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73-Japanese Folklore: I will find you
A young woman's father is taken, and she decided to go to the edges of the known world to get him back, to a faraway island harboring a dark and terrible secret. The creature this week is skunk ape! He's 0% skunk, 0% ape, and 100% into stealing your produce. Sponsors: Carvana: now you can buy a car online and either have it delivered to you (yes) or go pick it up from a car vending machine (an even bigger yes). Check out (code LEGENDS) for more info. Away: The suitcase that powered our store at a con and the only one I have that I trust with our expensive sound equipment. Seriously, it's a well-designed, sturdy, and smart piece of luggage that you will wonder how you lived without. Check out Music: "Two Dollar Token" by Blue Dot Sessions "These Times" by Blue Dot Sessions "Slow Casino" by Blue Dot Sessions "Yellow Dust" by Rolemusic "In My Head" by Podington Bear "Down and Around" by Podington Bear "Cylinder Six" by Chris Zabriskie "Cylinder Five" by Chris Zabriskie "Drone Thistle" by Blue Dot Sessions "What Does Anybody Know About Anything" by Chris Zabriskie
71B-Sinbad: Snake Eyes
Whether it's deadly literary references, sticky cows, or extremely inappropriate eulogies, the stories of Sinbad have it long as by "it all" you're looking for a story of how a rich (and, let's face it, not-so-smart) guy for whom everything pretty much always works out. It's like Mr. Magoo without the nearsightedness and with much, much more impalement and cannibalism. The creature the creature this week is a great excuse to keep your house well-stocked with red peppers and pet crabs. ---------- Sponsors: Blue Apron: For fun, fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your house weekly, check out to get your first three meals free with free shipping. Loot Crate: The theme for June is alter-ego, with stuff from Spider-man, the Hulk, DC Comics, and more. Be sure to subscribe at (code LEGENDS) by the 19th at 9PM PST.! ---------- The clip from Planet Earth II: ---------- Music: “Patched In” by Blue Dot Sessions “Brass Buttons” by Blue Dot Sessions “Diner Gothic - Dasher” by Blue Dot Sessions "Downhill Racer” by Blue Dot Sessions “Floor Shine” by Blue Dot Sessions “Inventio” by Blue Dot Sessions “Midday” by Blue Dot Sessions “Slider” by Blue Dot Sessions “Sweetly” by Blue Dot Sessions “Wax Paper Jewel” by Blue Dot Sessions “Gorgon” by Jesse Spillane “Harbor” by Kai Engel “Front Runner” by Podington Bear
81-Trolls: Breakups
An episode with a story from Scandinavia about trolls. Not the internet kind. No, these are the less annoying ones that will murder you in the forest.  Two creatures this week! And they are dogs! And Myths and Legends will ruin dogs for you, too! Sponsors: Check out for a free 30-day trial membership (and to get a free audible book). If you play your cards right, you could get 62 hours of Stephen Fry narrating Sherlock Holmes. I was an English major so this will only be a rough estimate, but I believe that breaks down to $0/per hour to listen to Sherlock Holmes for 62 hours. Audible has a massive catalog, excellent actors, and exclusive content. Check them out. Also, we're on Spotify! Go to and find us down in the storytellers category. It's a great app and an excellent way to find the most popular shows.
