost children… whom she herself killed. But La Llorona isn’t simply a tragic figure who lost her mind with jealousy. She’s the ghost of Mexico’s bloody past. 
Flickering lights… Clanging metal… A sudden, cold rush of air… Parcast Network’s all-new original series is here—and with it, the scariest, most hair-raising ghost stories ever imagined. Join host Alastair Murden as he reaches into the cob-webbed collection of ghost stories from all over the world and brings to life a new, heart-racing tale every Thursday.Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode on “The Kit-Bag”—a murder trial that takes a turn for the supernatural. Then search Haunted Places: Ghost Stories to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
This Native American parable features three girls who are not quite human, but not quite spirits either. They sustain life for the Haudenosaunee people, but only after they have had time to grow on their own. 
Listeners, we’re excited to bring you an episode from one of our favorite podcasts, Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries. Every Wednesday on Solved Murders, we explore the days, months, and even years leading up to the closure of a seemingly uncrackable case.This is part 1 of our episode on Helen Potts, a young girl who gets tangled up with a playboy medical student, with deadly consequences—but not for the reasons you might first suspect. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to check out part 2, available now free and only on Spotify. Follow Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries for more true-crime stories every week!
Creating the world cost Izanami her life. Now, a rage-filled Izanagi defies the elder gods and vows to rescue his wife’s soul from the land of the dead. But as Izanagi risks it all, Izanami embarks on her own strange journey. 
This is the Japanese Shinto tale of the god Izanagi and the goddess Izanami: two young deities tasked with marrying each other and creating the world. Their idyllic existence is threatened when Izanami rebels against the subservient role she’s expected to play—and Izanagi must choose between obeying the elder gods or supporting his wife.
Humanity’s most daring achievements are coming together in the new Spotify Original from Parcast! Every weekday, Incredible Feats introduces you to a new story of jaw-dropping physical strength, mental focus, and bizarre behavior. Join comedian Dan Cummins as he profiles the people who turned the impossible into the incredible, breaking records and making history along the way. Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode, and stay tuned for episodes on daredevils, ultramarathoners, performance artists and more! To find more Parcast Network originals, search “Parcast Network” on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
This African myth is both a hero story and a cautionary tale: On the verge of manhood, the young Murile wants to take on more responsibility in his family... but his overprotective mother has other ideas about what's best for the headstrong boy.
After leaving his vengeful sister behind, Huitzilopochtli continues leading the Mexica to their new home. But with each new enemy he encounters along the way comes a new temptation: power. Huitzilopochtli must choose what kind of leader he will be. 
We all know that medical professionals are trained to give exceptional care. But in the new Parcast Original, Medical Murders, you’ll discover a disturbing diagnosis… that not every doctor wants to extend your life. Every Wednesday, meet the men and women who used their expertise to develop sinister specialties. Host Alastair Murden examines the formative years and motives of history’s most infamous killer doctors, dissecting their medical backgrounds with expert analysis provided by practicing M.D., Dr. David Kipper. Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode of Medical Murders! Then search Medical Murders to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts! 
Before they were the great Aztecs of Mesoamerica, they were a wandering tribe called Mexica. They enlist a warrior god named Huitzilopochtli to guide them to a new home, but along the way, his vengeful sister Malinalxochitl plagues them with insects… and plots total destruction.
The Yuma people of North America believe the earth was not created by one god, but two. These twins represent the fundamental forces of good and evil, and only one of them is destined to be victorious in their world-changing struggle.
Uncover the dirty dealings of history’s most badly behaved presidents in the NEW Spotify Original from Parcast, Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers. Every Tuesday through the 2020 election, Ashley shines a light on the darker side of the American presidency… From secret love affairs and all-night ragers to blackmail schemes and excessive drug use, she’ll expose the personal and professional controversies you may never knew existed. Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode of Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers!  Then search Very Presidential to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts! 
This is the Mesopotamian creation myth of Atrahasis, a human king who was chosen to save creation from the disastrous impulses of the gods... and a great flood that threatened to cover the earth.
Born in darkness, deep within the earth, Ia’tik and Nao’tsiti were all each other had—until the voice of a spirit guided them into the barren world above. This creation tale comes from an American indigenous tribe of New Mexico, the Acoma Pueblo.
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