82A-Arabian Nights: I'll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning
(Have you checked out Fictional? Check out Fictional! There are three episodes waiting for you. Go to for more info.) The collection known as "Arabian Nights" actually has an overarching story. And it is...interesting. Full of djinn, demons, kings, and slaves, it's an incredibly interesting way to set up one of the best known collections of folklore. The framing narrative (a way to set up a story-within-a-story) is actually much more interesting than many of the stories it sets up, with betrayal, trickery, and probably the most sex and violence we've encountered so far on this podcast. The creature this time is a wise old owl...who doesn't have a problem bringing it in the fight against demons trying to steal your fingernail clippings. ----- Sponsors: Loot Crate! August's box was great, and September's looks even better with the theme of Robotic. Check out (code LEGENDS) to get $3 off your first crate. Spotify: Find the world's most popular podcasts on Spotify. Check out ----- Music: "Changing Reality" by Kai Engel "Modum" by Kai Engel "All the Colors in the world" by Podington Bear "Don't Go" by Podington Bear "Everybody" by Podington Bear "Falling Falling" by Podington Bear "Turning to You" by Blue Dot Sessions "When in the West" by Blue Dot Sessions
71C-Sinbad: There and Back and There and Back Again
If you've ever wondered about giving that strange old man a piggy-back ride in the woods, the philosophical nuances of way too much grave robbing, or how many people are necessary to take down a four-story-tall baby bird, well, then this is the episode for you. Sinbad finishes up his epic tale of epicness and we see what led to him falling back on his plan "B" of living a life of leisure on his near-infinite wealth. The creature this time is the reason you should take a giant bat with you everywhere you go. Sponsors: Casper Mattresses. They are really comfortable mattresses that you will miss when you are away from home and want to letters to telling them such but that would be for naught because mattresses don't possess thumbs or sentience. If you want to give this whole "amazingly comfortable mattress" thing a try, you can for 100 days risk free at home. Check out (code LEGENDS) to get $50 off a mattress purchase. Dollar Shave Club. You can get razors for only a few dollars a month. They are super-smooth, close shaves and you don't even need to leave your house to get them. Well, the razors, that is. You generally don't leave your house to shave. Unless you're stately, plump Buck Mulligan shaving on the roof. Don't be Buck Mulligan, though. That guy was a jerk. If you're interested in really great razors and not hassling tortured artists, check out You can get a $15 value for only $5. Music: “Decompression” by Blue Dot Sessions “Liptis” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Sunday Lights” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Toppler” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Across the River” by Podington Bear   “All the Ways” by Podington Bear   “Just Watching” by Podington Bear  
80A-Medusa: Golden Child
Hey! Have you subscribed to Fictional? Go subscribe to Fictional! You'll love it, and it will be an amazingly huge help to us. Thank you!! You can find it at: for Apple Podcasts for Google Play for Stitcher  --- Medusa is probably the most misunderstood villain in all of Greco-Roman Mythology, famous only for being a monster...and the hero's quest to kill her. We'll learn all about her background and follow the quest of one fated to clash with her. Also this is Greek mythology so everyone is terrible all the time always. The creature this week is the floating head and he's kind of like Pac-man...if Pac-man had a taste for people and delicious chestnuts. --- Sponsors: Lootcrate! The theme for this month's crate is Kingdom, with stuff from Adventure Time, Lord of the Rings, and the Legend of Zelda. Check out code LEGENDS, to get $3 off any new subscription today. Spotify: My preferred way of listening to podcasts, check out to get started there today. --- Music: "Toppler" by Blue Dot Sessions "Soothe" by Blue Dot Sessions "Seamless" by Blue Dot Sessions "Partly Sage" by Blue Dot Sessions "Old Skin" by Podington Bear "Little Dipper" by Podington Bear "Astrisx" by Blue Dot Sessions "Comet Trails" by Moon "Orbs of Light" by Moon     --- Disclaimer: Non-graphic talk of Zeus impregnating a woman by turning into a shower of gold (?) and non-graphic talk of how Poseidon raped a woman and then the woman was blamed for it because she was irresistible.
74-Japanese Folklore: Do You Really Want to Live Forever?
The story of Sentaro the millionaire* is about a man with a dream. Well, not really a dream, but a deep, abiding fear of death. Soon, he becomes so obsessed with avoiding the inevitable that it leads him on a journey across Japan and later the world to find a way to avoid that which will come to us all. The creatures this time are from the US and one will "please and excite" you in the forest...then lure you back to its place where it will turn you into an electric eel burrito. *Sentaro is not a millionaire and really not very smart at all. ---------- Sponsors: Blue Apron! Want excellent quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients delivered to your door (who doesn't, though)? Check out to get your first three meals free, with free shipping. Thumbtack: From swimming/piano lessons to a new roof, you can find the right pros on Fast quotes, and no need to put your e-mail or phone number out there to figure out how much something will cost. ---------- Music: "Waltz and Fury" by Blue Dot Sessions "Tralaga" by Blue Dot Sessions "Twosome" by Podington Bear "Spring Comes Early" by Podington Bear "Big Blue" by Podington Bear "Norvik" by Blue Dot Sessions "Drone Pine" by Blue Dot Sessions "Chilvat" by Blue Dot Sessions
80B-Perseus: I'm Set Free
**Have you subscribed to Fictional yet? You'll love it! Two episodes are waiting for you at,,, or wherever you get your podcasts** ----- Wrapping up the story of Perseus, we'll see that fated confrontation with the eternally cosmetologically-challenged monster, Medusa, as well as fall in love. Turns out it's really easy to meet people when they are imprisoned beneath you. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The creature this time is the gargoyle, which ages phenomenally...because it's in indestructible dragon head. Unlike the monsters from that 90s cartoon that was awesome at the time but which did not age well at all... Sponsors! Spotify is a great place to find your podcasts. They have a sleek app and all the top shows. Check it out at To get a free meal with Blue Apron, the number one fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service in the country, check out ----- Music: "Thematic" by Blue Dot Sessions "Doghouse" by Blue Dot Sessions "Are We Loose Yet?" by Blue Dot Sessions "A Simple Blur" by Blue Dot Sessions "A Palace of Cedar" by Blue Dot Sessions "Sensitive" by Podington Bear "Small Pond" by Gurdonark "Quantum Field Theory" by Rolemusic  
78-Egyptian Mythology: The Master Namer
Starting at the beginning of the universe and going to the beginning of the epic and mildly disturbing battles between Set and his nephew Horus, Egyptian mythology is epic, funny, interesting, and bizarre. It's taken way too long to get into this mythology, and I'm excited to dive in. The creature has no problem diving your mouth. As a newt. Things really only go downhill from there. Check out (code LEGENDS) to get your first three meals free from Blue Apron! Music:  
76-Greek Myths: Lioness
The story of Atalanta is one of the woman who just couldn't be stopped...and of a world that had a big, big problem with that. Giant monster fights, meddling gods, and well-known heroes make an appearance in the story of a heroine who just can't be kept down. The creature this week is Al, from North Africa, and he's a great reason to not run with scissors. Sponsors: Check out "By the Same Relentless Enemy" by Keith Goad, a supernatural thriller. You can find it at on Amazon, or by going to RXBAR Kids: These delicious bars are actually full of good stuff. Check them out at Target or at and use code LEGENDS at checkout for 25% off your first order. Music: "Gringo Steele Rocks the 40" by Rolemusic "Death on the Battlefield" by Rolemusic "Seventh Hill" by Podington Bear "Vengeful" by Blue Dot Sessions "Tuck and Point" by Blue Dot Sessions "The Cast and Favor" by Blue Dot Sessions "Set the Tip Jar" by Blue Dot Sessions "Mercurial Vision" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lemon and Melon" by Blue Dot Sessions "Andelo" by Blue Dot Sessions
77-Romanian Folklore: Mrs. Piggy
The story of a dark (well, dark-ish. Actually, kind of not even that. You'll see.) prophecy, a kingdom overrun by monsters (again, kind of), and one woman's globe spanning quest to do what's right (that's pretty much correct). Also, pig plague parties are only fun if you're a talking swine with a moderately sinister agenda. The creature this time is the Alkutane, from the folklore of the Pacific Northwest, in the US. These creatures will leave fun little baubles by your ear. Oops. My bad, I meant to say bubbles. Bubbles filled with your undigested brains. And they're not fun. Sponsors: Simplisafe! I have, no joke, been using Simplisafe for over a year. It's a fantastic system where you don't have to have someone come out to your house and try to hard sell you on a security system and then lock you in to a contract for years. You set it up yourself, it uses its own cellular signal with a battery backup (in case the power goes out) so you don't need to get an expensive hardwired phone line to your house, and all for $15 a month. Check it out at for $100 off the special Safeguard package. Music: "Vanagon" by Podington Bear "Trellis" by Podington Bear "TrailwaysA" by Podington Bear "Bambi" by Podington Bear "Daemones" by Kai Engel "Modum" by Kai Engel "Locked Up" by Fleslit "Cach" by Blue Dot Sessions
72-Kelpie: Party Horse
A sea horse (but not that type of sea horse) that haunts the coasts of Scotland, the kelpie is a legendary cryptid that represents the dangerous unknown of the well as new guys stopping by your village for the sole purpose of picking up women. The creature this time is the Shojo, a Japanese yokai, who is living its best life: by lounging on the beach drinking and pulling off daring heists. ************ That incredibly readable book on Celtic myths and legends: ************ Sponsors: Audible: Check out for a really great deal for a full year of Audible! Dollar Shave Club: for a great shave at a great price, check out Dollar Shave Club at for a $15 value for only $5. Get razors straight to your door whenever you want them. Carvana: You can buy a car online! And pick it up as early as the next day! From a car vending machine (what?)! Check out for more info. ************ Music:  “Closer” by Blue Dot Sessions “Cottonwoods” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Dirtbike Lovers” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Drch” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Flaked Paint” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Mknt” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Tensor” by Blue Dot Sessions   “The Big Ten” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Turning on the Lights” by Blue Dot Sessions   “Halter Top” by Podington Bear   “Rain On Glass” by Podington Bear   “Satellite Bloom” by Podington Bear
79-Odin: The War to Begin all Wars
We're back in the cold, unforgiving north, at the very beginning of Odin's reign. We'll see him meet a new friend while being completely unsuspicious in giant land, a threat come from another world to try to topple the Aesir, and the lengths Odin will go to in order to gain power, acquire knowledge, and thwart his coming doom. The creature this week is an antlion. When a mommy ant and a daddy lion love each other very much, they think of ways to express their love and, well, you'll see... Sponsors: The Loot Crate this month just sounds awesome. The theme is Kingdom, with stuff from Lord of the Rings, Adventure Time, and Legend of Zelda. I know I'm excited about it. Check out (code LEGENDS) to get $3 off any new subscription Our Casper is the most comfortable mattress we've ever had. Check out to get $50 off your first order. Music: "The Nightmare" by Lee Rosevere "Not Alone" by Lee Rosevere "Sad Marimba Planet" by Lee Rosevere "Twirl Into Insanity" by Keshco "Decompression" by Blue Dot Sessions "Bogero" by Blue Dot Sessions "Pukae" by Blue Dot Sessions "Midday" by Blue Dot Sessions "Sunset at Goat Fell" by Graham Bole "Rooftop" by Jahzzar
75-Pecos Bill: Rider on the Storm
The story of Pecos Bill is that of a true American Hero...who spends half the story naked and who legitimately thinks he is actually a coyote. But don't tell him that. He's cool and won't hurt you, but you'll get into a long discussion and won't actually convince him or his horse (named Pegasus/Widowmaker/Jeremy) that he's actually a human being. Also, while we're at it, he can lasso water and air because I guess when you ask the audience to suspend disbelief, you go for broke. The creature this time is the Mongolian Death Worm. It's a sand worm, but don't go getting your maker hooks just yet, because it's no Shai Hulud. And that's a problem, because instead of the spice melange that will give you longevity and maybe prescience, it spits a virulent neurotoxin that will do precisely the exact opposite. ---------- Sponsors: Loot Crate: as usual, Loot Crate offers awesome, monthly subscription boxes full of epic and exclusive gear and collectables. This month the theme is animation, and subscribe by the 19th and 9pm PST to get stuff from Rick and Morty, Bob's Burgers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Futurama! Head over to (code LEGENDS) to subscribe today. Also, check out LeVar Burton Reads! It's at for Apple Podcasts and for Stitcher. ----------  Music: "Vibrant Canopy" "Seamless" "Scraper" "Opener" "Moon Bicycle Theme" "Middle" "Gondola Blue" "Doubled" "An Introduction to Beetles" by Blue Dot Sessions
54A-Gilgamesh: Did We Just Become Best Friends?
The Epic of Gilgamesh is amazing. It is quite possibly the oldest epic we have, and though it only exists in fragments, it tells a surprisingly human story. There are questions of life and death, such as what it all means and why are we here? It delves into the issues of what it means to be a human rather than just a beast, what it means to be a good ruler, and what it means to leave a legacy. These are questions relevant even today, over 4,000 years after this story was told. Of course, it is also folklore, so there is a troubling amount of hairy nudity. All-in-all, this three-parter will be epic. For the creature of the week, we'll meet a creepy forest dweller with an unexpected hobby. The Disclaimer: Career Day on itunes: Career Day's website: Career Day/Carissa on Twitter: Music: "Savage Steel Fun Club" by Rolemusic "Thread of Clouds" by Blue Dot Sessions "Steadfast" by Blue Dot Sessions "Nuthatch" by Blue Dot Sessions "Formant" by Podington Bear "Curious" by Podington Bear "Cats Corps" by Blanket Music "Bare Shoulders" by Podington Bear "Title Theme" by Visager
43-Slavic Folklore: The Wasteland
A story of a super-powered Russian hero fighting the evil, also super-powered villain known as Nightingale the Robber. Nightingale can fly, kill with a scream, and lives in the shadows of his forest. The journey will take our hero from home, through multiple stays with Baba Yaga(s), and finally into a confrontation with the legendary bandit on a quest to become the man he never thought he could be. The creature this week is sweaty, hairy, and naked...and the only way you can beat it is by wrestling it. Check out for some awesome meals without pounds of ingredients left over. Seriously, check out the audiobook "World War Z" from  Music: "Direct to Video" by Chris Zabriskie "What Does Anybody Know About Anything?" by Chris Zabriskie "Denzel Sprak" by Blue Dot Sessions "Zither Sprak" by Blue Dot Sessions "Rough Hewn" by Blue Dot Sessions "Snowcrop" by Blue Dot Sessions "Pukae" by Blue Dot Sessions "Low Jack" by Podington Bear "Kiss" by Podington Bear "Old Regrets" by Lee Rosevere
25-Dragons: This is Where You Get to Make it Right
The story of a famous dragon from the folklore of north east England is filled with knights, curses, and, of course, the need to kill your favorite childhood dog. The story of the Lambton Worm is a quest for redemption where many people die because of a young man who just wants to yell cuss words at children and throw his trash in a well. The creature of the week is the butter cat. That should be enough to want to listen to the creature of the week. Find the show on iTunes Become a member Say Hi on Twitter Music: "Another Version of You" by Chris Zabriskie "Whispering Through" by Asura "Heart and Mind" by Kai Engel "Ride with the Moon" by TRG Banks "Touch the Darkness" by Kai Engel "Horse Ride 1" by TRG Banks  
32-Tricksters: Wager
Three stories of tricksters. We have Coyote from Native American mythology giving great gifts and racing a turtle. There's also Anansi the spider-man from West African folklore, who is trying to buy the stories of the world. We also catch up with our old friend Loki from Norse mythology, who just wants to give Thor's wife an impromptu, un-asked-for haircut. The creature of the week is an emaciated horse who will either play harmless pranks on you, or crush you to death in the street. Our sponsor, Weebly! Say hi on Twitter Music: "Waltz Ohia" by Fields Ohio "Redhead" by Jahzzar "Modulation of the Spirit" by Little Glass Men "Wild Ones" by Jahzzar "The Beat Influence" by Cullah "Theme K" by Steve Combs and the Delta Is "Inner Light" by Kevin MacLeod  
135A-Tristan and Isolde: Matchmaker
I don't want to spoil anything for someone who doesn't know this story, but this three-parter has everything: sneering villains, valiant heroes, monster fights, love, loss, betrayal, and someone shoving dragon tongues down their pants despite that not remotely being the best way to transport dragon tongues. It's the long-requested original story of Tristan and Isolde. The creature is just a hungry snail...who also happens to be four stories tall and in possession of mouth tentacles. Sponsors: Check out "A Discovery of Witches" on Sundance Now or Shudder! For a free 30-days of Sundance Now or Shudder, go to and use promo code MYTHS Go to use promo code LEGENDS during checkout to get your first 3-hour cleaning for $39 once you sign up for a plan! Music: "Tartaruga" by Blue Dot Sessions "Um Pepino" by Blue Dot Sessions "Ranch Hand" by Blue Dot Sessions "Nocturne Op 27 No 1" by Podington Bear "Tortoise Shell" by Podington Bear "Cracked Nut Suite" by Podington Bear
135B-Tristan and Isolde: Secrets
Tristan and Isolde have a problem: they can't get enough of each other. After they inadvertently drank the love potion, they couldn't control their love...and it is looming like a snare, one that will destroy them and everything they love if they let it. The creature is the loup garou, from Caribbean folklore and it's the reason to carry around a keyhole with you and collect your dog's eye boogers. -- Sponsors: Turo: Get $25 off your first trip when you sign up for Turo and use promo code LEGENDS at checkout when you go to Simplisafe: Go with the only home security I trust – SimpliSafe – by going to using code LEGENDS at checkout. Squarespace: Squarespace is the best way to make a website. Try it for free at and, when you're ready, use the code MYTHS at checkout to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. -- Music: "Softly Villainous" by Blue Dot Sessions "Manaan" by Blue Dot Sessions "Illa Villardo" by Blue Dot Sessions "Alley Crawler" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cylinder Six" by Chris Zabriskie "Cylinder Four" by Chris Zabriskie "What Does Anybody Know About Anything" by Chris Zabriskie "John Stockton Slow Drag" by Chris Zabriskie "Turkey Vulture" by Chard Crouch
10B-Hercules: Labor Intensive
Finishing up the twelve labors, Hercules fights way, way too many things: a giant boar, a giant bull, vicious birds, man-eating horses, the three-headed hell hound Cerberus, and more, all as penance for his crime. The creature of the week are invisible weasel brothers that might give you a small cut or two...or might cut off your legs...all without you feeling it. Say hi on twitter (@mythpodcast) e-mail: find the show on iTunes ( That story thing I mentioned Songs: "Direct to Video" by Chris Zabriskie "One Last Sunset" by Alan Singley "Leafless Quince Tree" by Rolemusic "Strange Kiss" by Alasdair Cooper "Tilt" by Avaren "Something Elated" by Broke for Free "Wandering" by Steve Combs  
Bonus-U.S. Folklore: Gaslighting
As a way to say thank for voting for Myths and Legends for the Webbys (and for being the reason why we won!), we wanted to share an additional story this week. It's from the southern United States, and it was originally an episode on the Myths and Legends member feed. It's a story of two wives in a stupidity arms race over who has the worse husband. The creature is the reason why the owl is such a shady bird that never comes out during the day. Thanks again for your vote. If you liked this episode and want more like it, there are now 31+ other episodes on the member feed. Go to for more info. All music this week by Podington Bear
142B-Rome: Politics
Romulus and Remus are finally striking out on their own, and what could go wrong with two seventeen year olds starting their own city when they are accompanied by a band of outlaws and they have too many weapons and not enough leadership experience and no one taught them how to share? Everything? Did you say everything? Because everything going wrong is the exact right answer. The creature this week is Sir worm, AKA the Minhocão from Brazilian folklore, who likes to wear armor, eat horses, and make scientists get into fights. -- Go to and use the code LEGENDS to get 10% off plus free shipping. -- Music: “True Blue Sky” by Blue Dot Sessions “Opus 9-2” by Chad Crouch “Ink” by Chad Crouch “Lollygag” by Chad Crouch
147B-Antigone: Authority
A dark story gets darker as Antigone battles an authoritarian state in the form of her uncle Creon. -- Sponsors: Go to to check out an awesome home security system Learn more about IBS-C at -- All music by Blue Dot Sessions
118-Jewish Folklore: The Eyrie
The king is annoyed. All of these people want to make him work. It's just...not fair. Sure, they're starving and about to riot in the streets, but actually showing up to work is really going to cut into his sitting around time. Unfortunately, he might not have a choice. The people are getting angry, and that leads to a journey west, farther than anyone in his kingdom has ever gone, to unearth an ancient secret. -- Sponsor: Spotify is a really great app to find not only the best music, but now the best podcasts. Check out us and others (but mostly us) on Spotify today: -- Fictional! Check out our other show, Fictional! This week it is part two of Dracula. Go to or search for "Fictional" wherever you get your podcasts. -- The article I referenced: -- Music: "Parade" by Nctrnm "Building the Sled" by Blue Dot Sessions "Slow Line Stomp" by Blue Dot Sessions "Vulcan Street" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cylinder Three" by Chris Zabriskie
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